Season 1 Episode 15

Inner Child

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Apr 07, 2009 on FOX

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  • child

    Could this be the same child in the last season?
  • Inner Child

    There was instant. It was an admiration that was growing as the universe was wondering. It is true that "Fringe" has so far had their ups and downs, with cases to ask yawning, interspersed with frantic developments of history. Could be more. But after this pause, this kind of dating that each time one goes to one side, to think, had thick miss Agent Olivia Dunham (Anna Torv), Peter Bishop (Joshua Jackson) and Dr. Walter Bishop (John Noble). And so, with a rose in hand, I got the series back.

    The episode was divided into two distinct factions that eventually merge into perfection:

    - An old case back to be reborn in the ashes. A serial killer known as "The Artist" to strike back after a long period of inactivity. Attack of the women and then kill builds strange scenarios with their bodies livid. It molds the bodies in his way, with his vision patient, wearing them and putting them in that post as well understood. It was a pending issue for Olivia and the rest of the FBI team that throws the head in the manhunt. It's a good bet insert this type of theme, which although not new, although not supernatural, inject enough pace in the episode and create a sum for the same purpose. This artist has to be caught it is a given right.

    - Catch It really is not easy, but the protagonist had a helping hand: a child who found refuge in an underground building. Apparently lived there all his life, miraculously surviving is not clear how. In an environment with almost no oxygen and light, he fed on mice and insects, without voice or color. It is in the hospital and quickly established a strong bond with Olivia, who realizes, too quickly, that this boy is special. He manages, through writing, to say the name of the artist's next victim. And the data are released.

    Through some science "Fringe" (entertaining dance Walter), a few sketches on paper and a final chase the killer is caught. Best is dead. Getting into the air then the question that since the opening minutes of teasing: Whose child is this? Certainties, it is very important because the CIA shows a great interest in it and is also an agent with this company we realize that it is not unique. "We found another one," he says. The final scene confirms part of what we already suspected: he's an observer. One Junior observer, an observer in the early stages of their mission, whatever it is. Now I ask, since JJ Abrams much like time travel, The Observer is not this? That we know? One who may have come from the future and in the end casts a sad look on your own? I think so, but here nothing is certain.

    The conclusion is accurate that this was an excellent return with two lines crossed in a fluid and effective, providing the episode carried a scent of entertainment. May more.

    (Yes it's true, The Observer appeared on "American Idol").
  • Interesting case

    This episode was about a mysterious bald boy who was found in a basement that had been sealed for 70 years. It was a really interesting case and the boy had a close connection with Olivia, which made things more interesting. But unfortunately, this episode didn't have anything to do with the main story. It was definitely better than most of the filler type episodes (which are still entertaining). And this episode had a cool ending with the Observer. I really liked this episode but Fringe still needs to get on with the main story.
  • The Mysterious boy.


    This week a little bald, pale boy is found living in a creepy cellar that has been closed off for 70 years. The fringe group meets him and the boy and Olivia connects in a special way. The boy doesn't eat or talk but he helps Olivia solve a serial killer case, writing down names and locations upside down. Turns out that the fringe group isn't alone in their interest for the boy, CIA want's to take him to a special facility and use him as some sort of lab rat.We hear the CIA agent talk on the phone, saying "we found another one". Olivia doesn't like this at all. With the help of a doctor and Broyles she makes sure that the CIA can't get to him, sending him off to "a nice family". In the end we see the boy locking eyes with The Observer who then walks away.

    The mystery of the boy isn't explained for us in this episode which is a big disappointment for me. It's pretty obvious from the start that he is a little observer. As we seen in previous episodes, they have special abilities and doesn't age, at least not as fast as humans do. I feel very disappointed that the fringe group didn't make a connection to The Observer, they are supposed to be super smart!?

    The serial killer was just a regular crazy person, someone you can find on every cop show out there, boring. Necessary for the little observer story but boring. Next time, more focus on the boy. I want to know more about the observers, maybe there's a bald mommy observer somewhere?? Who are they, where do the come from, why are they watching??

    Despite everything written above I really enjoyed this episode, the boy actor is very talented and I hope to see more of him in the future.

    PS. Olivia's niece is supposed to be 4 on the show!? She looks like my sister who just turned 7. Crazy.

  • First one to watch from beginning to end

    I've tried to watch every episode of Fringe, but this is the one that has really caught my attention. The story about the boy being found underground was interesting.

    I liked the connection the boy had with Olivia. They seemed to work well together and I'm glad she was able to keep her promise to the child. The boy was very creepy, I even thought he was about to jump and bite whoever came too close to him.

    I still don't like Olivia that much. She lacks something, passion, charisma. However, Walter steals every scene. His comments are sometimes hilarious and he seems to live in his own world. It's also nice to see a show where you get to see the main characters' personal lives, in this case, Olivia's family.

    The end scene was creepy too. Who was that bald guy?
  • Good episode, but more or less a filler type of episode.

    Two cases in one episode, pretty good start, but early on in the episode I couldn't help but wonder if this was a filler to the main plot which was uncovered last episode. Turns out it was more or less a filler episode, but we do learn who the bald man possibly is. You know, the one who is at most pattern events in the background watching. Possibly he is also an N-path, but that wouldn't explain how he could be around for so long. I liked this episode, but seeing as how the last episode ended with such a big cliff hanger, this episode really felt out of place. Though, to some degree I have to admit, it makes sense, it's not always that people will figure out what happened right away, hence more cases before Olivia finds out what actually happened to Jones. But the least the writers could do is mention what happened last episode. Either way this was a good episode, but just not one of the best ones.
  • For the most part, 'Inner Child' is a good example of what Fringe can achieve when thrust into 'stand alone' mode.

    After the game-changing revelations of 'Ability', 'Inner Child's simple tale of the empath and the psycho initially feels a little underwhelming. There are no references to Massive Dynamic or ZFT and barely even a whiff of anything that advances the season-spanning narrative (no, I don't count Olivia's sister.. in fact, I'd rather not think about why she's still hanging around like a bad smell at all, thank you very much), other than the implication at episode end's that the child may be a younger Observer and hence, that the man we've seen at the scene of all the bizarre occurrences this season is probably not the sole weirdo of his kind. This is perhaps a little more significant than it may at first seem however, as the CIA agent's refusal to disclose any further knowledge as to how the child was in the sealed underground chamber hints that the agency had a part in orchestrating this, that the Observers are perhaps 'grown' in this way. I have to admit, I didn't see the connection, despite the glaring similarity in appearance and, as a result, this was somewhat satisfying. Not every episode has to be mythology-laden in order to succeed of course, and for the most part, 'Inner Child' is a good example of what Fringe can achieve when thrust into 'stand alone' mode. The Artist is a suitably macabre villain and is sensibly pushed to the background in favour of concentrating on the child who, let's face it, is a fascinating enigma, very well played (and that's saying something when you consider he doesn't have a single line). Olivia's bond with him is engagingly written and transposes onto the viewer. The only problem really is that we understand exactly what is going on about twenty minutes before the characters figure it out. Now, sure, dramatic irony is a perfectly valid narrative device but when it's unintentional, as here, it falls flat and frustrates rather than captivates. It's frustratingly obvious from the moment that the child writes his first upside down words that he has a connection to the killer and, more importantly, to Olivia, since it is only she that he reacts to. And then, much later, a 'revelatory' scene is presented in which Dunham realises that there is a connection and everyone acts as if it's the biggest shock since the Red Sox won the World Series, while the entire viewing audience mutters a collective, "well, duh". This is a problem that Fringe needs to rectify if it is to concentrate on 'curiosity of the week' instalments. Still, generally enjoyable and a fittingly intriguing return.
  • This week was about a boy that was found in a sealed,underground tunnel that was set for demolition. The shaft was sealed for more than 70 years.

    This is not only my favorite episode of Fringe. Spencer List did an astounding job in his silent role as a 70? year old child from beneath the building he was found.He seems to be a compelling actor even without speaking.
    As to the episode itself I would love to see more about this boys history and the "others" that are presumed to be like him, as the CIA agent mentioned. I believe this would become a sweeping story in the future, if we were to be shown more of these people and their relationship to our world.
    I would love to see all of these elements come together and bring us the story about this child and if there are others.
    By far the best episode yet.
  • A boy is found underground

    This week's mystery was surrounded by kid that was found in a sealed, underground tunnel that was set for demolition. The thing is the shaft was sealed for more than 70 years. The boy also looks like The Observer in nearly every way except for the fact that he's small. Right away, Olivia and the boy have a connection right away. Something that grows even stronger as the boy begins to help Olivia with finding a serial killer. And by doing so he begins to feel and read the mind of Olivia as they discuss what to do with the boy, either place him in a home or send him off with some CIA special division that wants to investigate him. Something that Michaels, one of the operatives of this CIA branch, proclaims "Looks like we have found another one."
  • Fringe returns

    Olivia makes a bond with a mysterious child that was living alone underground. Meanwhile, a serial killer reemerges.
    After a long break that lasted forever Fringe returned this week with a decent episode, I was expecting better but it was still Fringe. I loved the scene at the start I was really intrested with what was down the whole the scene felt like one of those horror scenes you know with the torches and the dark unnel turns out it was just a kid but I loved the opening scene. Walter was back as well I missed his wackyness. Overal not the best episode but still good.
  • Welcome Back

    Fringe returns with what might be my favorite episode of the entire series to this point in time. The one thing that I love (but sometimes hate at the time) about this show is the dropping of the "big storyline" that everyone seems to be into. We all wanted to see Mr. Jones come back to finish off the rest of season one, but when you sit back and think about it we get more out of the show and his character in it by waiting for a little while before we get his character back involved. I cannot believe I watched that entire episode and didn't make the observer connection. Everything about the entire episode made sense after seeing the observer walk away at the end. "We found another one", etc. Broyels does know about the Observer, so I was surpsied that he didn't make some form of a connection there. What I love best is that we may have gotten a little observer backstory without actually needing the backstory. Overall, it was a fantastic return to the show. I've missed it a lot. I think this was my favorite episode of the entire show. The case was good, Olivia was good, and the ending just blew me away.
  • It's back - thank goodness.

    I have so missed this show. I loved seeing the challenge given to Olivia of needing to revisit an old case and the discovery of a little boy who needs her help but ironically has the ability to help her catch a killer. I found Olivia's connection to this little boy fascinating to watch play out. I wasn't surprised to learn that the little boy was just an ordinary little boy. It wouldn't be FRINGE if he was and I loved the twist at the end linking the little boy to the observer. My thoughts are we haven't seen the last of him.
  • Olivia bonds with a mysterious child as she searches for a serial killer.

    Just before a building was supposed to be demolished, a child was found in a subterranean chamber that wasn't in the building's blueprints. The chamber had been sealed off for decades, begging the questions - who was this child and how did he survive for so long? Despite having to worry about catching a serial killer that has reemerged, Olivia goes with Peter and Walter to visit the child and instantly bonds with him. She soon learns that the child was more than it appeared to be, providing her with assistance with her case. Add to that a Social worker who turned out to be CIA who knows more about the kid than he let on. While not the most exciting episode, it was intriguing and answered some questions about the show's story arc while inspiring others. It also showed a softer side to both Olivia and Walter. I loved the way that Walter calmed the boy down before the experiment and Peter's reaction to it. I enjoyed this episode but I'm looking forward to the next one.
  • Back from hiatus with a vengeance!

    After such a long hiatus, it's probably a good thing that this episode was relatively stand-alone in nature. There were definite connections to the larger mythology, particularly in terms of the child at the center of the story, but this was mostly a chance to reconnect with the characters and the series as a whole. On that level, it definitely succeeded.

    I'm not sure that the already devoted fans missed the visual clues that the child was connected in some way with The Observer. The most obvious conclusion is that the child was from the same species as The Observer, so to speak. In turn, The Observer is likely a member of the version of humanity that comes from the supposed parallel reality that Mr. Jones described. (The fact that Mr. Jones was speaking from belief in a document that Walter wrote, once upon a time, lends considerable doubt to all of it, of course.)

    If that's true, and the child is from this other reality, then it might explain his apparent empathic abilities. Empathy doesn't quite explain all of his talents, however. It doesn't explain how he managed to "receive" the information related to Olivia's case. That's not empathy, and it's not quite psychic ability, either. But it does match up fairly well with the notion that The Observer, and perhaps his kind, can sense when and where something related to The Pattern is happening.

    The child's connection to Olivia may also be related to her supposedly "special" nature. The child managed to connect with certain individuals when necessary, but he seemed to have a stronger and deeper connection with Olivia. I may be reading into that more than I should, since it could be a matter of time and proximity, but now that there's a hint that Olivia is different from everyone else, it's hard not to consider such possibilities.

    As I mentioned, this was a good episode to use as the beginning of the season's final run because it was a strong re-introduction. Walter got to show his quirky, mental side, as well as his scientific creativity. Peter's jaded past provided a key clue, and he tossed out several great barbs at his father. Beyond the core Fringe Division team, Olivia's relationship with her family informed her relationship with the child, and her interaction with Charlie and Broyles served as a reminder of her professional support system.

    Because most of the connections to the mythology were either implied or left to the end of the episode, this succeeded on reminding the audience why the show works on a fundamental level. It's still relatively accessible, and it hasn't yet become mandatory to understand the mythology to understand what's happening in an episode. Considering how this season has come in fits and starts, it's a smart move to keep things as simple as possible while still giving the junkies new information to ponder.
  • Caught by surprise...

    I didn't even realize Fringe started up again, but when I watched it, they brought me right back into the mystery of the show. Every episode seems to be completely different from the last, yet related in small ways which we can't figure out until the writers want us to. I love this style of writing and I love having more and more question with each episode.

    The investigation of the Artist is the normal side of the show(if you can call it normal), with the added science fiction mystery of the child who can't speak, but knows what the murderer will do next. At the same time we have a CIA agent(who seems to be something more) trying to take the kid away from agent Dunham. Throw in a few shots of the mystery Observer at the end and you got yourself a Fringe episode. And a damn good one at that.
  • The Observer Jr.?

    I was unsure of how they were going to incorporate The Observer into this episode, but they did, and it lead to some intense foreshadowing. Could the kid be related to him in some way, possibly his son?

    The pacing for this episode just seemed off, and that killed a portion of my enjoyment of this great story. They jumped from a boy mysteriously found underground (was that Victor Williams as one of the workers that found him), to why he knew what he knew, to a shady CIA dude. The transitioning just was not as clear-cut as Fringe usually is.

    But this was unique as the kid was really creepy looking. Props to the makeup crew for that.

    I really liked this episode, but it's just weird that I can't point to a specific reason why.