Season 4 Episode 17

Everything In Its Right Place

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Apr 06, 2012 on FOX

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  • Everything in its Right Place

    Wel, one Lincoln is dead, now if they could just get rid of the other one I would be good. This episode almost felt like a CBS cop drama at times with the shootout and whatnot, but it was not a bad hour of television. Good use of the other world, which is not always the case with Fringe.
  • Another side of a character

    I thought it was pretty interesting to see this side of Lincoln, I know a lot has been going on in the series. But, this is the first time we get o see a character development of Lincoln. Lincoln goes to the other world to do some investigating and founds out a lot more then he realizes, especially with his other self of how much they have in common. I can't wait for the next episode.
  • Miss you already...

    Lincoln Tyrone Lee, you were the greatest thing the Red Universe had to offer; the gentle smile in the face of adversity, the unexpectd foil for a Charlie Francis I never met and the most romantic badass TV ever made.

    You wouldn't stop fighting even with 95% of your body burned, you amazing thing led Fringe Division for as long as Red!Broyles was dead, even if you felt like you didn't deserve it, you were the best man at Bug Lady's wedding, you were the only constant Fauxlivia ever had and you were a father for Henry for as long as the baby existed. You knew what to say, when to say it and, most of all, you knew how to say it ...better than me I'm sure.

    It was only fitting that the only one who could possibly mitigate your loss would be yourself. Yet that doesn't make me miss you any less.
  • 4x17 "Everything In Its Right Place"

    I have a bitersweet feeling about this. This season finale is more likely to be the last one of Fringe... It makes me cry you know? WHY FOX WHY!!!! I am really going to enjoy the following episodes and PLEASE FOX DON'T CANCEL FRINGE!

    Great episode btw, the parts with Gene were funnier than Two and a Half Men.

    Grazing Day is Coming...
  • I'm sorry everyone.

    Sorry guys and gals, I didn't like this episode as much as most of you. It wasn't bad though. I know I'm going to get a lot of slack for it, however it is just my opinion and I'm entitled to it.

    I am really getting annoyed with the way the writers are making Lincoln look towards Olivia. Meaning we (the audience) are getting the impression that Lincoln is in love with Olivia. I am sick of something always potentially getting in the way of Peter and Olivia.

    Is Lincoln going to take the other Lincoln's spot now, because he died? Is he going to try and be with that Olivia now? Red is very vulnerable now and is sad, so I think Lincoln is going to take advantage of the fact that she's vulnerable and misses Lincoln, so he can get in there and try to be with her.

    This episode seemed to focus so much on Lincoln, that it didn't really get to spend time on the important things. Yes, we did get to Nina and her base get infiltrated and we do have a shapeshifter on "our side", however I think there could have been a lot more.

    Does anyone else get a tiny little feeling that Lincoln is going to turn bad if he doesn't end up with Olivia?

    Saying all that I love Fringe and I still think this episode was Good, just not Great or Superb. Therefore I rate this 7.5 out of 10, the higher of the "Good" ratings.

    Please don't hate me for this.

  • YAY!!! Gene needed more attention!!

    It's about time they took Gene out to be in her "natural" habitat. Also it was great to see an episode that wasn't dealing with the "alternate timeline" B.S. I don't like how Olivia seems to be going senile. To see Jared Harris on Fringe and then on Mad Men is a trip!! To quote Sterling... "I hate the way you say percent". Alt. Lincoln took a HUGE blast to the chest and still managed to say 'aw, heck this is nothing" and then died. Hrmn. Main characters loosing mental facilities and dying... I swear if i had the money i would keep Fringe on forever. The Simpsons has been on for what... 20+ years?? Why not Fringe?? JJ Abrams, if you see this post, know that I am one of MANY who NEED Fringe.... there has to be some SiFi for us. But what do I know, I am just a fan. Anna Torv, I think you are the best--and I too "wear the blacks and grays" heh. My dad is a @#$&^ too. John Noble... ever hear of DMT?? Blair Brown--er, Mean-a... I bet you make a mean apple pie. Jasika Nicole, you rock out; period. Joshua Jackson... you should have that machine put in front of your house. Lance Reddick... I wanna hear you play the piano again. Seth Gable, i see ya looking at 'red". WhoOp!!

    Yes i have been drinking. But i spit the truth. I will be sad if there is no season 5. Agree w/ my post if you agree with that statement.
  • Of the Other Side and Lincoln Lee

    I loved this episode. It was great to explore the Lincoln characters, and see more of the relationship between Alt Liv and Alt Lincoln and their interactions with our Lincoln. The David Robert Jones's base is discovered which now places pressure on Shapeshifter Broyles! And it was also awesome to see Alt Nina again. I enjoyed the Shapeshifter story this week also as it showed that David Robert Jones makes mistakes. And most importantly the alt universe is healing! Very interesting.
  • When emotional intelligence meets science-fiction Who you gonna call ? (Spoilers)

    Agent Lee of course ! What would be the writers next step ? I never expected they would develop the little chat Lincoln and Peter had in the car. And to tell truth if I had known this episode would be Lincoln centric I probably would have pouted. But the impossible happened, agent Lee grew on me and Seth Gabel's character has reached a complexity worthy of hardcore sci-fi fans. From the actor's performance to the wowing scenes featuring both Lees it's one of these episodes that deserve to be seen a second time. So far I had really missed the other side, specially Fauxlivia. That's why a shapeshifter driven story felt refreshing even if I could use a faster pace. I mean we have already reached sublevel 17 and it's a bit like the new Lincoln had been introduced three episodes ago.

    Still let's focus on what went right because such an overwhelming installment deserves respect. First our favorite writing recipe stroke back as Lincoln's arc was brilliantly enriched by the shapeshifter's creepy, sad and inspiring story. I was specially moved by the homeless entering the gloomy room with his eyes ready to cry. Once transformed into the drug addict his speech about becoming A Better Human Being and finally feeling special was also quite interesting. You could feel, thanks to Gabel's empathic acting, that Lincoln exactly knew what he was talking about. In fact I can't help comparing the shapeshifter to Dexter Morgan. Indeed he chose to sacrifice criminals, contrary to most other freaks. Therefore he was less immoral and proved that a damaged synthetic creature isn't that different than a human with a broken heart. His Dark Passenger was David Jones and Lincoln's ability to comprehend his motivation helped him find the light. Finally his last moment with Fauxlivia seemed like a ghost whispering at a sorrowing soul. Was it real or just a dream ?

    Note : This review was first posted on Kritikenstein, my weblog.
  • Lincoln-centric

    Spoilers ahead ... Once more, the return of the Red universe heralds another great episode, that dares to go from hilarious ( FBI Gene ! ) to tragic without feeling disjointed. It rested on Seth Gabel's shoulders, and he really delivered. I think it's the first time I really like this Lincoln. You could feel his pain, and his doubts as he questions what made him different from "superman" Captain Lee ( not unlike Altstrid's path in "Making angels" ) ... and becomes a hero in his own right when his speech to the shapeshifter led into a major breakthrough in the Jones case. The 'shifter, by the way, was another fine example of Fringe's touching freaks. I initially thought that the fact that the new 'shifters were once human was a lie, it turns out it's not, and that's a good thing to make them relatable.

    As for the ending ... it was obvious from the start that Blue Lincoln was willing to stay in the Red Universe permanently ... but was there no other way than killing his double ? Anyway, I forgive the writers since it was probably his only chance at happiness with his own Olivia ... and because I still hope the other Lincoln faked his death ( after all, he didn't seem that badly hurt, and he knew Jones has infiltrated 'shifters everywhere, so maybe he thought being presumed dead could give him an edge ).

    Things are getting exciting. The clock is ticking for colonel Broyles ( obviously if he's a 'shifter, and even if he's not ), and since this Nina agreed to have her arm chopped and to be electrocuted for the cause, making her talk should be quite a challenge, and a blast to watch. Now, to the endgame !!!
  • loved it, but

    why in hell they killed captain Lee?! I mean they wanna hook agent Lee up with the that liv

    but killing Captain Lee!

    I kinda liked him even more than this Lee... we know Captain Lee since

    and Captain Lee is also in love with his Liv! so if someone is out of the equation it is Agent Lee! I like agent Lee but they could just make him forget everything or somethin

    I donno why did what happened happened?!

    now what?

    I'm afraid they kill the other Astrid too while she confronts agent Broyles, the fake shapeshifter i mean!

    Was hilarious to see the cow again in the lab ... so very funny, i missed her :D

    oh and, are we going to see Charlie anytime soon!