Season 3 Episode 8


Aired Friday 9:00 PM Dec 02, 2010 on FOX

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  • Entrada

    Since the days of "Lost" that my anxiety levels by an episode did not reach values as high. The nervous waiting, the nails to pay the minutes and the chair to dance restless. The expectation was high and all that we saw only increased, more and more. All because "Input" was hyped as the output.

    The development of this superb node that has delighted fans and manufactured others. It is time to undo the change, to remake the balance, to bring the right place. And if "The Abducted" was a forgivable bluff, this successor was sincere from beginning to end. Top that sticks immediately where we had stayed at the call of the cleaning lady, the bombastic message for Peter (Joshua Jackson). Amazing scene, especially when the call ends and he looks at impostor who was sleeping beside her. A simple expression that translates all the panic and pain that the character felt at that moment, all masked by the coldness of a clever double game. Which unfortunately did not last long and a final test - to the Greek phrase - all his worst fears were then confirmed. She does not kill you - because there is, need it - it just hangs and we stuck, we see her writing: disguise was discovered, extraction required. And the episode starts with a generic bicolor, a sign of duality coming.

    And this was the great enemy number two "Input". We were used from the beginning of the season, only one universe. The cases solid and effective attacking the bodies of the characters. There density, strength and thickness. The narrative has always rested on a personal evolution, intrinsic to who was speaking and fighting. Here, and because a reversal of this size should probably have been told in two blocks of 40 minutes, felt the lack of time. The need for such a venture in a single segment abolished the intimacy that the other episodes had had with the viewer. Also lacked any rhythm juggling, for jumps between universal, felt a little relaxation and connectivity. Finally, another element that continues to cause me some itching is 0 number of ways to jump between universes. It is a highly complex process, sometimes even just a few injections, sometimes a tank is not effective, then the other is already. I wish I had a little more defined rules.

    With all this I wish to say only one thing: this was a great episode, it was not the excellent episode I was waiting. We were right: great action moments, like the scene in the season, with the small twist of the shapeshifter, a shocking death, not only because the other Broyles (Lance Reddick) to have sacrificed for their values, peace and well, but also by how her body appeared perfectly cut to balance the weight of Altivia (Anna Torv), a delusional taken from Walter (John Noble), yes, vagenda, and the lord of typewriters, the return which seems to be one part of the so-called machine, then recovering your floor.

    Olivia is here on this side. Safely. Ended one of the most exciting narrative arcs of recent television history. And now? What the future holds the best series of the day? No idea, I do not even have the faintest idea. And if on one hand it fascinates me, on the other scares me a lot.

    Best: Any Distress Peter, constantly (and brilliantly) portrayed in your face.

    The worst: The duality ultimately work against the entertainment itself.
  • Very Good

    Very good episode, It had everything action, romance, mystery and suspense. And all of it wasn't overwhelming, the writers really made it flow in the episode. Bolivia returned back to her world, and Olivia returned to hers which is great. Before she left she gave the the piece of the machine to be delivered to this one man I wonder who he is thats another mystery. I hope we get some answers but good pace and work on this episode.
  • entrada

    This was a good episode of Fringe tonight. This show is probably going to end this year and it is probably going to get Dollhouse like numbers when it moves to Fridays in 2011, but for what we got here, this was an enjoyable episode of television. A nice wrap-up to Olivia being in the other world, and a nice science fiction episode to boot. Fringe can still be a good show when it wants to be, but more often than not it has not been.

    Can we just stop with the two worlds though? Does anyone actually like this?
  • Excellent episode...

    Alt-Olivia's cover was blown at the end of the previous episode in a way that had most viewers more eager than usual to watch the next.
    "Entrada" picked up where "The Abducted" left off, in Olivia's bedroom. The show had the decency to replay the conversation with the janitor from New York before diving into the highly anticipated awkward moments.

    The Good
    Having both Olivias running for their lives and achieving crossover in the same episode was brilliant. Even considering the many fillers in season 2, I generally find Fringe very good at advancing the season arc. Keeping alt-Olivia over-here at this point would have been a waste of time, so I am looking forward to more of her with Lincoln and alt-Charlie.

    The Sweet
    The regular cast of Fringe is excellent, but I have very early on been biased towards Noble and Torv. In this episode however, when alt-Astrid draws the attention of the Fringe division agents to the fact that Colonel Broyles is missing, she somehow makes a tragic and bitter moment sort of sweet(?) and takes ownership of that scene. It got me thinking that despite typically having less screen-time in an episode than Astrid would, I find alt-Astrid manages to convey a better idea on what sort of person she is.

    The Interesting
    I am among those who thought Olivia and Peter were doing just fine and didn't need what happened in "Over There 2". Right from the opening scene of this episode where he learned of alt-Olivia duplicity to the very last sequence where he apologized to Olivia, Peter seemed tortured. I guess it's because he kept asking himself why he didn't listen to those voices telling him how different Olivia was from before. I think his behavior affected some of the scenes over-here which seemed to be moving at a slower pace than they actually were. In contrast, everything over there seemed just right, as usual...

    The Questionable
    Alt-Olivia has been consistently used for plot devices while Olivia drives the plot. This is a pity, because it makes it easier for our Olivia to emerge as a more consistent and likable character. Don't get me wrong: Olivia has been for a while now my favorite character on TV. No, it is more because I thought the writers wanted to show us an alternative to our universe, not a less deserving one.
    In this episode, even admitting her feelings to Peter didn't help: We saw that coming, and not in a nice way. Where to start? Switching from Franck (she is still technically living with!) to Peter was too fast, too easy. Plus, her new found feelings didn't make her waver from the mission which entailed killing quite a number of innocent people. And if you still had some doubts, the final sequence of the fourth episode with the hauntingly beautiful score playing when she was 'talking' to Peter and Newton was committing assisted-suicide should have sealed it. There is more, she spent 8 weeks over-here, and being far from stupid, she should have seen Walternate's war is pretty much a one-sided affair, but she conveniently turned a blind eye to accommodate the plot.
    Oh and Franck, the one thing about alt-Olivia that could have tarnished Olivia-prime, was conveniently sent away to smallpox so that the latter doesn't share his bed. That made Olivia absolutely blameless even though in her case - with the wrong memory and all, it would have been more understandable than in Peter's.
    Despite all that, I can't bring myself to really dislike alt-Olivia. I still hope the writers will use her better. There is clearly a lot of Olivia in her. And while they are at it, they should maybe start by getting rid of the Franck fellow and work with Lincoln...

    The Highly Suspicious
    I don't want to delve into how much safer Walternate's crossover methods are compared to Water's, but I would very much like to know how Colonel Broyles' body ended up being used for the exchange, him being at Harvard and all...

    The Weak
    After receiving the phone call, Peter could have done a better job at exposing alt-Olivia. I somehow found it the weakest moment of this excellent episode.

    Favorite quotes
    Walter: "And I too fell prey. She used my stomach to get through to my heart..."
  • *** Spoiler-free *** Realistic character development, twisted format, breathless story, numerous jaw dropping scenes

    Entrada, the parallel invasion. A brilliant historical reference to Spanish conquistadors. However Fringe's space cowboys and indians are not all good or evil. As Walternate explained in Amber 31422 nature is not all black or white, it's about balance and imbalance. Therefore most characters are broken and seemed almost extracted from a Picasso painting. It's specially true for Fauxlivia as the shapeshifter told her she would fail because of her human emotions. She cares about Peter, so she can't get the job done. This 8th installment took place right after The Abducted's "Good night sleep" cliffhanger. How would you respond to such a call ? Your partner is someone else. To tell the truth I didn't really like the writers approach, revealing who Fauxlivia is instead of letting Peter and the others find it all by themselves. But in a way it makes sense because it's easy to get blinded by our heart. With such a wicked event I was really wondering how they would develop the parallel arc. An other episodic story ? Far from it ! Entrada's format was quite similar to Lost's The Last Recruit. Fauxlivia and Olivia were both featured and their respective sides were developed in parallel. However the difference is that their universes are linked so their arcs could only collide. The constant switches between both worlds were well rendered and the action never confusing. One minute it's blue, the next it's red. How refreshing and exciting ! The episode was also filled with intense and twisted scenes. One should also shock you and Marionette, the next installment, should decelerate our heartbeat but definitely shaken our minds. Fringe has found its equilibrium. War or peace ? It's coming.
  • Good Episode... Not THE best but probably among the few. And I thought I would never say this, but this was a good Peter episode.

    During the ridiculously long wait (ok so it was one week off) I had unfortunately came across a couple spoilers plus had extra time to try and predict things or read others' predictions. So the episode would have probably been a little more enjoyable had I not been so impatient, or the wait had been so long. So far Season 3 has been amazing and this episode does not disappoint. It was paced fairly quickly. There's never a dull moment and before you know it, the episode is over. The ending scene is quite heart-warming and sad.

    Interesting Points:

    I was pleasantly surprised by Peter using the greek phrase that Olivia said in Season 2 Episode 1 that ultimately proved to him that Altlive is an imposter.

    Typewriter guy gets more screen time and a nice little side story.

    Killing Olivia is Brandonate's idea. Walternate looked somewhat disgusted by Brandon's suggestion. Regardless, he approved it. Good thing Broylenate is around and is indebted to Olivia

    Walternate and Science Division now have Cortexifan.

    Altliv's mission seems to have been to recover a missing piece of the device for the other side. If that's the only missing piece then the other side now has a machine that could have the power to "create and destroy".

    Altliv may have feelings for Peter.

    Answers to look forward to:

    1. The best part of season 3 has been the suspense of Olivia being over there while an imposter has been over here. Now that that's over, what can we expect quality-wise? Will we begin to see more stand alones this season ? How often are we going to see the AU

    2. How does the relationship between Peter and Olivia go from here

    3. Will Altliv assume a leadership position in Fringe Division ?

    4. Altliv is missing 8 weeks in the AU. Will Lincoln, Charlie, or AltAstrid notice ?

    5. Will the Altverse quickly learn how to use the Cortexifan and cross humans over more safely

    6. The device that Altliv recovers will likely make it to the otherside. The doctor that has it near the end , is he a shapeshifter that will cross over and deliver the piece to Walternate

    7. If the device makes it over there then we are missing the piece over here. Will Sam Weiss somehow help Peter or Walter disarm the machine that's over there?
  • In a word: AWESOME!

    Fringe most thrilling episode up to date starts with Olivia single-handling her own rescue, as Peter is trying to check out her message and alt-Olivia is trying to cover her own tracks, perhaps for the very last time.

    In "Inception" style, the show deals with multiple realities as Fringe Division reach out to get their leading lady back were she rightfully belongs. Each one of them. Still grateful for what our Olivia did for his son, Alt-Broyles repays by helping her escape from their own facilities, as a shapeshifter helps alt-Olivia to escape from our side.

    Using the now legendary Fringe tank, Olivia makes it back home to safety, as a piece of the alternate Col Broyles does so ...dead. Fortunatelly for Alt-Fringe Division, not even Astrid suspects what really happened to their leader, that way nothing sully their own reunion, upon alt-Olivia's arrival.

    For the time being, everything is alright in both Universes.
  • Fringe at its best! Superb!

    While watching this episode I wanted to channel my inner Chandler from Friends: "Could this bE any better?!" So far this season has been addictive. Some 40 minutes a week isn't enough, I need a bigger fix. The fast pace, great actors (we still need to see more of Broyles) and terrific plot is what makes the show excellent. The interaction between the characters felt genuine. Many series combining sci-fi and action fail at this point. They create relationships between people just because they are needed in a series. That makes the relationships feel artificial and superficial. In Fringe the relationships feel real. This episode once again showed that.

    A question now is how much we are going to see of the other side in upcoming episodes, now that "our" people are all back in the same universe? Now that we've seen what's in the red universe, the characters and the plans, we realize they play such a big part in how the story develops. If the story moves back to our universe you can't stop wondering what is going on on the other side. No matter how sinister some of the characters in the red universe might be, it would be important to see what they are doing every once in a while too. Personally I would like to know what happens to Faux-livia. Has being in our universe changed her? Has she some actual feelings for Peter, compassion for Walter, respect for Broyles? She seemed quite sure of herself in this episode, but has a seed of defiance been planted in her mind about the direction Walternet is taking? In an earlier episode she seemed quite taken by the fact that Peter actually cares about the people in the red universe. She was surprised when Peter wanted to resolve the conflict peacefully, instead of being the kind of savage Walternet had claimed the people on our side to be. Maybe Faux-livia realizes that despite her good motives and willingness to serve her country, she doesn't necessarily belong to a group of "good guys", at least under the leadership of Walternet.

    This episode brought together the first part of the season very well. At the same time it left a few open threads to continue from. I truly hope this season doesn't take a dip now that this "The Olivia Exchange" story arc is over. As I see it, there is so much material to use right now. They should not return to filler episodes, because what is required right now is to keep up this pace and continue the story in every episode.
  • Best 'Fringe' episode so far

    This episode had superb writing,lots of twists and some nice action here and there.Moreover,what makes it so good is that there wasn't any filler sub plot which is so common to this show.The acting was top notch and 'Fringe' is now like a well oiled machine in it's third season.the only reason I'm not giving this episode a perfect 10 is because of it's cheesy ending,it would have been perfect to end such an episode with a cliffhanger instead of friendly/romantic moment.It's too bad that now we'll have more filler episodes till the next great episode with the original olivia back in the real world but I trust the writers who've done a great job so far this season to keep the interest level way or another I would choose this episode as the best so far in the series and perhaps one of the best episodes ever in a t.v show.
  • It was about damn time !

    And one more excellent episode for season 3 ! The story was thrilling and well-paced, and the performances were top-notch. Anna Torv switches between Olivias so well you have to see it to believe it, and Peter manages to earn my respect like never before when he figures out so quickly a way to unmask alter-Olivia, and sees through the shapeshifter's trick. As for Broyles ... his arc in this episode is on a "Vader-turns-on-the-Emperor" scale. Simple and glorious like that. And the silent scene where "our" Broyles closes his "twin"'s eyes is worth a sob. Add to that some nice character moments ( Walternate looking disgusted when Brandon suggests to cut Olivia to pieces, alter-Astrid genuinely caring for Broyles, and that unanswered question : did alter-Olivia came to have real feelings for Peter ? ) and some easter eggs refering to past cases all along the episode ( Olivia's notebook refers to a season 2 case when Peter flips it, for instance, or you can see the ZFT mega-cold bug on her computer ), and you've got the best Fringe has to offer ! Walter took a backseat this time, but the episode was so good you can hardly complain ...
  • about time peter caught on to the fact

    that he's been with the other Olivia! I wondered how they were gonna have fake Olivias cover blown, and to be honest our Olivia escaping the other universe and having a cleaning lady relay the message was brilliant! the reversal of the switcheroo performed in the season 2 finale was inevitable, which was carried out brilliantly. nice cameo for the tank from series 1 as well! in another homage to past seasons peter outing fake olivia using the greek phrase olivia spoke to him at the beginning of season 2 was equally as good. i thought the conversation where fake olivia reveals her true feelings to peter, after she'd been arrested seemed a bit unbelievable since she has frank back on her side. theres a lot more character development here as colonel broyles risks his life to save his family and his universe, walternate does have some humanity left in him (not much though!) because when Brandon over there suggests cutting olivia up he looks disgusted! that said the hypocrite ends up cutting up colonel broyles so..
  • Finally a resolution to get good Olivia back.

    This gave me what I wanted to see, finally. It was a good resolution to getting Olivia back. Although I do dread seeing Peter tell Olivia that he was with the bad Olivia. Dun Dun Dun. Of course, leave it to the sit-com writers to cause drama between the two main characters and their relationship with each other. Especially when it involves LOVE. But it was a good episode, action, crazy Walter, compassion, fighting. It is a bummer about the other world. And I feel like since they got ride of the one person to help show the other world that our world is good and trying to help, was killed, that it's still going to have to be some war.
    But we'll see what they have in store for us in the next episode.
  • Go Peter!

    Well okay, it obviously wasn't a good day for that poor lady, but didn't Peter just grow a pair out of no where?! Yah, baby!

    I would give my next month's pay to personally wipe that smirk off Faulivia's faux face! Anna Torv is fabulous this year. How she can play two totally opposite characters in the same body and make me love one of them and totally hate the other...well, Anna may be feeling a bit schiz after the season ends but she will have turned in a fabulous TV performance. NOTE TO WRITERS: if Fauxlivia ended up like "Broyles-B", you know, I'd be okay with that!

    Poor Broyles-B. Like his family didn't have enough on their plate, now he's gone and there is one less obstacle in the way of Walternate's plan. So, at the end of the day, Olivia is back, but: a promising ally on the other side is gone, Faux-face is back home too and the piece of the puzzle so-to-speak, is back in the "hands" of Walternate.

    Methinks, net-out? "We" even lost the battle tonight, never mind the war!
  • Better than ever

    Fringe is at the top of its game this season, delivering excellent episodes every week, no exception. Can you imagine a 22 episode season with no filler eps? the correct answer is no, but right now I think Fringe will break that rule this season. In only a few episodes, Fringe has developed a plot that can last the entire season easily.

    Fringe is also doing a great job a splitting the plot in two equally important parts: the mythology part and the action (aka WAAAAAR) part. This method was already used by other shows (Lost, for example), but Fringe is mantaning the balance between those two parts in a masterful way,and I know that because I never feel "frustated" at the end of the episodes so far, if you know what I mean.

    Great character development too, with Broyles and Peter being more and more important over the last couple of weeks, with Anna Torv showing much more talent this season, and with Walter just being Walter (John Noble, you're a genious!).

    Anyway, prepare for a part II of season 3, with everyone in its "right universe". I think this part will be a "mythological" one, raising lots of questions about the artifacts and the first people, leading to a third and final part that can be described by one word: war.
    Or maybe I'm wrong.. Well, we'll see what happens next week!

    I just hope that the ratings don't kill rhis show, because if that happens television will lose one of its best shows right now.
  • Entrada

    Entrada was a superb episode of Fringe. It was exciting to watch with all the action, intrigue, mystery, and revelations. It was a bit scary what Walternate had planned for Olivia, luckily she escaped, though at a great cost. I like how the scenes blinked from reality to reality. There was a lot of suspense as Olivia was being taken, and when she was trying to escape. The episode had a lot of good scenes which showed us what the characters were going through. Things are getting exciting as Olivia managed to convince Colonel Broyles from the Other Universe that her Universe is not at war with his universe. I can't wait to see what happens next!!!!!!!