Season 4 Episode 10

Forced Perspective

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Jan 27, 2012 on FOX

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  • Two hands but nine fingers, awkward writing, clich plot, questionable guest, empathic Olivia, unexploited potential, VFX are wicked (Spoilers)

    And the first misstep of the season is The tenth episode ! In fact the pilot had already disappointed me but the other installments were so great that I was convinced the remaining ones would be in the same vein. However Forced Perspective proved that Fringe still has weaknesses that even its own writers can exploit from time to time. My first complain would be the lack of shapeshifting. I'm not sure switching between multiple storylines is efficient. Of course Olivia's migraines are connected to other events but their coverage should be more intertwined. Second the episodic plot couldn't have been more clich. A young girl with a special ability who has to move all the time to escape evil scientists trying to experiment on her ? I understood their point was to emotionally link her to Olivia but I found some scenes quite awkward and almost forced. Third I question the casting because the guest actress wasn't creepy enough and looked just like the cute girl next door. She would have been perfect in Castle or Ghost Whisperer but not in Fringe. What saved her character were the enigmatic and freaky drawings because the way her visions was expressed was everything but believable. Fourth at least the episode succeeded in the empathy department. I really felt for Olivia and from Broyles to Peter it was obvious most people really cared. That's why they should have come up with something more original. For instance they could have turned her into the young girl she used to be when the freak of the week was featured. It would have made things way more bizarre ! Last but not least I was absolutely thrilled by the frozen explosion sequence, even if it's something we have already seen in Heroes for example, but I would definitely have traded its expensive visual effects for a better script. The Fringe that only superficially blows my mind is not the Fringe I love ! It should instead stick to its The X-Files modern approach, a deeper and more fascinating one.

    Note : This review was first posted on Kritikenstein, my weblog.
  • I Don't Know

    It's hard looking episode by episode with noting really going on. A girl has vision of people death so she draw them on paper and tries to warn them of there death by giving them her drawing. The case was boring we seen this before except now a teenage girl can do it. But boring it was also decent, and I like that Peter and Walter are working together. But here's the main problem that have and its about Peter time in each episode is very low he hardly has lines. The relationship between Peter and Olivia is shattered and that's sad they always leaned on each other when things got tough and had each other back. Now it seems like a free for all. When Peter asked Olivia has the observers said anything to her she said no, even though Peter knew she was lying the issue wasn't pressed anymore. Because Peter felt like this is not my world or my family and that is the reason he will never fit in this season. 1-3 seasons were epic I won't forget them, if season 4 can measure that I'll be surprised.
  • Forced Perspective

    The latest episode of Fringe shows what this Friday drama can do and so few others can: entertain us through the supernatural. A great story here about the value of life, coinciding with a girl who was forced to draw the pending deaths of numerous individuals. It was good from a sci-fi perspective, and a philosophy mindset, and really thoroughly entertained. Strong show tonight.
  • Oliva Prevents A Disaster

    This was, in this viewer's opinion, a solid "stand-alone" episode as it failed to advance the fate of the two universes, yet it opened a possibility it could be done. The special effects of the young girl's courthouse bombing was spectacularly well done adding urgency to the need to prevent what she believed was, likely, impossible. The episode displayed a lot of humanity, both uplifting and somber, and little science or technology and was a welcome change of pace even if it did not advance the viewer's insight into what will be, most certainly, playing out over the few remaining episodes.

    So, one must stay tuned to see if the episode was just Olivia displaying her maternal side (she was excellent), or if is the beginning of a more driven Olivia. Either way this weeks story was a solid one if not overly revealing.
  • Definitely maybe

    Forced perspective is about death and what little good anyone can do with the time one has left: for Peter was to save two Universes, for Walter was to simply save him, for Olivia is to protect a girl called Emily, who's simply trying to save a father - just like her own - from himself. In Observer like fashion, Emily goes through people's lives experiencing events she can't change long before they happen, her drawings the only testament to a life as enigmatic as it's short, for she achieves her one good deed through Olivia, right before she perishes from a gift that assured her: her father would always be there for her.
  • Olivia and the minority report dead zone ...

    Precog stories seem to be everywhere in sci-fi. And this one ... well, the actors, both regular and guests, did a good job, but the story itself had nothing really original. The effects when Emily explores her vision were well done, for instance, but it's nothing we haven't seen in The Dead Zone, for instance. And the old "fate vs. free choice" debate ... please, it's everywhere, from Minority Report to Matrix Reloaded. Yes, it echoed with what the Observer said, but right now it's not leading anywhere. Now, if we'd had to a conflict between the FBI and Massive Dynamic for the sake of the girl, it would have been immediatly more interesting ( let's say, she WOULD have been kidnapped by Nina in the end, making it a two-parter I would have liked to see ).

    Not to say there weren't any higlights : Walter seemed even more unhinged than usual in his first scene, Peter reminds us how smart he is by translating latin and saving the day, Olivia reminds us how scarred she is when she clearly identified herself with Emily ( in a more convincing way than in "Wallflower" ), and how tough she is by refusing to flee when ordered to ( great acting when she talks the bomber into giving up ) ... and, well, the fact that the Observer has been exposed to Spanish flu was a puzzling bit of information : were these guys human at some point ? But, all in all, it wasn't much.
  • A girl with psychic visions predicts a disaster...

    I guess I will get lots of thumbs down for this 'review' as the average score for the episode is 9.4 so far, but I found it exceptionally disappointing. An old story rehashed. No advancement in the Peter arc, almost no interaction between principle characters. Also it seems that in this time line virtually nothing has ever happened so all Peter has to do in each episode is say..."In my time line this already happened and in my time line you have done this a hundred times..." etc

    I loved last weeks episode and was so looking forward to this one that even though it is a decent scifi story it completely failed to satisfy.

    I would love someone to write a positive review and maybe point out to me why this episode is rated as superb. Perhaps there was something which I overlooked.