Season 5 Episode 2

In Absentia

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Oct 05, 2012 on FOX

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  • "this is war, and we're losing"

    This was a really, really dark episode. It blurred some moral lines so much I really believed Walter would cut the guy's eye ( as we were supposed to believe ).

    Until now, I wasn't really sold on Etta, but now I am. She displayed a darker edge, and has now a clear character arc in front of her : she has, thanks to her family, to conquer her humanity back. The child we've already seen twice is gone ( I'm beginning to think her disappearance is a metaphor for her lost innocence ), but maybe Peter and Olivia can soften her ( great acting from Anna Torv this week ). This should be interesting to watch.

    Fringe has always been good at humanizing the "other side", as we've seen with seasons 3 and 4, and they're doing it again with the Loyalists here. If you thought there was black and white, think again. It doesn't harm that the actor who played the Loyalist was quite good.

    Poor Simon ! I had hoped to see him again, alive and well ! Alas ! At least it provided us with some classic Fringe madness ( once upon a time, a blinking severed head would have closed the episode's cold open ... )

    So, like last episode, not much really happened ( the "deamber this, deamber that" is getting old fast ), but it was a good episode anyway. Now let's hunt these tapes !!!
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