Season 2 Episode 10

Grey Matters

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Dec 10, 2009 on FOX

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  • Well done

    Well we found out why Walter is insane because bell removing memory brain tissue from him that can open a gate to the other side. Newton tries to restore Walters brain so he can get some answers into how to open up the gate to the other side. This show told volumes on how much Peter cares for Walter and Olivia found out what they mean to her, even though it wasn't an emotional action I'm sure she didn't want Walter to die. Newton will only tell Olivia the anidote sequence if she let him go, which she did. The only con in my opinion, since we know why Walter is insane because he missing the very essesense what makes us, us is our memories. Having that removed from Walter makes me feel he's not the whole Walter and Peter wouldn't want the remaining of his fathers brain inside of him. Peter doesn't want his father going back to being a cold hearted prick. I have mixed feelings about this because we don't know the truth of how Walter was like only from what Peter says but he was a kid at that time. He might be able to change if he had his restored memory. But, if I had to watch my dad cry over and over again because he forgot to tie his shoes you better believe I would restore that brain tissue into his head. Now to know the truth what happen to Walter and why he is the way he is and not do anything about it is just wrong.