Season 2 Episode 5

Dream Logic

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Oct 15, 2009 on FOX

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  • Same pattern, an amazing episode, and then these episodes, which are interesting in their own, but always provide us with cliff hangers full of questions. Warning, spoilers contained below.

    Another filler type episode, this one better than some of late. There is one annoying thing that keeps being hinted at, which I think was obvious a long time ago. Peter died as a kid, and Walter somehow grabbed him from the other side so that he wouldn't have to live without his son. This is what I have gathered for some time now, and something that keeps getting hinted at. The women who could see people who were from the other side saw that Peter was not from this side, and the gravestone of Peter that Walter visited some time back. Now this episode, with the nightmares, most likely they were of being taken from the other side by his father. That's probably why Walter helped Peter with how to not remember his dreams. But now it seems, Walter is being faced with the reality of what he did, over and over, I just wonder when he will finally tell Peter the truth. It really seems to be eating at him from the inside. Anyways, I am not sure if all these hints are meant to let us know, or build up tension to when Walter finally tells Peter the truth, either way, there is probably something more to it all then what I believe happened. Nothing ever is quite as simple as we think in this show. I have to admit though, I do grow tired of the same pattern this show loves to provide us with. One awesome episode with a lot of juicy information, then filler type episodes with cliff hangers at the end which get mostly ignored in the next episodes until it builds up to another climax and we see an episode which tells us about some of the answers we want. There are still a lot of questions that are left over from season one which have not been addressed; I would really love some conclusion with some of those. Guess I will just have to wait and see what happens.
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