Season 2 Episode 15


Aired Friday 9:00 PM Feb 04, 2010 on FOX

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  • Jacksonville

    "Fringe" is a troubled courtship. The other half promised me that things are constantly changing, it's just a phase, that everything will be fine. But after discussions (fillers) are back, one after another and when I say it's over, she makes a new promise. She returns to the mythology.

    Now comes the so-called "late winter", which, while not offering us the world, promise us surprises. I read somewhere that this "Jacksonville" end with a huge cliffhanger and I, as much as we want, go up to expectations. But first things, first, by an earthquake shakes the building and the result is not expected. Beyond the physical destruction of the structure, the bodies of those who were there it was changed, merged into each other, stuck in materials and inertia. A true scene grotesque, outspoken who offered a fascinating premise. And I speak not only in the initial minutes, the arrival of the team building and discussion of Walter (John Noble) with the victim were fantastic.

    We thus know that the building and its tenants have come from another dimension, where the September 11 was slightly different. We soon realized that this phenomenon was the work of Newton (Sebastian Roch) - one much like Voldemort - which gives more step towards opening the portal between two worlds. It was not explained why this experience, the true purpose ... maybe say in the future. That said, the big question that did move the whole episode was, if a building to enter our world, the other will have to leave, what? To maintain balance out material where, material has entered, with the same weight, with the same measure. I realize now why Olivia (Anna Torv) in addition being counted the minutes, if she got too much time someone would spit on the other side to side. I do not understand the question of Peter (Joshua Jackson) and his permanent stay, but it should still going to be explained. The action is then focused on finding this building on time and save all the people who inhabit it.

    The only way to find this nomadic body is back to "light up" the capabilities of Olivia, who as a child, medical tests, was able to identify objects on the other side. We traveled to the name of the episode, Jacksonville, where Bishop and Bell (Leonard Nimoy) trained mercilessly countless children. Here the narrative loses pace, slow down and return address past issues. Why knock again on the question of the immorality of the old shares of Walter? This has been debated, discussed, wept. We want new discussions, new arguments. So what promised to be a frantic race turns out to be a walk Sunday best who wins just forces near the end.

    Here some questions arise. In late winter of last season, an episode called "Ability", Olivia demonstrated that under conditions of stress, have paranormal abilities. In that case telekinesis, to erase the lights - I do not remember if Jones had previously injected with the stimulant drug. Now, almost a year later, she returns to be tested and with the help of Walter realizes that the fear is that links the "switch". So far so good, she realizes the dynamics of the thing and will tell Peter. So but if she was activated as soon not see that Peter did not belong there? Seconds later he saw the building (in a scene a bit forced). They decided to leave this revelation to the end - when she was supposedly rested and without their active power - for almost a novel that you see now at risk. And it was this huge cliffhanger promised. Yes it is a major change, but please do not play more with our expectations.

    We go to break. Time to buy popcorn. For want a second part better than the first.

    The Best: It's mythology. It is the juice that matters.

    The worst: The huge lack of pace.