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I wanted to choose the best quotes from Fringe, but I quickly realized there were far too many. So I decided only to focus on the best quotes by Walter, but there were still far too many. Then I decided to focus only on drug related quotes by Walter, but even that selection soon grew too big. So here is the final product: 13 of best drug related quotes involving Walter from season one. All the quotes are from the pages of TV.com.

1. Walter: Excellent. Let's make some LSD!

2. Peter (over the phone): Walter, I am with a woman in her mid-twenties, she is going into cardiac arrest due to an overdose of anesthesia. (Pauses) Her heart just stopped.
Walter: Do you have any cocaine?
Peter: Cocaine?! No, I don't have any cocaine.
Walter: Oh, that's too bad. You'll have to shock her heart.

3. Peter: You brought your own sweetener?
Walter: Don't be ridiculous. My medication.
Peter: You're not on any medication, Walter.
Walter: Of course I am. I've been making it myself in the lab.
Peter: Oh, I wish you were joking.

4. Walter: Are you taking any medications, prescribed or illicit? You can be truthful, I won't judge. In fact, if the answer is "no," I may encourage some drug use.

5. Olivia: How are you feeling?
Roy: My head hurts a little, but, um, Dr. Bishop gave me something for the pain.
Walter: Vicodin. That's it, I promise.

6. Peter: I'm going to hate myself for asking, but how do you cure a disease that's incurable?
Walter: I haven't the slightest idea. Thought I myself once cured this one in a dream. Opium. Fantastic stuff. Of course, I forgot it as soon as I woke up.

7. Walter: I need you to adjust the drugs.
Peter: Well, what did you give her this time?
Walter: Drugs I'd rather be taking myself.

8. Walter: There is little that makes me happier than taking drugs. Perhaps administering them, designing and carrying out experiments that bend the plane of what we consider reality. I've rarely if ever opposed to such things except now.

9. Walter: No, Peter's right. Your pupils are dilated. It's a symptom of high stress. Unless you're using hallucinogens. Are you tripping, Agent Dunham?

10. Peter: Walter, what are you doing?
Walter: I'm dosing a caterpillar.
Peter: Dosing? As in LSD?
Walter: It's a special blend.
Peter: I see. Hey, guess what just happened? Finding out that my father gives drugs to bugs, somehow just became a typical moment in my life.
Walter: Wonderful, isn't it?

11. Walter: When Belly and I were younger men, we regularly ingested large quantities of LSD.
Peter: You don't say?

12. Peter: Are you okay? Did you take something?
Walter: Psychedelics? No, not since Thursday, no.

13. Peter: She had a bad dream.
Olivia: No, I could smell the platform. I saw her baby staring at me. I saw her face before I saw the news. How is that possible?
Walter: Opium?
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