Season 5 Episode 7


Aired Friday 9:00 PM Nov 16, 2012 on FOX

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  • (SPOILERS) Peter The Observer

    This is one of the best Episodes of Fringe in my opinion. It is jammed packed full of exciting story telling.

    While the team study the tapes, they learn that there is something of significant importance at a facility that Walter and William Bell used to use. However in order to get there, they will need Nina's help.

    While Olivia, Walter and Astrid are at Nina's, Peter decides to go on a rouge mission. As Peter is learning to finely control the Observer abilities, he discovers that he can predict some of the top ranking observers movements. With the help of Anel, Peter switched a briefcase with one of the Observers.

    Meanwhile, the rest of the team finish up talking to Nina and head to the facility where they eventually meet up with Peter. Olivia is noticeably worried about Peter and is concerned that she might be losing him. Peter reassures Olivia that everything is okay, however Olivia doesn't seem all that convinced.

    Using some tech that Nina gave them, the team transformed rubble to gas as it was in their way to the entrance of the facility. Upon entry, Walter takes out William Bell's hand that he removed from amber and uses it to open a safe. Walter finds a photo of Nina, which belonged to Bell and also found a device. Peter activated the device and two cylinder beacons emerge from the ground.

    Earlier while Walter was at Nina's, Nina expressed concern that Walter might be changing into the man he once was before parts of his brain was removed. Walter said that Peter and his love is enough to keep him from changing. Nina says that Peter might not be enough as she herself wasn't enough to stop Bell from

    becoming obsessed with being God. Walter didn't seem worried as he said Bell never loved Nina as he only loved himself. So, when Walter found the photo of Nina, he finally understood that Bell did love Nina and her love wasn't enough.

    As the leaved the facility Peter calls Anel and tells him to wait at the bottom of a high rise building. The high ranking observers met in an office in that building. They were each carrying a briefcase. When the observer opened his briefcase, which incidentally was the one Peter swapped out, there was a small explosion which emitted a flesh eating toxin that instantly killed the observers in the office. One of the observer's hats falls right in front of Anel.

    Walter returns to Nina and says William did love her and tells Nina he is scared of becoming the man he once was and asks Nina if she can remove those pieces of brain again.

    Later on Peter was in an apartment with information about the observers and more importantly Winmark. Olivia walks in and talks to Peter. Peter finally tells Olivia about the tech he implanted in his neck and says he is going to take out Winmark to avenge Etta. Olivia shocked and hurt, leaves the apartment.

    ........ Looks as though Peter is past the point of no return and is almost completely an Observer. His hair is also starting to fall out.

    Excellent episode!! The way Peter was acting like an Observer was spot on and a bit creepy. Fantastic acting by Josh Jackson!! I thoroughly enjoyed this episode. Isn't it funny that Olivia finally learns to show her emotions and now Peter is losing his by becoming an observer. This episode is definitely worth a 10/10 in my opinion.

    Thank you.
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