Season 2 Episode 5

Dream Logic

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Oct 15, 2009 on FOX

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  • Dream Logic

    Who will die, who is living. Hardens in tears and wears heavy coat of mourning. These hours, days, years, lives, exists in every corner of our reality and are also present in the universe of "Fringe."

    Charlie (Kirk Acevedo) died. The eternal companion, partner, protector and friend of Olivia (Anna Torv). And it was this pain that was portrayed in the spaces during this "Dream Logic". Although we have provided little information along the way, the relationship between these two workers was of the few that always sounded sincere. There was chemistry there and complicity, admiration and love, he felt that in small gestures and actions. So goodbye deserve some airtime actually, a few tears. There were those endless funeral with flashbacks or scenes in slow motion, just a few dialogues from old memories and more a game of bowling you that offers the peace of mind at the end of the episode. This anagram, this response has to find itself able to provide a scene with interest and heart.

    The rest. Woe to the rest. The truth was this: one more case useless. I concluded that most cases of the first season, moving away from the central plot, could have some connectivity to the same because everyone ended up at Massive Dynamics. As soon as this appears to pass to the side of the research team is lost and this purpose is gained an empty. What are cases like the "boy mole" or this "Suresh addicted to dreams"? I still thought, want to look and see that no mystery that the doctor is not the real culprit. I thought wrong and my levels of enthusiasm back to zero. Even the frequent allusions to past experiences of Walter (John Noble) disappeared. A "dream" of Peter (Joshua Jackson) to keep us on the pulse and the story ends.

    The new agent is still not appear. Olivia seems to be cured of all ills that brought another dimension (including the refined hearing) and not realize it was because it had recovered memories or whether it was through their sessions of "therapy". I do not understand, how much content can be delayed and wasted 40 minutes. And as time passes, it is increasingly difficult to tolerate a filler like this.
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