Season 4 Episode 22

Brave New World (2)

Aired Friday 9:00 PM May 11, 2012 on FOX

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  • Brave New World

    Way too much William Bell in this episode. I would be fine with that, if this was not such a different Bell than the once originally introduced years ago on this show.

    It was an okay finale, but I'm hoping season five rights this ship.
  • Could've Been Better

    I had high hopes for the season finale, but this episode could've been way better than it was. I still enjoyed it, but I'm pretty sure that everyone knew that Olivia was pregnant if they had seen the episode with the Observer takeover.
  • Creepy part taken from 90s video clip?


    In the beginning of the music video clip, looks familiar?
  • You All Need to get a Clue

    THIS William Bell is not the same as the one we knew in the "real" timeline. We already know that Olivia and Peter are going to have a child based on the prior episode. "September" re-appears and we were already aware of his significance and his ability to travel in time. So, just like Dr. Who, he finds out about events which he hasn't done yet. Finally, the "cliffhanger" was that Olivia was pregnant?? Well DUH!!!!! WE ALREADY KNOW!!! HOW does this advance the story line??? I think it was a decent episode, but hardly a season finale. I'm more than disappointed.
  • "They are coming"

    I think September was referring to the events that took place in episode #20 in which the Watchers took control of Earth. The "other" Watchers are coming is what I think September was telling Olive and Peter.
  • Pretty Good

    What could have actually been a pretty decent and somewhat satisfying series finale gets a seemingly rushed two minutes tacked on the end just to satisfy that need TV dramas have for cliff hangers. It was a pretty good episode overall and definitely entertaining, but oh my was there some atrocious writing, especially in that terrible helicopter scene. Did the writers study every sappy cliche in the last 20 years of movies and choose the most cringe worthy lines?
  • english class

    dear moderator. You deleted 3 times my review because I missed a full stop. I didn't know this is an english class. Moreover I thought that this is about inviting people to share opinions more not the other way around. I find this strange. Kindly delete my account. I am no longer intererested to log in to your website, thank you.
  • Fringe SyFy

    On any road trip, or temporal mission, investigative trail, long march and so on - you will have misadventures and missteps BUT as many will say "It's not the destination but the journey"...

    I defer to the many comments and some critisims about Fringe - and accept that many are true - hence 9/10.

    But as a series, and true to the core of science fiction action/drama - it has exceeded initial expectations and the decision to give another (abeit short) season to wrap things up properly is a credit to the actors, the writers, producers and the Fox.

    Perhaps this season finale was not perfect but we keep moving in a rapt anticipation of series closure...

    Too many series die in their infancy and are not given the chance to creatively shine - Fringe has burned so brightly and as such burns not quite so long - but either way it was/is worth the journey; I'll be tuning in for the final season.
  • And What a brave new world its going to be!!!

    This Season ( especially the future episode with the observers running our planet), is one of the most creative , captivating action sci fi dramas that i have seen in a long time. And the best part a majority of the science actually seems possible thus adding to the enigma of reality to this show...

    hope the episode that follow are able to keep up, cause this show has just gained momentum...
  • Was better than season 3 finale, that's 4 shore

    plenty of action, highly emotional... I was pumped to see September again. Can't wait to see what September meant by "We have to warn the others; 'they' are coming". I hope they don't name the child Henryetta... looked it up it means "Home Ruler"... kinda weird. Can't wait to see the final season!!! whoOp!! Most happy to see that Anna didn't have to die. Well she did but not permanently. Also thought it was high time Broyles got a promotion!!
  • Woohoooo (some Spoilers)

    Thanks writers, Astro is alive!!!!!! I felt relief when i heard of her at the chapter, and this episode is one of the best i ever see in any tv show, i almost cry when i saw Liv get shot and i said to myself " NOOOOOOO it cant be" but then, Walter allusion to regenerative properties of Cortexiphan remind me the little experiment he conducted in his lab i crossed all my finguers in hope it works.

    Anyway, i gave this episode a 10 because there is no higher value available but it deserved more than that, it was intense, groud breaking, "yaiii" making episode ever. I'm staying tune for the next and final season!!!!! (please someone else pick it up and continue it or make that that desired spin-off that many of us desire)
  • a new day is coming

    It sure wasn't the finale that had the more twists. I mean, how Olivia would escape death was really obvious since last week ( but it offered us one really creepy scene ) , and who didn't know what she would tell Peter at the hospital ? Frankly, I didn't expect the finale to be so ... straightforward. All in all, Bell was quite easily defeated (if just to come back another day ?), and the idea that the world was ending wasn't as impressively depicted as in the last episodes of season 3. The episode as a whole lacked "wow" factor, with little exceptions (Olivia faster than an Observer ? WOW ! Walter ready to shoot Olivia in the head to save the world ? WOW !).

    But the episode also opens what should be an exciting last chapter. "They're coming" - most probably refering to the fascist Observers from "Letters of transit" ? I really want to see this ! And how did Bell know so much about how you trap an Observer, anyway ? Season 4 was a bit of a hit and miss, but this epilogue makes very confident about season 5. Nina's New Fringe Division vs. Bell vs. Evil Observers ? That should be quite a show !

    Anyway, as always, the actors did their very best. John Noble was a terribly shaken Walter (so, destroying the worlds was HIS idea ? NO WAY !), Jasika Nicole was even more likable than ever as Astrid, creating a mother-daughter bond between Nina and Olivia was clearly one of the best reasons for the timeline reboot (Blair Brown conveys so much emotion with mere seconds, who'd have known back in season 1 ?) , and it sure was a very good decision for Leonard Nimoy to come back. So, at the end of the day, it makes up for the script's missteps. Here's to season 5, Fringe Division's last stand !
  • "They are coming"

    First things first: this isn't the purest 10 for a Fringe episode, and especially not for a Fringe season (almost series) finale. But since I've really craved for a thrill ride, fun fun fun episode of Fringe, the finale, its second part predominantly, delivered.

    Brave New World (2) was over the top, surely. But my advice is to just let go and enjoy the ride. The best (and the creepiest) moment was definitely the Exorcist, I mean, Rebecca Mader's scene. Man, that was some sick mumbo jumbo, even for Fringe standards, and it delivered the spooks. And now, the LOST reference #1: her death pretty much resembled Charlotte's with all the blue bikes and childhood memories.

    LOST references #2 and #3: the beginning with Walter and Bell reminded me way too much of the Jacob/MIB scene in the beginning of 'The Incident'. Two guys, one good, the other bad, in a historic environment, talking about life, death and power. The third reference came at the end of the episode when September said 'The are coming', referring to the other Observers we saw in 'The Letters of Transit'. Remember Jacob when "Locke" killed him? :spitting blood: 'They are coming', he then mumbled.

    So, a big chapter of Fringe ended on a high note, adventure wise. It's arguable could this have been done better, more emotional and with more common sense. But come on. We had common sense (as common as it can be on Fringe) through the rest of the season. We had dialogues, characters development, slow, emotional scenes, and not so much of the "hooey" science. But Fringe is Fringe, so going over the top with a few clichs and "happily ever afters" is forgiveable, especially when an episode is interesting and has more than one WTFs. I wouldn't trade anything in the world for the Walter-killed-Olivia moment.

    Season 4 was great. It had a rough start some would say, but it followed a great story full of risks, and in the end, even without some characters "of old", we grew to love "new" characters as well and care for them.

    Thank you Fringe for an exciting season, and for a 13 episodes Observers arc that awaits in/with September. They are coming.
  • cool!

    While most of the episode was pretty lackluster and anticlimactic, the real gem came in the last 10 minutes. It was jaw dropping to see how things just slid into place ("destiny" comes to mind) with the final phrases sending shivers down your back. I guess this why the execs at Fox renewed for a final and conclusive season. BRING IT!
  • Totally ruined due to Letters of Transit

    First Let me say: No Twists, no cliffhanger and on the verge to convert from sci-fi to pure fantasy.

    No Twists thanks meanly to letters of transit: Already knew that the worlds would obviously survive, Olivia would too and hospital scene... Hum pregnant? Really?

    September obviously would get shot

    No Cliffhanger, once again thanks to Letters of Transit, we already know what is to be expected on the next season!!

    Converting to total fantasy: Well, first a human body alone will never produce that much energy and i don't care how many "corti-something" shots she has taken as a child, its just not possible no matter how you explain it. Second a conscious mind stored into a bell is one thing but disappearing a human body with the sound of a bell!! Really? Is it because his name is Bell? Does that give him powers over bells?!

    And Worst off all they must have hired Sam and Dean Winchester to teach them how to make the symbols so that Angels and Daemons don't move, but a new one for mens from the future!!!!! Really!!!

    I Want to learn that symbol so that i can use it on women from the future, just hope that they are not bold as well, not in the head at least!

  • 1 Word Amazing.

    I wouldn't have wanted tonight's episode to go any other way.. it was Perfect!

    I'm very sorry Walter Thomas, But I have to completely disagree with you!

    We finally get the true story behind Wally's experimental self inflicted surgery way back in the past!

    We finally get explained the Olivia must die part..

    Also one thing that would make sense of the observers wanting to somewhat help to preserve the timeline etc.. I say somewhat cause most of the time they don't really help! But in the end their main goal was to be sure that William Bell's Godly plan didn't get to endgame for 1 simple reason.. If it did, there wouldn't be Humans anymore, and we know the observers are human descendants, so they wouldn't exist anymore, even if you don't take the grandfather paradox into consideration, let's say they would still survive the 2 universe colliding, they would be stuck in a world where they would have to totally start over.. remember when they took over in the futuristic episode, basically humans were a cheap easy labor force, and they wanted comfort, buildings, booze, sex, whatever.. they wanted to be somewhat themselves gods.. and If Belly's plan would have worked, they would lose all that.. or worst stop existing.

    An now that the threat is gone, they are moving in! it makes perfect sense!

    On a further note looking back at the entire season, with the way it just ended..

    Again, it's perfect!

    For me it all makes sense now. How come Jones was so good, and amazing at it all, well yes he was brilliant, yes, but working with/for William Bell kinda helps, and explains a few things!

    The explained how September got shot and the whole situation around that. and taking it further why September would be different that the others, well he's had more contact with humans, hes been directly involved and participated in many situation, compared to most others just observe, he most likely, in his own way learn to appreciate/like humans more, and tried in his own way to help, if you want to argue, why didn't he warn them before, well 1 simple reason is he couldn't chance it, he still had to stop Belly's plan not for his race, but humans.. they would all be gone instead of maybe half or more like in the futuristic episode. And as soon as he would warn them, he'd probably get stop or would hurt the future too much, so he had to play it till the end.. And might have tried to on his "death bed", but got wooshed away by the other observers, but conveniently long enough for September to tell Olivia that she had to die.. cause the observers still needed her to die for their invasion to work.

    Hell I'm so happy how the season went, and how it just came so beautiful right there at the end.. LOVE IT!

    2 requests...

    First, If season 5 is REALLY the last season, you better start the futuristic Spin-off series quickly! Or you gonna have some crazy fans out there!

    Second, we all think that Olivia's dead/gone/disapeard somewhere/somehow and that Belly's responsible.. In some crazy Walter out of this world plan you better find a way to bring her back! :)

    I don't take the time to write reviews usually.. but this time I had too..

    Tonight's episode, to me was a master piece ! And so was the whole season!

    Thx everyone!
  • What a flop...

    This season from the way peter re-appeared till the finale has been a loose knit sequence of event with no cohesion at all. I admit rehashing some old story lines with different outcomes was kind of cool. But with no substance it really has bombed. Of course the actors are great as always. But I get the impression that they either have new writers who have no idea of the story line or their current writers are burnt out and can't find anything new to produce. In either case because of the great acting but poor development I have to call it mediocre. At least the episodes before Peter re-appeared had some real meat to them. Plus this whole "observers gone wild" plot is just totally out of sync with everything. Why protect the timeline so much if they were just going to destroy it.