Season 2 Episode 10

Grey Matters

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Dec 10, 2009 on FOX

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  • Grey Matters

    Warning: mythology. Yes, may mark on your calendar fringeniano that this is one of those days that matter. One of those numbers with a fat red circle around it. And the mysteries of the brain is that this number ten is formed.

    At the end of the episode, Olivia (Anna Torv) has a very interesting conversation with Broyles (Lance Reddick), which perfectly mirrors the current situation of "Fringe" and its problems as a product of entertainment:

    Olivia: All we have is more questions. Who is Paris? How does Newton (Sebastian Roch) knew the memories of Walter (John Noble)? And because Walter left to live?

    Broyles: I suspect that things will be. The more responses we have more questions they lead.

    Olivia: But we did not get any answers!

    Well, dear Olivia, now everything you said. Let's see what we knew before the episode: Walter has previously built a portal to another universe and used it to go get your "other" son. , Due to his madness he does not remember as it did, there is an army of beings on the other side who want to open a door in the final between the two spaces; William Bell asked Olivia to protect this passage. In this episode we see the leader of the so-called first wave, the one whose head was so sought after and later docked, to remove small portions of the brain of three distinct persons. These people that after such an intervention come to his madness or obsession paid.

    What are then three pieces of three different people? To find out how Walter designed and put up such a portal. In reality, these are portions of the brain scientist's hidden in other people's thoughts, in order to protect this secret. The villain then you can reach the old protagonist and uses it to read that information. Their plan is materialized and it appears that the bad guys won this battle, let's see how is the war. At the end half still on offering surprise in the form of Bell (Nimoy).

    Although it was an episode focused on what really interests us brought very little new. It is painful to go through two or three fillers to get here, the more you see a story being dragged vagorosamente to finally give us little or nothing. We feel the series too comfortable, without trying to prove or conquer, taking too long for such advances.

    Apart from that, an episode was generally consistent, where an interesting story - the whole question of the brain - has teamed up with some rhythmic and tense moments - such as face-to-head final - and a villain with class. Just needed more ...

    The Best: The villain.

    The Worst: Little or no answers.