Season 2 Episode 6


Aired Friday 9:00 PM Nov 05, 2009 on FOX

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  • Earthling

    After a short break we returned to the room. We had time to relax, buy some popcorn and refresh the view. On the other hand, there was time to think, to clean their weapons and refine strategies. Switch off the lights. It will be a new beginning?

    No. We stopped but we returned the same, the carousel cases weekly. The words run away scared and fear of repetition of churn afflicts those who write. Until when? I ask. The answer seems to diffuse and then pass it to this "Earthling", where victims of a strange shadows are turned into ashes. People are like statues and the slightest touch crumble like sand castles. The beginning has to know that and if there is time that usually does not disappoint is this: tension and terror in the right measures.

    Then follows a routine investigation that eventually led to an astronaut in a coma and his brother's protector. Apparently the spaceman brought an alien organism that lived within him, which used the radiation of innocent bodies. It's good to explore deep space and inject some alien theme in the series, but not so confusing and somewhat explicit. Never came to realize as well as the attacker be seized from your body or why do it? What was your ultimate goal anyway? And the formula was so important but ultimately had no resolution? A handful of mysteries that only increase the frustration of the viewer who is faced with more than a simple manhunt. In another procedural.

    Another line was poorly utilized the past history of Broyles (Lance Reddick). It is necessary to further these excellent side who populate the series, but all this background that connected to the case sounded forced, without force. Perhaps the fact that this mystery has been the reason for your separation has aggravated the sense of farce. Failed to transmit at any time, the weight that this case was actually in the life of man. We see some obsession, a willingness to close the loose ends, but never felt the magnitude of pain.

    Regarding the Agent Jessup (Meghan Markle), Jeff Pinkner, executive producer, said that it is available, a kind of tool to use whenever they deem necessary, and prefer at the moment to deepen the stories of the main cast. First, it is urgent to insert it into the story. Second, if the stories to deepen the core refer to episodes of this kind then we will from bad to worse.

    The best: The special effects are still very good.

    The worst: More a case without any interest ... plus a ...
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