Season 1 Episode 15

Inner Child

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Apr 07, 2009 on FOX

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  • Inner Child

    There was instant. It was an admiration that was growing as the universe was wondering. It is true that "Fringe" has so far had their ups and downs, with cases to ask yawning, interspersed with frantic developments of history. Could be more. But after this pause, this kind of dating that each time one goes to one side, to think, had thick miss Agent Olivia Dunham (Anna Torv), Peter Bishop (Joshua Jackson) and Dr. Walter Bishop (John Noble). And so, with a rose in hand, I got the series back.

    The episode was divided into two distinct factions that eventually merge into perfection:

    - An old case back to be reborn in the ashes. A serial killer known as "The Artist" to strike back after a long period of inactivity. Attack of the women and then kill builds strange scenarios with their bodies livid. It molds the bodies in his way, with his vision patient, wearing them and putting them in that post as well understood. It was a pending issue for Olivia and the rest of the FBI team that throws the head in the manhunt. It's a good bet insert this type of theme, which although not new, although not supernatural, inject enough pace in the episode and create a sum for the same purpose. This artist has to be caught it is a given right.

    - Catch It really is not easy, but the protagonist had a helping hand: a child who found refuge in an underground building. Apparently lived there all his life, miraculously surviving is not clear how. In an environment with almost no oxygen and light, he fed on mice and insects, without voice or color. It is in the hospital and quickly established a strong bond with Olivia, who realizes, too quickly, that this boy is special. He manages, through writing, to say the name of the artist's next victim. And the data are released.

    Through some science "Fringe" (entertaining dance Walter), a few sketches on paper and a final chase the killer is caught. Best is dead. Getting into the air then the question that since the opening minutes of teasing: Whose child is this? Certainties, it is very important because the CIA shows a great interest in it and is also an agent with this company we realize that it is not unique. "We found another one," he says. The final scene confirms part of what we already suspected: he's an observer. One Junior observer, an observer in the early stages of their mission, whatever it is. Now I ask, since JJ Abrams much like time travel, The Observer is not this? That we know? One who may have come from the future and in the end casts a sad look on your own? I think so, but here nothing is certain.

    The conclusion is accurate that this was an excellent return with two lines crossed in a fluid and effective, providing the episode carried a scent of entertainment. May more.

    (Yes it's true, The Observer appeared on "American Idol").