Season 2 Episode 20

Brown Betty

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Apr 29, 2010 on FOX

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  • worst episode?

    This was appalling - Fringe Fans want to see weird science, relationship interaction, plot mysteries and action.

    This episode was just rubbish. I would have skipped to the end if I was not afraid I would miss something. Even the actors looked uncomfortable. Whoever decided on this storyline should be removed and put into panto-writing - oh yes they should.

    You can skip it without missing anything.
  • Nauseating and Gratuitous

    Sometimes during the course of a TV show's life the writers are let out of the cage, so to speak, and unleash upon us a "film noir" or "musical" episode (in this case, BOTH). Smallville, Buffy, House, Grey's Anatomy in recent years all have had one.

    It's such a departure from the norm that leaves fans to either LOVE IT or HATE IT.

    As a matter of personal taste I really did not enjoy this episode at all.

    When you flirt with something so cheesy, you have to cut it with a lot of satire or tongue-in-cheek humor (which worked for a while with the singing corpses) or entertain the audience with something that will prevent the episode from being a total cheeseball. (Remove the cheese from bleu cheese and you're left with just bleu mold. Really, there's none to be found here.

    A better execution would be the 80's themed "Peter" episode (S.02 Ep.16).
  • A fun and strange episode

    This was definitely a crazy episode, but I really enjoyed it!
  • Doo Doo Butter

    To the people that have rated this 10/10 would you say to your friends "Oh man did you see Fringe last night? AWESOME RIGHT?!! LOVED IT! SUCH A GREAT EPISODE!" or if they hadn't seen it yet would you really recommend them this episode? I'd imaging your friend would never take advice from you again after that kind of betrayal and poor taste.
  • Brown Betty

    We got to the episode before being already was. That is, before being a good or bad piece of something it was an event. This is because "Brown Betty" is the episode noir, which is also musical and that is still room for fairy tale. That is to say: Wow!

    After the revelation key all season has closed in the last great episode - Peter discovered that came from another universe - "Fringe" risks everything and before blasting the final events decides to offer an extravagance. A luxurious break, where it all comes down to the mind of a genius. Walter (John Noble), after seeing his son away, angry and hurt, he decides to forget all the waves of an anesthetic drug, as Brown Betty. Even more delusional than usual, sees his office's niece Olivia (Anna Torv), Ella (Lily Pilblad) - interpretation of the fantastic little actress - and then decides to tell her a story. A mirror tampered with their feelings, a fanciful metaphor of what it consumes.

    We then enter another dimension. 40 years old, dark environments and smoke, the music is called "Blue Moon" and bewitching who will assist you or a gentle caress. Olivia is a detective charged with investigating the disappearance of Peter (Joshua Jackson) at the request of Rachel (Ari Graynor), his girlfriend. Then follows the investigation, stumbling over our characters ever, dressed and painted in another way: since Broyles (Lance Reddick) to Nina Sharp (Blair Brown), facing the mythical observers in the middle. Eventually discovers that Peter has a rich heart, a heart that is yours and would deliver to Walter if he had not yet discovered that the cruelties done in the past. The tale is terminated in two ways: the old and bitter of the innocent child. Happily ever after?

    We do not know. This episode has added nothing to the past nor nothing builds for the future. It is a daydream, a trip to the mind of the scientist who shattered, heartbroken, creates a dizzying mix of styles in order to be able to express. It is not quite a perfect subject, owning faults and virtues. On the one hand the musical numbers do not match very well, in my opinion because they were not embedded in the true spirit of the genre, missing dance, interaction, lights, stage direction. Singing only dialogue does not work. On the other hand, everything else was very close to the delicious: the way the characters appear - reflecting how Walter sees - the futuristic technologies embedded in that environment the past - reminded me of "Wild Wild West" in particular, and Burton in general - who sing the dead, the heart that splits into forgiveness in advance, among many other fantastic moments flashed in the eye.

    "Brown Betty" episode is not expected at this stage of the championship. And thank goodness! Enough to meet the anticipated dates, no more gray days are alike and we want creativity and will. We want to risk it and breathe. And I can finally say yes now!

    The Top: Visually it is a crash.

    The worst: The musical numbers can not fit the rest.
  • Agee MatthewMcCask... Worst Episode of Fringe! Timewasting Garbage!

    Agee MatthewMcCask... Worst Episode of Fringe! Timewasting Garbage!
  • I don't know why this episode has so many bad reviews


    This is my first review ever, and I know fringe is now in season 4 but I recently became a fan. I love this show!! I love the storyline and also enjoy the standalone episodes even though people seem to not like them so much. This was a very fun episode for me to watch.

    After so many "heavy" episodes, I think this one was a breath of fresh air. Seriously! Why do people have to be so harsh? What would be the point to writing a series if they told us all of the answers in just 10 episodes without building any suspense? I think it is very clever, and in the standalone episodes we also get to see further interaction between the characters, watching them as they grow, which I very much enjoy. People should just enjoy every story as the writers build up to a grand season finale!

    Anyways, I think this will be my last review.. So in my last note: Gotta love Walter. I can't get enough of him. And I seriously wanna live in THIS lab.

  • Worst Episode of Fringe! Terrible Timewasting Garbage!

    This Episode was the worst thing I have seen on TV in a long time..
    My wife and I are both huge Fringe Fans, but this Episode was by far the worst ever.
    Even the "unaired" Episode where Charlie suddenly appears again is much much better.
    I mean come on... Singing corpses?? Hearts? Batteries? SINGING? I think I would rather watch an old Episode of 90210 than ever watch this again. Being such a huge Fringe fan, this has left a very bitter aftertaste. Shame on the writers, shame on Fox.
    Watch the first Minute and the last Minute, then you will have missed NOTHING of the series. Bad TV just got worse.
  • Filler

    Well, I thought it was decent I don't know about top filler episode. I would have to disagree. But it was ok to watch someone had taken Peter glass heart and Olivia helps him investigate who took it. Other than that it has some funny musicals in here I thought that was the interesting part but if you want to watch something different this is it. I don't believe it was a waste to show this, you have to have fun sometimes and this was them doing that.
  • Brown Betty: honored tradition of film noir dream/fantasy episodes

    I echo others who urged fans of "Fringe" not to lambaste the writers for the "Brown Betty" dream/fantasy episode.

    Such film noir style episodes are a time honored tradition in TV, and often found in the very best TV shows. Magnum PI, Moonlighting, The X-Files, and Smallville come to mind.

    Such episodes do not always advance the plot as much as "regular" episodes. Nevertheless they often flesh out the characters by examining them from a new, humorous perspective.

    A long running TV series is a lot of work for the writers. They may need to catch their breath at times. Such "mock noir" dream/fantasy episodes can be an entertaining way to do so.

    I disagree with fellow "Fringe" fans who said that "Brown Betty" did not advance the plot or was "too weird" to belong in the :Fringe" universe.

    The episode advanced the plot by clarifying Walter's feelings of remorse about having conducted Frankenstein experiments on little children, and his desperate desire to make amends.

    The "Brown Betty" episode, with its Broadway musical outbursts into song, was entirely appropriate for the "Fringe" universe, which is the epitome of weird. The name of the series, after all, is "Fringe," as in "looney fringe."
  • This was one of those episodes that people either loved or hated. I happened to love it.

    (spoiler alert) Brown Betty was a transitional episode, dealing with the aftermath of Peter's discovery that Walter was not his real father, and his subsequent departure. As Olivia searches for him, Walter is stuck in his lab, going crazy with grief, and babysitting Olivia's niece. She asks him to tell her a story. What he comes up with is part noir detective tale, and part reality, or at least Walter's version of reality, which is heavily influenced at the moment by the killer "Brown Betty" weed he's been smoking to deal with his loss. As such, the occasional kookiness, and bursts of song from the story's characters is not only understandable, but quite entertaining. It also gives the cast a chance to show off their talent a bit, outside of the restrictions their characters usually place on them. Walter singing is nothing new, but his song choices are always interesting, and John Noble's delivery is sometimes quite funny. But who knew Lance Reddick and Anna Torv could sing? Who could have even imagined them singing, given their usual parts?

    Sure, taking the main characters out of their familiar roles and surroundings, and dropping them into a period fantasy piece has been done to death by other shows. Usually it's just a gimmick, and shows that the writers have run out of other ideas. By putting their own unique spin on it though, Fringe's writers have shown that it can still work, and work well. For those that want all episodes to advance the main arc of the series narrative, such diversions can be frustrating, but I'm not completely sure this was a diversion. Anything that comes out of Walter's subconscious mind, as much of his story within a story did, could be relevant to the bigger mysteries the team is trying to solve. The fact that Walter and Peter's relationship, Peter and Olivia's relationship, Nina Sharp, William Bell, Massive Dynamic, and the Watchers all had parts to play indicates there could be some buried clues here. The Watcher's appearance in the "real" world at the end only seems to confirm this. Only time will tell.

    I think that many of the people that hated this episode so much have too narrow a definition of "entertainment". Sure, this wasn't the typical Fringe formula, if there is such a thing. So what? Fringe as they know it will be back next time.
  • Stop complaining, this was an absolute top-filler.

    Ok, so it's a filler episode. Me, as a Lost fan have dealt with some filler episode troughout the years. I can tell you, this is a top-notch episode and I totally enjoyed it. Maybe it's not your style. Maybe you don't like musicals. Or maybe you don't like the leap of faith the producers have taken while making this one. But you have to admit, the setting, the pick of music, the dialogues and the storytelling were amazingly done. I love the methaphor used in this episode. Walter telling a story about a guy who stole his heart, referring to Peter finding out he's from another universe was so funny, emotional and smartly done, that I watched this all the way trough, feeling refreshed for next week, with all the drama continuing in the realistic version of Fringe. Now, all you sci-fi lovers who are upset or mad, please give it a rest. You will have your standard sci-fi show back next week. This week was not your thing, next week it will be. Case closed.
  • This episode made me smile.

    After a string of gory deaths, heart-breaking family drama, and unrequited love...a happy episode comes along to lift the viewers' spirits. The romance, dreaminess, and general magic put a smile on my face for the whole hour as I went along for the ride. It's disappointing that people can't appreciate a tiny purposeful deviation from the formulas they're used to seeing. This was the point for the writers! A chance to flex their brains and for a change, do something different. Their movements are micro-managed, so this endeavor would have been extremely fun. For the actors, too. Great singing.

    And please, do look beneath the story for future clues. The story was not a filler but a bold choice.
  • This episode was a little weird, and too early in the show, but entertaining enough.

    I guess every tv show has one of these episodes: a bit weird, supposed to be funny and placed in another time or dream or story. And so does Fringe. I don't think it was a great episode, but it was okay. Usually these kind of episodes are put in later seasons, like the fifth or so (take Medium or the X-files). I think Fringe has done this one too early. I am way too eager to find out where Peter has gone, how the story develops, and this story didn't contribute at all. I kept hoping Peter would knock on the door and make up with his dad. What I did like was the way Anna Torv showed she can play with more flair and charisma than she usually does. And of course, she sang! Quite hilarious, all the actors singing. I also liked that the writers apparently couldn't decide in what time this should take place. Is it the 1930's? But they did have laptops and mobile phones. It was a funny combination. I liked the way we could see the characters in another setting, in an almost dreamy world, but I think it should have been done later in the show. But at the end, when Peter took out his "magic heart" and shared it with his father made for a very happy ending, that I really liked.
  • a delightful little episode - too bad about all the inordinately low ratings!

    this episode was a lot of fun but it was also very clever - way more clever than some people are giving credit for. the story told by walter was driven by so many things - walter's emotions about the whole peter situation, walter's attempt to connect with the little girl, walter's experience of just having played "operation" with ella, walter's half crazy brain made even more wacky with the benefit of brown betty... and then i think the way they showed the story we were also seeing the interpretive contribution of how ella would be seeing/hearing it. To me, that would partly explain the mix of time periods. If you say "telephone" what's the kid going to picture? and the colour polkadotted cow - whose mind made the cow look like that? coulda been either one of them. it was really well done. it's too bad some people weren't able to enjoy this one - there's always been a lot of wacky humour with Walter so to me this did not seem like that big of a stretch and actually, after i watched it, with this being yet another outstanding episode, i upgraded Fringe to my current favourite tv show!
  • Every season of more than 20+ episodes eventually has a filler added in and this is the mandatory filler for Fringe Season 02.

    This episode served no purpose whatsoever and was so silly I gave up. You can watch the last 2 minutes to get the only important aspect but the rest you can ignore.

    Without wanting to give away too much sci-fi fans might recall episodes in Star Trek: The Next Generation where cast dress up in period costumes for a old fashioned private eye adventure. Well, that is more or less what happens here. Except that it was even sillier.

    I am sorry, but I think writers trying to fill a full season of more than 20 episodes are sometimes pushed to write junk. It'd be better to have a slightly reduced season of quality than to let junk slip in. Look what happened in Season 2 of The Sarah Connor Chronicles - junk slipped in and the season was ultimately canned.
  • The Musical Episode!

    Well, I have to admit, I was pleasantly surprised by this episode. I wasn't sure how I felt about Fringe delving into the musical world, but as it turned out, I rather liked this episode. As soon as the episode started and I heard the sound of the bong I knew this was going to be a memorable episode. It was good to see a few sides to Walter this episode. It had humour (Ella talking about how it smells funny at the lab was cute) and it had a lot of emotion as well. I was concerned that it wouldn't move the story forward - and while it wasn't necessarily a follow up to last week's reveal, it did hold an emotional weight to the episode. The allegory of the story being told by Walter was well mirrored to the emotional impact of the current storyline that we've been following the past couple weeks, despite it's silly nature.

    Overall, I think this was a great episode that gave us some breathing room before we hit the final few episodes of the season that I'm sure will be quite intense! Looking forward to next week!
  • Wow, this episode really surprised me! I was really worried when I heard about it, but it actually was a pretty good episode! Warning, spoilers contained below.

    Well this was a filler episode of sorts, but at least they acknowledged the events of the past episode. I liked the laughs this episode provided, like the singing corpses! A healthy mix of interesting new looks for characters, singing, action and comedy. That basically sums up this episode. No real development in to the main story, but definitely an interesting episode! I enjoyed this episode, but it's not the type of episode you want to see happen over and over, once in a while doesn't hurt though. Next week's episode looks like it is going to be good, I can't wait to see what is in store for us!

    This wasn't another good informative episode like "Peter" which they gave an 80's touch, that was enjoyable and fun..NO!!! This was 45 minutes of horrible singing without a shred of information, except the last 10 seconds which I could really live without just to spare me the agony of listenning Walter, Peter, Olivia and others, singing in FRINGE !!!!!
    Hopefully it was a one time flop.
    Beacuse I have 100 words minimum in this review, here is the last 10 seconds of the episode in case you really don't want suffer like I did:

    Watcher on phone (The bald guy): "The boy didn't come home...I'm concerned...I believe that Walter has forgotten my warning.." ...Thats it!!! P.S

    I wanted to say that I have registered to this site only because of this episode, to give its proper grade!!!! (It seems that the minimum is 1 and not zero..)
  • (SPOILERS!) Peter is still missing after running off when he learned that he came from the alternate universe. To spend the time until his return, everyone decides to put on a film noir style musical show(not really, but close enough). Worst Episod

    Worst episode EVER! Hated every minute of it. Lost all respect for Walter and agent Broyles. Only the Peter Bishop character saves some face. Shame on you JJ Abrahams! What the heck do you think this show is? Did X-files ever make a musical episode? NO! (at least I think/hope not). Next thing we know you'll make a Lost musical show with Hurly dancing the Macarena...
    Hmmm, another 32 words needed, let's see: Awful episode awful episode awful episode awful episode awful episode awful episode awful episode awful episode awful episode awful episode awful episode awful episode. Aahh, I feel much better!
  • What a waste of time.

    Fringe is one of my favourite tv shows, so for me to actually fast forward through an ep shows how bad it was. It does nothing for the mythology, does nothing to continue the Peter-Walter story, there is no mystery at all, if you watched only the last 40 seconds you would have seen everything you needed to see. Dear TV producers: When your writers approach you with "How about we try something different" please throw them out. This kind of thing might work as part of whatever setting or mythology your characters are in, like Angel being transformed into a puppet, where the villains were also puppets, but as in Fringes case, doing a musical episode just because you thought it would be fun DOES NOT WORK.
  • Any need?

    Okay JJ, now whose idea was this? I have always deeply respected your work, but here I am starting to wonder if you smoked the same stuff that Walter was smoking? Trust me, when there was this hype that you were about to produce a Fringe musical, I was not really thrilled. But being a theater buff myself, I was doubly curious to know what songs you've chosen, and how you were going to create a theatrical effect to a science fiction show.

    First of all, now what is with the setting? I mean, I get it, the setting apparently is intended to resemble something a 8 year old perceives. But, I simply couldn't digest certain inconsistencies. You have age appropriate cars, but whats up with Nina Sharp and her futuristic office and an iMac sitting on her desk. Whats up with all the cell phones, when the land phones look like antiques. The scientist dudes in Massive Dynamic are using bulky computers when Astrid is sitting cool with her laptop.

    And common, it is not a musical. Lance Reddick sang a few lines, and so did Astrid. Anna Torv's singing sounded like a really really bad American Idol audition. And singing was completely out of context. You simply can't shift between dialogues and singing without a subtle buildup. To prove my point, did anyone think it was completely weird and unnatural when one moment Olivia is fixing batteries on a dying Peter and another moment she is singing?

    Clearly you had an intent to do something different, but the execution was an epic fail. Fringe is a really good show, and I hope you stick to your guns and produce material that teases our grey cells. So please JJ, do what you do best - write genre appropriate material. Thank you.
  • An...interesting episode for what it was. I still hate that Glee's success was pushing for FOX shows to make musical episodes though. Damn you, Glee!!!

    I really hate when TV shows do a musical episode. It's a cheesy TV gimmick that does nothing for the show as far as moving it forward. So you could imagine how appalled I was that one of my beloved shows (loved for its serious factor) would resort to this. You know it's all Glee's fault. FOX wanted to do a musicals week to promote that show. To have a show I don't even like affect the production of a show I do like is quite degrading. I went into this episode with low expectations knowing it would be a filler. However according to an interview I read with Fringe's producers, the episode as corny and cheesy and fillery as it was, was gonna provide some foreshadowing and symbolism of events of things to come. So I was intrigued. The good news though is the "musical" aspect of this episode is not as horrid and rampid as I feared. A few characters sing their little medleys each lasting around 30 seconds if you can live through it. It's not like a huge chorus pops in from out of nowhere and does a 3 minute song-and-dance routine in every scene. Thank god!!! I was also impressed by the actual writing of the episode. It kept our favorite characters in character for the most part when it came to the fantasy Walter was telling. At the same time, it still says very "Fringe". And the setting of the story was a unique mixture of film noir, contemporary, and futuristic. Like all filler episodes, this one was not really necessary. And I'm a bit concerned how it's sandwiched in the middle of the whole Peter learning the truth storyline. However if the remaining episodes of the season live up to all the supposed foreshadowing the producers claim was in this episode, then it might make this episode look even better. Yes it was a filler episode, but definitly one of the better filler episodes written. Better to have an episode like this now instead in the later seasons anyway. I still got to take points off for the awkward singing moments though. :P
  • Good idea- horrible execution that does not fit in the fringe universe or seasons plot lines at all.

    When I heard they were doing a musical I was excited. However, this was a big mess. Instead of attempting to advanced the seasons plot lines, they made a very out of place fairy tale story Walter tells to Olivias niece. The whole noir thing seemed very much out of place and the music was not fun at all. Considering Walter was high, the episode should have been like any other episodes except with drug induced singing hallucinations. What we are left with is a stand alone episode-one that does not fit into this season, let alone the fringe universe at all.

    Pretty much the only thing the episode had going for it was the singing corpses.
  • Worst. Episode. Ever.

    It's bad enough when they take a break from the ongoing back story to investigate other fringe science occurrences not related to the pattern, but this was ridiculous and a complete waste of time. It's like the writers said to each other, "Hey, you know what this show needs? It needs to be more like Scrubs or That 70's Show." It's too bad there wasn't a curtain call at the end where all the cast members came out in front of a live studio audience to receive bouquets of roses. And I'm not even going to comment on the singing.
  • Walter tries to cope with Peter's reaction by telling Olivia's niece a story.

    I believe it is not Walter, but the writers who are high, because nothing is making sense about this episode.

    Nothing fits in, the story -even it is a child story- is awful and dull. Even this poor story might come up as an interesting episode if they had just focused on only one of the many themes they visited. However they wandered between detective story (in a weird and disturbing post-modern way that is simply stupid), musical, fairy tale. I hardly kept myself watch it till the end. I'm waiting since Season 1 final for depiction of the truth about Peter. And Walter's feelings were the most important dramatic material in this story line. And they are just scattered around meaninglessly in such an episode. It's just a travesty, that tries a lot of contradicting things and can not present a solid dramatic structure. Every show does it once or twice. It's like casual clothing friday. However I still can not believe this can be put in such an awful way. Anyway I'll pretend that 2x20 never happened.
  • Fringe jumps the shark

    I rarely submit reviews, but I just had to voice my opinion of this, a perfectly awful episode of an intriguing series. True, the show has had its share of ups and downs, but for the most part I was enjoying it...up to this point. I seriously doubt it can regain its stature after this debacle. The story was insipid, the singing atrocious, and the acting was sub-par at best (especially by young Lilly Pilyblad as Ella). I know what the Producers were going for in this episode, but they missed the mark by a mile. An unmitigated disaster, no matter how you cut it.
  • For what it was, I think it was pretty good.

    I was pleasantly surprised by this episode. Upon hearing about a film-noir musical episode, I thought that everything about it would stink... and also wondered how it would fit in to the main story arc. Of course, the episode had virtually nothing to do with the main narrative arc of Fringe, but instead delved into the emotional state of our beloved Dr. Walter Bishop. I even appreciated how the episode was set-up: an extremely high (and depressed) Walter Bishop trying to tell a story to Oliva's neice Ella. To this extent, it was reminiscent of The Princess Bride, and all the talk about the missing heart had me thinking about "true love".

    Overall, this episode reminded me of those fairly frequent filler episodes in the X-Files: episodes such as "Jose Chung's From Outer Space", "The Post-Modern Prometheus" and "How the Ghosts Stole Christmas", where the tension of main narrative arc of the series if lifted for some lightness and humour. Some purists have of course objected to this, saying that the episode wasn't Fringe-y enough. But that really wasn't the point of the episode, was it?

    The singing was horrible, but that can be forgiven since one has to remember that everything is being relayed to Ella through Walter, and I doubt a high Walter would be a good singer. The songs themselves were at times horrible, espeically Ester Figglesworth's excerpt from A Chorus Line's "I Hope I Get It". Again, a forgivable offense.

    I highly doubt we'll ever see an episode like this again, but honestly wouldn't mind seeing more episodes that bring some comedy to the forefront, instead of only relying on Walter's quirks for the occassional break in tension.
  • That was surprisingly good!

    I really had feared "Brown Betty" because a musical episode of Fringe had sounded like one of the worst ideas in the history of bad ideas to me. So right now, I'm pleasantly surprised about the quality of this episode.

    O.k., the timing might be a little odd. The season is heading towards its finale and I really would like to know where Peter has gone and to be honest, I'd like to see him make peace with Walter rather sooner than later, because both of them are heartbroken and I think they can only overcome this together. But since they decided to interrupt the flow of their storytelling anyway, I'm glad, they did it in such a wonderful fashion.

    While I wouldn't really have missed the singing, I loved the eccentric quality Walter's story had to it. I loved how they mixed film noir style with modern technology, I loved all the small quirky and sometimes pretty funny details like spotted Gene and how they claimed, that the story's Walter Bishop had invented rainbows and hugs. For a moment there, I really thought that Walter might declare his story alter ego -- and by that himself -- the unsung hero of mankind and make Peter the villain who had betrayed him and stolen his heart, so it was nice to see, how he feels guilty and realizes, that it has actually been him, who has broken Peter's heart and has brought a lot of bad things on other people, especially on the children he did experiments on. He seems to have lost hope, that Peter is ever going to forgive him, so he lets Peter not care about him in the end of his tale and you can tell, that even though he lets Ella have her happy ending, he doesn't quite believe in it himself.

    The rather awkward way he told his story showed us quite a bit about his way around children. He doesn't really seem to have a clue about how to treat them and you can imagine, that he was pretty similair around Peter as a child. Who in their right mind and with the slightest idea about pedagogy would tell a little girl a story in which her mother is murdered? Even though judging from the low score for this episode I might be in a minority position, I really enjoyed myself very much and while I even had been stalling watching it for two days because I was afraid of being disappointed, I most definitely wasn't.
  • What the hell?!

    What the hell?! I don't know what happened...I spend all week waiting for a new fringe episode an then I get stuck with this?

    This is suposed to be a sci-fi show :|
    Not a musical or a comedy. I got nothing against them but I don't watch Fringe because of it.

    Truly a big disapointment, I just hope the next episode makes up for this one or I'll lose all faith in what is one of my favorite tv show.

    Just awfull, awfull, awfull!!!

    I still can't believe they did this...I hope they have been smoking brown betty too, at least that would make me less disturbed about this episode!

    Worse episode EVER!
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