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Number of alternates

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    [1]Apr 29, 2012
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    I was wondering who, among the regular, played the biggest number of alternates.

    So, John Noble played : Original Walter, Original Walternate, Dark Future Walter, Dark Future Walternate ( from "The day we died" ), Amber Walter, Amber Walternate, 2036 Rebel Walter, and Noir Walter ( from "Brown Betty" ). 8. ( 9 if you count Ghost Walter when Olivia was on the other side and gaining her memories back, but he's not "real" and, unlike the Peter ghost, doesn't speak, so I don't count him ).

    Anna Torv played : Original Olivia, Noir Olivia, Original Fauxlivia, William Bell, Dark Future Olivia, Amber Olivia, Amber Fauxlivia. 7. ( 8 if you count Fake Olivia in her own mind in "LSD", but she's not "real", so I don't count her )

    Jasika Nicole played : Original Astrid, Noir Astrid, Original Asperger Astrid, Dark Future Astrid, Amber Astrid, Amber Asperger Astrid, 2036 Rebel Astrid. 7.

    Lance Reddick played : Original Agent Broyles, Noir Broyles, Original Colonel Broyles, Dark Future Senator Broyles, Amber Agent Broyles, Amber Colonel Broyles, 2036 Broyles. 7.

    Blair Brown played : Original Nina, Noir Nina, Fake Killer Nina from Olivia's mind in "LSD", Dark Future Nina ( nonspeaking role, but she's there at the funeral, so ... ), Amber Nina, Amber "Meana" ( if she indeed is an alternate, but it seems she is ), and 2036 Secretary of science Nina. 7.

    Josh Jackson played : "Red" Peter, Noir Peter, Ghost Peter inside Olivia's mind when on the other side, Dark Future Peter, 2036 Rebel Peter. 5. (I know, Josh's fans will begin to complain, but the low number of alternates is what makes him special, doesn't it ? )

    Seth Gabel played : Original Captain Lee, Original Agent Lee, Amber Agent Lee, Amber Captain Lee . 4. ( not that bad for a latecomer ! )

    So, John Noble's on top, but there are some surprises : there are more Peters than I thought, and even if Astrid, Broyles and Nina are not as developed by the writers as the "Big Three", they have as many alternates as Olivia.

    Remarks ? Thoughts ? Am I forgetting someone ?

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    Is amber the yellow timeline the one we see in season 4?

    What about the past Walter/Walternate, from "subject 13"? he is the only one who is a part of the original cast that is in this episode, others are played by child actors. If you excluded him because he is the same as original Walter/Walternate then why would you include any future walters? I guess then we are talking about characters rather the actual alternates. Also all the noir characters were all inside walters head, so they are actually not real also.

    I don't remember an original agent Lee.

    Actually thinking of it Joshua Jackson only played 1 Peter, in all versions he is the red Peter just at different times/universes. Therefore there is no alternate Peters, just a fake "noir" Peter from walters mind, and the fake ghost Peter from original Olivas mind.

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