Season 3 Episode 4

Do Shapeshifters Dream of Electric Sheep?

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Oct 14, 2010 on FOX

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  • Do Shapeshifters Dream of Electric Sheep?

    Quentin Tarantino has the gift. How little he manages to grab a never ending list of references, condense them into one movie, and make it his. Drinking around a heritage past, it makes the original story. This reinvention is one of those that made me surrender and no other choice but to bow in awe.

    "Fringe", this start to the season, has done just that and the proof is this superb fourth episode. A tale that takes us into the nooks rainy "Blade Runner" or we shoot for the space "Batllestar Galactica" without ever ceasing to be himself, without ever losing his trademark.

    "Do Shapeshifters Dream of Electric Sheep" is the fabulous title that immediately puts us in the content of the action. Shapeshifters, these villains who bleed mercury, and change shape, then are the major players. Of them already knew a few things and one of them was this: they are not human. They are cold, cruel and faithful to their mission. Machines of traveling to another universe our (those strange cocoons) with the ultimate goal of exterminating us - and there I am reminding myself of the "Terminator." Well, after all is not just black and white, gray exist.

    There are shapeshifters infiltrate into our society for many years, in various spheres of power, waiting for an order. Or simply fulfilling the mission and gaining influence. We know this because one of them, a prominent senator, has a car accident and his secret is discovered. What doctors do not realize the Fringe team and explains a moment's notice with a view of the soldiers of the enemy on his desk, with only one goal: try to take it all possible information. Is initiated to a complicated game, where Altivia (Anna Torv) tries at all costs hamper and Walter (John Noble) at all costs shine. Excellent strains, outstanding action sequences and one end of the tape where ill again lead to better.

    But this was not a simple case of good and evil, was a reflection fringiana about what is or is not human. Afinais What are the characteristics that make us so unique, that separate us from the cold metal? What is the real border between the machine and we? And these questions are the real (thick) the heart of this episode in the history of both the senator and his wife incredulously, whether in the mission of shapshifter with family. Incredible scene where he takes leave of the child in bed:

    "You know, sometimes the monsters are not so bad, sometimes, if you spend some time with them, may be surprising, can be incredibly sweet, pure, and capable of great love. And then one of them may even become your best friend. "

    The only question that caused me some confusion was the fact that some shapeshifters can not last long in the same body and others unable to do so for years. What applies to one should apply to everyone and this difference was not explained at all. But these are details in a larger story, in which various questions flow in a question for the future: some shapeshifters will ally with us?

    Amidst all this we still had time for:

    Say goodbye to the most charismatic villain of the series. After being captured with the help of his agent infiltrated Newton (Sebastian Roch) commits suicide;

    See Walter in action now as owner of Massive Dynamics. Hilarious;

    Doubt more of Altivia. The way the episode started and ended proved two things: first that "Fringe" is a new series, is concerned with the protagonists and how they develop, and second that this is false Olivia every minute that passes truer.

    "Fringe" is a revolutionized so unbelievable. Has a face, strength and will. It is with great satisfaction that I see the first three episodes in the top 20 episodes of top rated by you and is with an even greater satisfaction that I will see four.

    Best: Everything.

    Worst: nothing.