Season 4 Episode 22

Brave New World (2)

Aired Friday 9:00 PM May 11, 2012 on FOX

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  • "They are coming"

    First things first: this isn't the purest 10 for a Fringe episode, and especially not for a Fringe season (almost series) finale. But since I've really craved for a thrill ride, fun fun fun episode of Fringe, the finale, its second part predominantly, delivered.

    Brave New World (2) was over the top, surely. But my advice is to just let go and enjoy the ride. The best (and the creepiest) moment was definitely the Exorcist, I mean, Rebecca Mader's scene. Man, that was some sick mumbo jumbo, even for Fringe standards, and it delivered the spooks. And now, the LOST reference #1: her death pretty much resembled Charlotte's with all the blue bikes and childhood memories.

    LOST references #2 and #3: the beginning with Walter and Bell reminded me way too much of the Jacob/MIB scene in the beginning of 'The Incident'. Two guys, one good, the other bad, in a historic environment, talking about life, death and power. The third reference came at the end of the episode when September said 'The are coming', referring to the other Observers we saw in 'The Letters of Transit'. Remember Jacob when "Locke" killed him? :spitting blood: 'They are coming', he then mumbled.

    So, a big chapter of Fringe ended on a high note, adventure wise. It's arguable could this have been done better, more emotional and with more common sense. But come on. We had common sense (as common as it can be on Fringe) through the rest of the season. We had dialogues, characters development, slow, emotional scenes, and not so much of the "hooey" science. But Fringe is Fringe, so going over the top with a few clichs and "happily ever afters" is forgiveable, especially when an episode is interesting and has more than one WTFs. I wouldn't trade anything in the world for the Walter-killed-Olivia moment.

    Season 4 was great. It had a rough start some would say, but it followed a great story full of risks, and in the end, even without some characters "of old", we grew to love "new" characters as well and care for them.

    Thank you Fringe for an exciting season, and for a 13 episodes Observers arc that awaits in/with September. They are coming.
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