Season 2 Episode 15


Aired Friday 9:00 PM Feb 04, 2010 on FOX

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  • Truth is known

    I bet Walter wish he had his full memory now, of what hes being accused of doing test on Olivia when she was a little girl made her scared. Olivia was enraged at Walter for scaring little children including her, Walter didn't know how to explain in a right way to Olivia as much he tried Olivia didn't want to hear it. She was so scared when she was little she learned how to put her fear in to anger, is why she not afraid of anything. She can't use her powers if she was scared, when they started losing buildings and running out of time she felt helpless and scared. When she felt scared she was able to use her powers to see the next building that was going to disappear into the other side, thus evacuate the people that were in that building just in time. Olivia and Peter were going out for drinks, so Peter gave Walter contact numbers to call just incase. Olivia was at the door Peter answered and the door and said hi to Olivia he was excited to go, he need to get something upstairs before he went Olivia saw an other side aura around Peter indicating he was from the other side. Peter went upstairs and Walter told Olivia please don't tell him. This is getting out of contol and what Walter did back than is comming into light. I don't know if Olivia can see him the same way, and not to be able to tell Peter put her in the same boat as Walter. If Peter finds out some way he will think they tag teamed on this and will have no trust from either one of them. I'll be watching the upcomming episodes on this but can't wait to see what happens.
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