Season 2 Episode 5

Dream Logic

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Oct 15, 2009 on FOX

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  • good episode overall, my predictions of the future...

    ok, its fairly obvious now that peter was dragged into our universe from the other one when he was a little boy. i havent read or googled about the show or forums, but from what i remember, Walter or Peter was talking about a near death experience with the Pepper eating guy and how Peter almost drowned. I think that Walter's Peter did drown, if not that then died some other way; Walter then used the machine, went to the other universe and took that Peter. Didnt he go visit Peter's grave once in the first season? anyway, this episode, Peter was reliving some of that kidnapping memory i think. not only this... I THINK the invasion of the mercury men from the other universe could be Walter's fault. since he's a genius with flexible morals in our universe, what about the Walter in the other universe? maybe the other Walter went beyond angry that his son was abducted by our universe walter that he decided to invade and destroy our universe... destroying an universe might be excessive for most parents, but keep in mind that this is a man of unmatched intelligence, and little morality on experimentation or the idea of right and wrong... with those traits and the loss of his son, he (the alternate walter) could definitely set out to destroy and take his vengeance on all the universe.

    my two cents... and again, i have not read any spoilers or plan to , this is just my guess based on tonight's ep.
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