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which "alternate" version of Walter is your favorite ?

which version of Walter do you prefer ?

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    I think we all love the "main", goofy, loony Walter, but John Noble has played several versions of the character through the years : do you have a favorite ?

    I'm partial to post-reboot Walternate : he could be as chilling as the pre-reboot one, but you could tell he was a slightly more honorable man ( even if he never was one-dimensional to begin with ), he had a "badass" moment when he took down shapeshifter Brandon, and ultimately, his last words for Walter were ones of forgiveness and wisdom.

    And my least favorite one Walter before Peter's death, whose arrogance makes him more dangerous and unlikable than either of the Walternates ever were. I didn't like him when he had glimpses of him in "Grey matters", "Peter" and "Letters of transit", and I still don't.

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