Season 4 Episode 22

Brave New World (2)

Aired Friday 9:00 PM May 11, 2012 on FOX

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  • Designed as a series finale it disappoints as a season finale.

    I guess we will have to consider that this was shot as a potential series finale aiming to tie up all loose ends. Seeing it that way I'm inclined to forgive and look forward for the final season to make up for this mediocre finale.

    I love Fringe. But sorry guys - here's some problems I had with the episode:

    - How can one person submit so much electromagnetic (!) enery that it not only goes out into the ENTIRE universe but ALSO into a 2nd parallel universe?! It just doesn't make sense. No human being would survive those levels of radiation. Scientifically speaking Olivia was a walking nuclear bomb exploding several times a second. Everyone and anything around her would be totally dead and find himself in a nuclear wasteland.

    - How did Bell beam himself - not just his mind (aka soul magnets) but his physical (!!!) entity somewhere by a bell? Scotty? That you?

    - Ok. Let's just accept the self-regenerating brain cells. BUT if the brain stops working, so does the heart. If the heart does, so does the brain of Olivia's baby! There's no way to explain how a pregnant mom who was dead for a couple of minutes can carry a perfectly healthy child. And no - there's also no reason to suggest that the infant would have a cortexiphan brain. It's medicine and thus has nothing to do with genes.

    - When I saw the binding spell she had on the Observer I was..."Well ok. That can be scientifically explained. Observers may have nanobots or whatever inside them which are remote controlled by that thing. Or it's just their shoes. Whatever". But as soon as Peter scraped (!) away that sign easily I went to: "?!".

    - Speaking of the hell did the Observer stop the bullets? They said he slowed time down ok. But that would mean he was able to move in time but NOT in space! Why? How? I thought the spell was supposed to make his tech unusable. Instead it just makes him unable to literally move? Why didn't he just travel 1 day back in time to the same place to get rid of that thing? He was able to bend time after all. It makes NO sense.

    - Seriously, Bell. You didn't answer Walter properly. WHY did you do all this? "We are created to be Gods" is no answer. WHY? Are you just the biggest troll in human/non-human multiverse history? Is that it? I assume the fact that he created the most ugly creatures possible is a giant middle finger to God, right?

    - What is up with Walter's 1-arm-headshot skills? That wasn't a 9mm though, I would have expected some recoil from that thing.

    - Why did Rebecca Mader (the redhead) get the Observer to lure Peter and Olivia there? Bell was intelligent enough to understand that they would make it out there and use her to find him. We know that Olivia was not to die for Bell's plan to work. Why risk her death and at the same time give them help to find him (which he didn't want as seen later)?

    - "They" are coming. Ok, he's talking about the rogue observers to take over the world. I get it. Except I don't. Why the timing? Yay, the Observers spent 4 seasons to save a universe so that they can settle and exploit it afterwards? That MAY make sense if it wasn't the Observers. They exist out of time AND space. They can go to whatever universe they want. Why not just go to some universe where noone's trying to destroy everything and be done with it? Why not save all the trouble?

    Again, I'm sorry guys. But Fringe usually does so much better. I'm confident Season 5 will be a HELL of a ride with all the creative freedom they have. Usually this would get about 5-6 points. I'm giving it 7 because you can clearly see that this was shot as a series finale and if it wouldn't have been renewed we might be offended even more by cliffhangers.
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