Season 3 Episode 4

Do Shapeshifters Dream of Electric Sheep?

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Oct 14, 2010 on FOX

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  • Do Shapeshifters Dream of Electric Sheep?

    Quentin Tarantino has the gift. How little he manages to grab a never ending list of references, condense them into one movie, and make it his. Drinking around a heritage past, it makes the original story. This reinvention is one of those that made me surrender and no other choice but to bow in awe.

    "Fringe", this start to the season, has done just that and the proof is this superb fourth episode. A tale that takes us into the nooks rainy "Blade Runner" or we shoot for the space "Batllestar Galactica" without ever ceasing to be himself, without ever losing his trademark.

    "Do Shapeshifters Dream of Electric Sheep" is the fabulous title that immediately puts us in the content of the action. Shapeshifters, these villains who bleed mercury, and change shape, then are the major players. Of them already knew a few things and one of them was this: they are not human. They are cold, cruel and faithful to their mission. Machines of traveling to another universe our (those strange cocoons) with the ultimate goal of exterminating us - and there I am reminding myself of the "Terminator." Well, after all is not just black and white, gray exist.

    There are shapeshifters infiltrate into our society for many years, in various spheres of power, waiting for an order. Or simply fulfilling the mission and gaining influence. We know this because one of them, a prominent senator, has a car accident and his secret is discovered. What doctors do not realize the Fringe team and explains a moment's notice with a view of the soldiers of the enemy on his desk, with only one goal: try to take it all possible information. Is initiated to a complicated game, where Altivia (Anna Torv) tries at all costs hamper and Walter (John Noble) at all costs shine. Excellent strains, outstanding action sequences and one end of the tape where ill again lead to better.

    But this was not a simple case of good and evil, was a reflection fringiana about what is or is not human. Afinais What are the characteristics that make us so unique, that separate us from the cold metal? What is the real border between the machine and we? And these questions are the real (thick) the heart of this episode in the history of both the senator and his wife incredulously, whether in the mission of shapshifter with family. Incredible scene where he takes leave of the child in bed:

    "You know, sometimes the monsters are not so bad, sometimes, if you spend some time with them, may be surprising, can be incredibly sweet, pure, and capable of great love. And then one of them may even become your best friend. "

    The only question that caused me some confusion was the fact that some shapeshifters can not last long in the same body and others unable to do so for years. What applies to one should apply to everyone and this difference was not explained at all. But these are details in a larger story, in which various questions flow in a question for the future: some shapeshifters will ally with us?

    Amidst all this we still had time for:

    Say goodbye to the most charismatic villain of the series. After being captured with the help of his agent infiltrated Newton (Sebastian Roch) commits suicide;

    See Walter in action now as owner of Massive Dynamics. Hilarious;

    Doubt more of Altivia. The way the episode started and ended proved two things: first that "Fringe" is a new series, is concerned with the protagonists and how they develop, and second that this is false Olivia every minute that passes truer.

    "Fringe" is a revolutionized so unbelievable. Has a face, strength and will. It is with great satisfaction that I see the first three episodes in the top 20 episodes of top rated by you and is with an even greater satisfaction that I will see four.

    Best: Everything.

    Worst: nothing.
  • Update

    Well good episode, for me no one notice Olivia's strange behavior is weird. I understand the other people in other side not see it because Olivia has her memories so it makes it harder. But even Charlie is having more doubt than Peter or the others are having. This is getting unreal here they proved how character development is not the strong point here. The writers had pointed that out in season 3 if they did we wouldn't have this deception. Good action and kept you entertain, but the red flags are starting to show and everyone just keep turning a blind eye. Something needs to happen quick because I'm not even buying it anymore.

    Fringe once again proves what an amazing series it can be. Four episodes into the new season and I could not be more excited. Why? Because for the first time ever on this show, there are high stakes and suspense that carries on from one episode to the next and further on. It's nice to finally see no fillers, even if some of the crazy science that happens in fillers are somewhat interesting. However, viewers can now have more emotional investment on the characters than ever before. Sure, some may find the alternate Olivia frustrating and wish for the original one to just return already, but doesn't that make a show more captivating? What happened to built up excitement and attention spans? Fringe is at long last one of those shows that has that feel of commitment that can hold you at the edge of your seat and make you beg for more.

    I only have one complaint, and it's not directed at this episode at all. Fringe is losing viewers when it really shouldn't. I mean seriously, awesome casting, intense storyline, dare-to-be-different attitude, what else could you ask for? It may seem like I am just some hopeless fan blabbering on about how brilliant Fringe is...and on some levels that may be true, but Fringe is definitely underrated. People don't watch it on it's appropriate time and so, ratings for the third season are taking a toll. Now, it couldn't be so much as a problem with the time slot, since last year there wasn't such a danger of cancellation, so what happened? For those who simply cannot watch the back-and-forth between the two universes, please hang in there, it is only for half the season, so just roughly 6 more episodes. Whatever the case, Fringe needs more viewers, old and new. Don't let this show die like Firefly, or any other show you may have once loved, but was ultimately cut short before it reached full potential.
  • machines with feelings! cool!

    Dr Bishop is a genius! how ever in massive dynamics they think he is crazy. "under self medicate"! that was hilarious!
    Bolivia is so worried about her cover, well, she should be. she is surrounded with very smart people.
    they finaly got Newton but thanks to Bolivia now he's useless.
    that was interesting, we saw machines bonded with people. they loved their family, they were capable of love, caring, feelings! wow! good job the other side!!
    Peter finaly told Bolivia that he noticed differences between her and Olivia, that's why Bolivia tried to gain his trust back but I'm sure Peter will find out about her soon.
    poor Olivia!
  • do shapeshifters dream of electric sheep

    So Fringe is starting to get a little better this year after a rough start, but the problem is that there is no way to hook new viewers in and with so few loyal viewers already watching, it is going to be difficult for FOX to renew this show. I just do not like these alternate worlds, and how they play such a big role on the show, like in tonight's episode. They can't go back to where Olivia and Peter just solved crimes, like a generic procedural, but with a supernatural twist? I will reiterate, this was a good episode, but it could have been better.
  • Hey alternate universe? Your gaps are showing!

    There are so many places where it can all fall apart for the alternates, at least in their work in this universe.

    Most likely, Thomas Jerome Newton and alternate Olivia are going to do each other in as they each try to be the one on top; figuratively speaking, of course.

    Or, alternate Olivia may self destruct on her own. She has the worst poker face on either planet! And she certainly doesn't handle stress nearly as well as the one, true Olivia does. Not to mention, I think she actually has finally caught Peter in a WTF cycle.

    Then there are the inventions of convenience; the beasts of cosmic burden if you will. The shape-shifters. Problem with the wiring though; they start to feel you know, human again. And won't that just potentially ruin your invasion!

    And anyway, I now have confidence in our side. After all, Walter remembered Astrid's name. Our future is safe.
  • Back to Fringe Prime!

    This episode brings us back to the Fringe Prime universe, and thankfully, some of the minor criticisms from the previous installment with Fauxlivia, Peter, and Walter are addressed before the hour is through. This side of the story is still not nearly as interesting as the Alt-Fringe episodes, but it has managed to keep the narrative momentum alive.

    I'm very sad to see Mr. Newton go, because frankly, Fauxlivia is unlikely to remain in the Fringe Prime universe as the leader of the Alt-Fringe sleeper elements forever. And watching them vie for control was fairly entertaining, especially as Fauxlivia has not exactly presented herself as the most insidious evil mastermind on the planet. Newton, even in this episode, was a lot more sinister.

    Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that the sleepers are beginning to "go native". There had to be a message within the extended look at the family that the shapeshifter left behind, and Newton's comment that Fauxlivia wouldn't be able to do what it takes. Is this supposed to suggest that the Alt-Fringe infiltrators, having been on Fringe Prime for quite some time, might become allies against Walternate's program?

    It also seemed to suggest that Fauxlivia's plan to seduce Peter might backfire on her. Could she become an ally? I would think it rather unlikely, but then again, I don't see them perpetuating the alternating episodic format for much longer. And we don't really know what plan she is supposed to be implementing. Whatever it is, it involves getting the missing pieces of the "ancient artifact" and gaining Peter's trust. Ostensibly it would be taking both back to Alt-Fringe, but I imagine there's more to it than that.

    Speaking of Peter, one thing I did like was his conversation with Fauxlivia, in which he came right out and explained that he has, in fact, noticed the considerable differences in her behavior. That was something that bothered me in the previous Fringe Prime episode, so it was a good indication that the writers are anticipating the audience's questions. Part of me wonders if Peter is actually suspicious of Fauxlivia, but I don't know if Peter would sleep with Fauxlivia to maintain the illusion that he is being fooled.

    I was also very pleased to see Walter's first attempt at a meeting as the owner of Massive Dynamic! And of course, he was high as a kite, to absolutely no one's surprise. All that said, I'm not sure if I like the move into the more modern labs. The old Bishop lab had a lot more character. Of course, they can probably work on that over the course of the season, as the team spends more time there.

    All in all, another fine episode, even if it's not quite as good as the Alt-Fringe episodes have been. What's really galling is the break that the show is taking for the MLB playoffs. I know it happens every season, but I can't see how this is going to help the show maintain the audience it has. And with the alternating setting format for this early part of the season, it's even more grating, because it feels like the season is just starting to get going.
  • *** Spoiler-free *** Twisted story and philosophical topics ; complex Fauxlivia and Peter mind games ; glaring visuals but intense action

    With such an obvious reference to Philip K. Dick's masterpiece, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?, Fringe's 4th episode had to be bluedy good or else a horde of angry fans would have tormented its genitors. But after The Plateau I had no doubt that the show had matured and on the verge of finding its equilibrium. Moreover beside hiring experienced directors it seems J. J. Abrams and his gang excel in pairing writers, a winning recipes applied to productions like Smallville and Spartacus : Blood and Sand for example. From top to bottom this installment was a total success. I recall the first season 1 episodes and the appearance of a shapeshifter. That ingredient is as confusing as time travel because it often bring its lot of inaccuracies and twisted arcs. But apparently they have learned to master these morphing creatures. Indeed the writers exploited them to separate the humans from the machines. From emotions to identity the contents was rich and diverse. In The Box Fauxlivia realized how hard it was to shape into someone's body and mind. What define us ? The bond she has to fake with Peter Bishop is even harder to handle considering the history he has with Olivia. At times it almost felt like if she couldn't breath, like in her world. The brain damage is not far once the oxygen isn't flowing anymore. Their guessing game at the restaurant was also quite interesting and everybody should speak body language. Between sensual and heartbreaking scenes they also managed to pull out some fast and furious action scenes. As for the visuals I was slightly disappointed that they weren't as dark as in Blade Runner but the medical sets were well designed and I found the use of silver appropriate. Mixing the futuristic and cliché color with red could depict the penultimate before the beginning of the end, the inevitable war and collision between the universes. One shapeshifter, two shapeshifters, three shapeshifters… A thrilling oneiric experience.
  • Such an amazing season, and another top notch episode! Warning, spoilers contained in review.

    Wow, darn. Just when we thought that things were going to be revealed, they get taken away! Peter was so close to figuring out about Olivia, but I think now that she has taken the next step and slept with him, it might be harder for him to see she is not the real one!! Damn, why! They can't do this, they can't do this to the main character like that!! Arhh, so hard to watch these episodes, they are so amazing but things just get more and more tense. And Walter was so close to finding out everything. It's like a love hate relationship, I love the show so much that its hard to watch our favorite characters in this situation! Hopefully we get some good news soon!
  • Amazing season.... amazing episode. The network should really change the time slot on this show! Just SPECTACULAR

    When it comes to shows I am very picky,specially with sci-fi shows because they tend to leave loose ends, unfinished storylines and, basically, just ruin an ok story. That is NOT the case with Fringe.

    First of all I gotta say I love Walter, I mean, the guy is amazing! But the real heroes here are the writers. This is what it should be about. Great drama, suspense, intrigue, action sequences, love, this show's got everything. All it is missing is a good time slot!!

    I'm gonna keep it short and spoiler free..... This show deserves a chance... a lot more that several other shows out there. The writers are outdoing themselves and I really hope they keep it up throughout the season.... Great episode!
  • Do Shapeshifters Dream of Electric Sheep?

    Do Shapeshifters Dream of Electric Sheep? This was a very interesting episode of Fringe. We got to see Walters first Staff meeting at Massive Dynamic, which was a real treat! This episode focused on a shapeshifter who was posing as a senator, and Newton a spy from the other universe trying to prevent the Fringe division from obtaining the shapeshifters data storage device. Peter is starting to suspect the infiltrating Olivia, but in the end she lays his suspicions to rest, so to speak. Walter actually called Astrid by her name for the first time, and there was suspense as the infiltrating Olivia almost was found out a couple of times.
  • Am I missing something?

    Am I missing something? What is going on? Where does this love between Olivia and Peter come from? I have never seen a glimpse of affection between these two. There has never been any chemistry between them. On the contrary, despite some script writers efforts these two actors (Anna Torv and Joshua Jackson) seem completely uninterested in each other. And now, all of a sudden, we have love and even sex in the third season? One could say the new Olivia is pretending, but why is Peter in love (Is he in love? He doesn't seem to/). Anna Torv proves to be an excellent actress, playing Olivia so differently this season. Is it Joshua Jackson who cannot play being in love. Or do the leading actors just do not like each other. I guess it's the latter.
    A rather weak episode, although the idea of loving machines is quite interesting. Taken from Battlestar Galactica perhaps.
  • Please let our Olivia kick alternate Olivia's butt!!!!

    This week's episode was so painful to watch. The whole time I was screaming at Peter, "It's not the real one!". He's obviously noticing some changes in her, yet she couldn't possibly be a robot from another universe! (I know she's not, but it's funny to tease him with it). Walter was on top of the game, even being "self medicated". He guesses the shape shifter's memory is in its ass (hilarious), all the while coming down off a minor high. Unfortunately a shifter knocks him out and takes the memory. In the end alternate Olivia (who bothers the crap out of me), gets the memory. The worst part? This episode is about a woman who was living with a shape shifter for 3 years! The whole she's like "I can't believe I didn't figure it out", and the whole damn time Peter sitting there!!!! Hello?! He's been noticing changes in personality. That's the first clue. In this Peter is the Idiot King of Stupid town. And to top it all off the evil alternate Olivia sleeps with Peter. That's right, they mattress mambo in the end of the episode. Awful. I can't wait until our Olivia comes back and boots this impostor out on her skanky blonde butt.