Season 4 Episode 9

Enemy of My Enemy

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Jan 20, 2012 on FOX

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  • Shifting format, decent nemesis, cosmic Peter, entertaining mind game, charming and moving guest, delicious sci-fi candy (Spoilers)

    Prime. Other side. Back ? Switch ! I almost begged for a full parallel storyline involving all characters but I have to admit that this time it was a little confusing. I mean how are we supposed to grasp that Lincoln and Olivia are on the other side working with his alternative self and Bolivia ? Still it makes things so much more exciting and puzzling that I won't complain ! And of course the climax was reached when they all eight gathered in the same room to plan their next move against the shapeshifters. I wasn't convinced by the speech their leader gave to Lincoln and Olivia because it sounded like overused lines but I have to admit that he has potential and his scarface make him quite a nemesis.

    It leads us to Peter because now he knows where he stands, right between both universes. He absolutely turned the interrogation upside down. From two shapeshifters playing humans to the variable they didn't see coming. It actually reminded me of the fascinating episodes The Constant and The Variable from Lost. So I'm quite intrigued because I wonder if Fringe's writers will try to push the logical barrier even further. Moreover Peter isn't the only variable to consider, the shapeshifters were also introduced by mistake and in fact he's kind of responsible for it. Broyles also blur the lines because despite the fact that we know he's one of them he's just unpredictable. I suppose that's the reason why it was also revealed that Nina was a shapeshifter too. It's not about guessing who is who but about playing an interdimensional mind game.

    Beside the main story the episode also had its usual lot of funny scientist Walter, empathic Astrid and last but not least Shapeshifter Cow ?! It's disgusting the way they treat animals on TV ! Poor thing, tortured by his brush and forced to hear his bizarre mumble. But she wasn't really the lady that caught my attention because I confess that Orla Brady charmed me as Elizabeth Bishop. She brought the emotional moments a great installment requires to move its audience. At first when she told Walternate that she could help Peter I was skeptical and almost mocked her good intentions but then it quickly made sense when she decided to cross over to face Walter.

    An other pro to add to our list is the sci-fi candy. Want some ? Get some ! First the female shapeshifter death in the water tank was brilliantly executed. Second the chopping portal that almost cut our crazy action woman Olivia in half felt like playing a cross over between Prince of Persia (The 1989 version of course and not the vicious reboot !) and well Fringe ! One second she's legally dead, the next she miraculously braked thanks to Peter's warning. Do it. Don't do it. He has to kiss her goodbye once they have found a solution to send him back home ! Or maybe they won't and he'll change his name to Peter Mallory. In fact I have reached the Gates of Geek Heaven when he realized the map they were tracking them on was from an other universe. The surveillance software Broyles used to follow their every moves was cool too, even if it wasn't as advanced as the one featured in Person of Interest. In one formula : F = (V . ) ( + ) !

    Note : This review was first posted on Kritikenstein, my weblog.
  • Questions Are Geting Answered

    A lot of things are getting answered, now we know in part what the leader of who's creating a new breed of shapeshifters is doing. It took Peter to cross over to the alt universe to get the support he need from Walter from the other side thanks to Walternate wife Elizabeth. Peter was surprised of Walternate and he cares to what happens to everyone in his universe and the other. Now what should have happen way earlier when Peter first came back was to answer questions, they are asking him question now and moving forward. Now lets see what happens in the coming episodes of Fringe.
  • Dr. Moriarty, I presume

    ...kidding. One of Fringe's greatest villains - and, in my personal opinion, one of this show's greatest assets - returns to prove why this is the most perfect TV Universe, as the Red Universe's Fringe Division, with most impecable timing, unravels the conspiracy that's taking over their leaders one at the time.

    Nerdy Lincoln taps into Fauxlivia's emotional weakness for his Red Universe counterpart as easily as Peter picks on the Jones and the Astrid he actually never met; whatever makes them unique or different, a mere reminder of people they formed a connection with, the very connection which might be compromised by the brilliant plans of Dr, Jones.
  • Very promising !

    I have to say, I was a bit disappointed by last week's episode, that felt more like a trailer than an actual story. But this one ... I think we've got the most exciting episode since "Entrada" here. The back-and-forth between universes was well handled, and it was a blast seeing both Broyles, both Olivias, and both Lincolns in the same room : I'm really looking forward to inter-universe cooperation in the future ( it already made "One night in October one of this season's best ). And Jones ... what can I say ? In a matter of seconds, he reminds us why the's the show's most chilling villain, and his scenes with Peter are just electrifying. The scene with Walter and Elizabeth was also quite touching ( and long overdue ! ).

    I only have two minor complaints :

    - another infiltrator arc, after shapeshifter Charlie and Fauxlivia ? it gives us a very good opening scene, but I can't see how the writers can avoid repeating themselves ( hence 9.5 and not 10 )

    - it was very hard, when on the other side, to tell the Lincolns apart - told you it was a minor complaint

    Now, bring on the rest of the season !!!
  • Enemy of my Enemy

    I have an idea of how to cut the budget for Fringe: have all the special effects made on the same 1993 computer the bad guys transmit messages through.

    It was good, it was, but there was not a real ending for today's plot, and that bothers me a bit and has to irritate some viewers of the show. We need to see some one-off storylines, and the fact that this mad villain was not punished or caught does not accomplish this. The Peter and Walter moment at the end was sweet, but could have been better.

    7/10 but they need to do better to get renewed.