Season 3 Episode 8


Aired Friday 9:00 PM Dec 02, 2010 on FOX

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  • Entrada

    Since the days of "Lost" that my anxiety levels by an episode did not reach values as high. The nervous waiting, the nails to pay the minutes and the chair to dance restless. The expectation was high and all that we saw only increased, more and more. All because "Input" was hyped as the output.

    The development of this superb node that has delighted fans and manufactured others. It is time to undo the change, to remake the balance, to bring the right place. And if "The Abducted" was a forgivable bluff, this successor was sincere from beginning to end. Top that sticks immediately where we had stayed at the call of the cleaning lady, the bombastic message for Peter (Joshua Jackson). Amazing scene, especially when the call ends and he looks at impostor who was sleeping beside her. A simple expression that translates all the panic and pain that the character felt at that moment, all masked by the coldness of a clever double game. Which unfortunately did not last long and a final test - to the Greek phrase - all his worst fears were then confirmed. She does not kill you - because there is, need it - it just hangs and we stuck, we see her writing: disguise was discovered, extraction required. And the episode starts with a generic bicolor, a sign of duality coming.

    And this was the great enemy number two "Input". We were used from the beginning of the season, only one universe. The cases solid and effective attacking the bodies of the characters. There density, strength and thickness. The narrative has always rested on a personal evolution, intrinsic to who was speaking and fighting. Here, and because a reversal of this size should probably have been told in two blocks of 40 minutes, felt the lack of time. The need for such a venture in a single segment abolished the intimacy that the other episodes had had with the viewer. Also lacked any rhythm juggling, for jumps between universal, felt a little relaxation and connectivity. Finally, another element that continues to cause me some itching is 0 number of ways to jump between universes. It is a highly complex process, sometimes even just a few injections, sometimes a tank is not effective, then the other is already. I wish I had a little more defined rules.

    With all this I wish to say only one thing: this was a great episode, it was not the excellent episode I was waiting. We were right: great action moments, like the scene in the season, with the small twist of the shapeshifter, a shocking death, not only because the other Broyles (Lance Reddick) to have sacrificed for their values, peace and well, but also by how her body appeared perfectly cut to balance the weight of Altivia (Anna Torv), a delusional taken from Walter (John Noble), yes, vagenda, and the lord of typewriters, the return which seems to be one part of the so-called machine, then recovering your floor.

    Olivia is here on this side. Safely. Ended one of the most exciting narrative arcs of recent television history. And now? What the future holds the best series of the day? No idea, I do not even have the faintest idea. And if on one hand it fascinates me, on the other scares me a lot.

    Best: Any Distress Peter, constantly (and brilliantly) portrayed in your face.

    The worst: The duality ultimately work against the entertainment itself.
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