Season 2 Episode 20

Brown Betty

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Apr 29, 2010 on FOX

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  • Nauseating and Gratuitous

    Sometimes during the course of a TV show's life the writers are let out of the cage, so to speak, and unleash upon us a "film noir" or "musical" episode (in this case, BOTH). Smallville, Buffy, House, Grey's Anatomy in recent years all have had one.

    It's such a departure from the norm that leaves fans to either LOVE IT or HATE IT.

    As a matter of personal taste I really did not enjoy this episode at all.

    When you flirt with something so cheesy, you have to cut it with a lot of satire or tongue-in-cheek humor (which worked for a while with the singing corpses) or entertain the audience with something that will prevent the episode from being a total cheeseball. (Remove the cheese from bleu cheese and you're left with just bleu mold. Really, there's none to be found here.

    A better execution would be the 80's themed "Peter" episode (S.02 Ep.16).