Season 2 Episode 20

Brown Betty

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Apr 29, 2010 on FOX

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  • Brown Betty

    We got to the episode before being already was. That is, before being a good or bad piece of something it was an event. This is because "Brown Betty" is the episode noir, which is also musical and that is still room for fairy tale. That is to say: Wow!

    After the revelation key all season has closed in the last great episode - Peter discovered that came from another universe - "Fringe" risks everything and before blasting the final events decides to offer an extravagance. A luxurious break, where it all comes down to the mind of a genius. Walter (John Noble), after seeing his son away, angry and hurt, he decides to forget all the waves of an anesthetic drug, as Brown Betty. Even more delusional than usual, sees his office's niece Olivia (Anna Torv), Ella (Lily Pilblad) - interpretation of the fantastic little actress - and then decides to tell her a story. A mirror tampered with their feelings, a fanciful metaphor of what it consumes.

    We then enter another dimension. 40 years old, dark environments and smoke, the music is called "Blue Moon" and bewitching who will assist you or a gentle caress. Olivia is a detective charged with investigating the disappearance of Peter (Joshua Jackson) at the request of Rachel (Ari Graynor), his girlfriend. Then follows the investigation, stumbling over our characters ever, dressed and painted in another way: since Broyles (Lance Reddick) to Nina Sharp (Blair Brown), facing the mythical observers in the middle. Eventually discovers that Peter has a rich heart, a heart that is yours and would deliver to Walter if he had not yet discovered that the cruelties done in the past. The tale is terminated in two ways: the old and bitter of the innocent child. Happily ever after?

    We do not know. This episode has added nothing to the past nor nothing builds for the future. It is a daydream, a trip to the mind of the scientist who shattered, heartbroken, creates a dizzying mix of styles in order to be able to express. It is not quite a perfect subject, owning faults and virtues. On the one hand the musical numbers do not match very well, in my opinion because they were not embedded in the true spirit of the genre, missing dance, interaction, lights, stage direction. Singing only dialogue does not work. On the other hand, everything else was very close to the delicious: the way the characters appear - reflecting how Walter sees - the futuristic technologies embedded in that environment the past - reminded me of "Wild Wild West" in particular, and Burton in general - who sing the dead, the heart that splits into forgiveness in advance, among many other fantastic moments flashed in the eye.

    "Brown Betty" episode is not expected at this stage of the championship. And thank goodness! Enough to meet the anticipated dates, no more gray days are alike and we want creativity and will. We want to risk it and breathe. And I can finally say yes now!

    The Top: Visually it is a crash.

    The worst: The musical numbers can not fit the rest.