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So, the first part of the show was largely pointless now?

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    Well, let me rephrase, no pointless per se, but it seems like not only did some of it suffer from "we just started writing the show, so some loose ends won't get tied up, make little sense upon rewatching, or maybe be forgotten" syndrome, but it seems like ever since Peter re-integrated into the timeline that a lot of the stuff that happened before was mildly irellevant.

    While it does seem like it will come back (I am one episode behind mind you), the whole "war with the other universes" thing, which defined a lot of the show, is now kind of moot?

    I guess what I am curious to know was, did the Observers plan to invade all along, or was it Peters time meddling that changed them from nice scientist dudes to invaders? Were they perhaps helping/observing the war of the universe stuff because they had an invested interest were looking for the best time to invade or wanted to make sure there was still something to invade?

    I just think it's surprising that it's suddenly the focus, and it makes me wonder if I watch the show from the beginning if I'll find a lot of the first portion of the show to be a little disconnected as a result?

    -Also worth noting is the curious and itnerested second "flash forward episode" that they aired sometime before they actually went into the future with the Observer invasion. I thought it would be a one shoot, much like the initial one where Peter was in the machine and it zapped him into a potential future where they were still warring with the other universe (was Etta in that too? I remember he had this blonde haired relative, but I forget). So yeah, interested to have that first flash forward episode, that largely was never further established on, because he changed the history, to the one that is now the new basis of the show.

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    I'm confused too!

    But, from watching the show from the beginning we know that no matter what timeline we are in the observers have always been the same and have known exactly what is going on. We also know that Peter is the key to something huge. We learned that September saved Peter because his child with good Olivia was crucial to a future event and if you've kept watching the preview for next week gives lots of clues. It looks like the "Plan" from the beginning will be revealed by the head observer who supposedly killed Etta.

    I'm hopeful that some of this craziness will be resolved.

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    The blond young girl in the the potential universe of the blue universe were the war between the universes was still raging was Olivia's niece.

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    I love this show, but I have to say that I'm not really into it the way I was with the first 4 seasons. Sure there's been some neat references in season 5 like the skin covering toxin and the flesh eating powder from season 1 as well as the metal cone. At least the early season stuff is being covered instead of forgotten, but it seems joyless and boring. [Before the it's because it's the terminator desolate world comments]: I get it, but every episode is so doom/gloom depressing. Even when there's a victory, it's always doom and gloom. I don't expect a rainbow sunshine happiness, but I hope the ending for this season is good to make it worth my while for sticking around these extra 13 eps. The only good thing is that Letters of Transit now has meaning instead of a WTF one off tone.
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