Season 4 Episode 21

Brave New World (1)

Aired Friday 9:00 PM May 04, 2012 on FOX

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  • Brave New World

    Not a lot of big or noteworthy moments, or even exciting scenes in this episode. Fringe seems to be losing its focus at the worst possible time.
  • dissapointing

    Hastily put together and all over the place. This season has been a great season so far, full of twists and turns but the finale part 1 just felt lazy. Its like the writers threw everything including the kitchen sink at it with the hopes that something like the big "reveal" would stick. I didn't buy it and hope part 2 is better with season 5 going back to explore 2036.
  • I love Fringe (Spoilers)

    Fantastic Episode!

    This is what I've been waiting for, for 4 years. Olivia's abilities. The way she controlled Peter was amazing.

    Poor Astrid got shot. I wander if the rejuvenating cortexaphan brain thing will help heal Astrid's wound. Just like it put the cake back together.

    She can't die.

    Did anyone else say NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO when Astrid got shot?
  • hrmn...

    well at least there's no more "another timeline" stuff. Olivia has some new-found super powers... purrr!!! or is Bell controlling her? Cortexipham seems to be able to do just about anything. I want some. I wonder what kinda cool powers a 2nd generation cotex child would have.

    I didn't like seeing Astrid get shot... that was no "flesh wound" that was BAD. Overall it was good.... I hope they don't leave it on a cliffhanger for season 5. But I imagine they will.
  • They Killed Astrid! Those Bastards!!!

    Brave New World Pt. 1 kicked ass and took names. Crazy science; the genius of DRJ not being enough to explain the nanites and the return of Belly would have been enough to warrant a 10 rating - but they seem to have killed Alex... er, Astrid [c'mon! He was ona roll!]. That's worth a point for style and a point for shock, but loses two.five points for anguish.

    As we've seen in the past, stress seem to catalyze Olivia's cortexiphan-based gifts - which are now many [eat your hearts out X-Men with your single mutant abilities!]. Maybe by the end of the fifth season she'll actually know how to use them - and save two universes in the process.

    Can't wait for next week.

    Rating: 9.5. A+
  • Endgame ... but whose ?

    This was an exciting setup for the finale. The combustion and solar beam scenes were quite spooky, kudos to the special effects team ! John Noble was brilliant, as he always is, as he was both hilarious and touching in the Saint-Claire scene, and his enthousiasm in tracking his old pal "brilliant bastard Belly" was contagious. As for Belly himself, I wish his return hadn't been spoiled by Nimoy's name in the credits and the previews ( seriously, I'll never watch one of those again ! These guys already spoiled Jones' return some weeks ago !!! You have to learn to keep some secrets, people !!! ), but i's a blast to have as the arch-villain ( or is he ? ) a seemingly more unhinged version of Bell, the only man who can rival Walter in the science field. Next week should be very interesting to see. Oh, and Rebecca Madder's scene with Walter was really funny, and her situation offered us an interesting glimpse in Olivia's state of mind.

    That said, some things were a bit disappointing : Jones' last stand was as anti-climactic as they come ( his first death was really, really better ) , and I'm bothered by those new cortexiphan powers they're making as they go along : the "puppet master" thing is okay ( it's a variant of Nick Lane's power, after all ), but now, all of a sudden, cortexiphan triggers an healing factor ? What a convenient, eleventh-hour way to have Olivia escape her predicted fate !!!

    Speaking of cheating the Reaper, seriously, they BETTER not kill Astrid !!!

    Anyway, the finale should be mind-blowing, as they always are !
  • And the threads begin to gather

    This season's finale looks like it is going to be different than any other's so far. Even with the elimination of the Redverse last week, we weren't disappointed. It might have been time, but i'm still a little sore about that goodbye... I trust Fringe writers, though!

    The case was interesting, the personal connection a little forced. I don't think a lot of people realized that Olivia was suggesting she was open to children. After all, that is far healthier than just telling your partner if you haven't set plans yet (and I have a feeling they hadn't set plans yet). We all know that Etta is coming, though the promo for next week makes me wonder...

    Anyway, I was totally shocked by Bell's return! That man...really. I hope they spend time on this version's backstory, because I'm really curious, and a little suspicious. (On another note, I hope Nina gets more time on-screen! She's fantastic--and she loved him!) And this Walter's reaction was great, although I can't help but think Bell would have updated the design a bit after all those years.

    The ending was incredible. Olivia shows a scary new power (some hints would have been nice), and saves Peter. Jones (again) has his face cut in half. He was the bishop! And then, Astrid gets to be an action agent--until she gets SHOT! I was SHOCKED, and I'm not going to say a word more about it--I'll just wait for next week!

    Also worthy of mention:

    Bad: Need more about those nanites! Also, the "don't move" thing was a little weird. Also, where the heck was Broyles when he saw the light thingy! And the light thingy needed more explantion. Darn the time limit! Oh, and chess? The only thing new about a villain playing a long game of chess was the Bishop pun.

    Good: The whole Walter and Astrid dynamic/adventure! Fantastic! And great spontaneous combustion special effects. Great job as always to one of the few healthy, star-crossed couples on TV today; their talking, kissing, and other interactions are so perfect.