Season 4 Episode 19

Letters of Transit

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Apr 20, 2012 on FOX

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  • WHAT THE FUCK ?!?!?!

    I mean seriously, WHAT THE FUUUUUUCK ?!?! It's like the awesome amazing show turned it's story and plot to a series about a vietnamese whore who's pregnant looking for a new pimp. I mean seriously, WHAT THE FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK ?! How could they fuck up this serial so badly ? The Observers who were on the brink of godlike suddenly had an orgy and they multiplied ? And they thought to be more "human" ? And embrace the Nazis regim and emblema ? And from their cold and distant behaviour, they suddenly turned to sex and the rest of the human addictions ? Seriously, WHAT THE FUUUUUUUUUUUUCK ?!?! Thank God I loved the show from the first time I've seen it, and now I'm just curious too see how it ends because I missed the last seasons when it aired on TV, but seriously, if I hadn't loved the show from the start, I'd probably just abandon the lot of it due to the horrendous and truly vomiting script.
  • What the ???

    ok maybe not great like fringe should be....

    and who was the girl play Etta?? Gosh her acting was bad... probably the worst i have seen. Hope they dont bring her on again....

    Henry was amazing as usual... Sometimes i wonder why i dont see him in movies. His acting is fantastic.

  • Excellent flash forward "things to come" episode

    Excellent flash forward "things to come" episode.

    Made me want more. Made me hope that this would eventually be merged into the series arc.
  • Letters of Transit

    I kind of wish this was a show, and not just one flash-forward episode. The two agents were as good as any pair on TV, although Henry Ian Cusick rarely disappoints. It was just a great story, with real heroes, and an Observer you wanted to see get destroyed, so real villains too. It may not have been what you hoped for when the episode started, but this was a good story, well-written and well-acted.
  • pretty awesome episode

    sure its a side track from the typical show, but i loved how the writers instilled a sense of urgency by showing us the future and what awaits. plus to show us walter as how he was as a meaner person.

    i think they did a great job with this episode, the other reviews that say the writers need a vacation, i think just the opposite, very good episode and it would make a great spin off!!!
  • my girlfriend thought it sucked

    see above
  • It was a spoof!

    From the very beginning I thought that this episode was meant to poke fun at itself. Poor acting, corny lines and a ridiculous storyline. If it wasn't meant as a joke, the writers need a holiday.
  • Twisted, Mindblowing and beyond awesome

    1st of all: this episode was beyond awesome, and it could set the story for a spin-off series of fringe or a tv based movie to end this timeline properly.

    On the other hand, this could set the ground for a 5th season (please please) where the two universes merge with the future to stop DRJ and the observers. Someone would think that what i'm saying could soud weird, but as Olivia once said: "Weird is a matter of degrees" in fringe.

    I still dont know how this show was taken from its original time slot and moved to the fridays of the dead, being a show with suficient material to write 8+ seasons and ending up as one of the best tv shows of this decade.

    Anyway, let's cross (all) finguers hoping this show gets S5 (a full length one) and ends all timelines as they deserve to end.
  • What the heck was this!!!

    I am SOOOO confused... was this one of those ON OFF episodes that really make no sense why they filmed it??? I mean the next episode did not pick up where this episode left off... and has me reminded of an episode they did this to us before where there was freedom fighters and Peter travelled in time!!!!

    I am kind of not liking the time travelling stuff anymore since it never makes any sense to the CURRENT storyline!!!
  • Fringe at its Finest

    Original Post below line:

    Forgot to talk about..

    Regarding William Bell: When we saw William Bell frozen in Amber, instantly I was reminded of when William Bell's physical body died. Walter, Peter, Fauxlivia were inside the "Energy Field" getting ready to cross back to our side. William Bell gave them a sufficient amount of Energy allowing them to cross back. William actually has his hands up against the "Energy Field". Ity looks almost exactly how he is standing while frozen in the amber.

    I'm aware that a lot of people think it is William frozen at the moment of pushing Olivia out of the amber. It does make more sense. But isn't freaky how Bell is almost in the same stance?

    K thanks bye!


    WOW! Just when I think I understand what's going on, BAM, Fringe throws this at my face. AWESOME! I love it. It makes me think so much. Just when I think I understand the current timeline, an episode like this comes up and makes me re-evaluate everything, including timelines. Freaky!

    I am at a loss for words right now. Even though I suspected from the beginning that Etta was Peter and Olivia's child, the final scene made me cry. I don't care how I look. I am emotionally invested in Fringe and I'm proud of it. I wish Walter was my dad, Peter was my brother and Olivia my sister in-law. hahaha

    So so so many questions have just been raised. I don't even know where to start. Do we just forget about the whole "new" timeline thing where Peter and Olivia finally were starting to be happy? Did the whole DRJ debacle just end in The Consultant? Is this future from the "new" timeline or from one of the previous timelines we've seen, or a completely new timeline altogether? I am intrigued to see where this is going. Will all the timelines have a similar outcome even though they all had different paths?

    Am I right in saying that, in another Timeline Newton destroyed Walter's extracted Brain tissue after removing from 3 people and momentarily restoring Walter to his full potential?

    Also, in the hologram that Etta and Simon show Walter, is that the Machine? Does that mean they never built the Machine to begin with?

    This seems like a totally different future to any of the ones we've been watching!

    Which past does this future belong to?

    This is just clearly Fringe at its Finest. I cannot wait for the rest of this season.

    Please Please Please keep Fringe on the air.
  • a world dominated by observers?

    who could 've imagined those bald guys that like to watch us could be villains? great episode! it leaves you wanting more, but maybe the writers will never comeback to this story as it's the 19th episode.
  • Fringe is changing direction

    I think it's obvious that Fringe writers is preparing us for a new story line since we are entering a new topic which is the resistance against the dominion of observers in the future (and perhaps a hint was given in the opening title roll). I am expecting that season 4 will go end by killing DRJ andmoving on to a Fringe of "Resistance" against observers. Something tells me it;s like the Matrix Extended.

    The beauty of the show is that it pushes for a whole lot of new questions. We still know nothing about the rogue observer who implemented the address in peter's eyes for example. We never heard of observers on the other side. many characteres from the other side have disaappeared so will the other world disappear too?

    However If I am true, that means that Olive is gone so I hope I am not. However it's not the first time where we feel a major character is being pushed away and then gradually reappearing like Peter. So in season 4, it tooks us few epsiode to see peter alive, and I am guessing writers will probably play the same story again with olive: On july 24th 2012, one of the writers will be asked what is happenging with olive, he would answer let's just say she has a contract renewed for season 5.
  • FRINGE is not about the story itself...

    ... but about the characters that steal our hearts in any story they find themselves into.

    Following the video promotion strategy, I had my expectations of this episode, and they were more than less satisfied going through the thirty fifth minute of the episode. But then 'Letters of Transit' exceeded all of my expectations in the last few minutes.

    Yes, I largely suspected who Etta was ('I love being special', blonde hair, unique mixture of different Olivia's and Peter's adventurous and courages spirit, a family driven force behind her quest for the "team", and most importantly, her "Olivia's eyes" when talking to Peter). This did not lessen the emotional strength of the final reunion. The cliffhanger we were left with just made the final scene and the episode stronger, making sure true FRINGE fans realise how great our love for the show and the characters is.

    All the old faces, helped by Etta, Simon and Captain Windmark, presented that whenever, wherever we are headed, FRINGE has the same spot in our mind, and in our hearts. Seeing Walter going from his crazy-liquorice-loving-scientist to bad-ass-antimatter-William-Bell-hand-cutting-Walter was a real treat, and his great lines made the episode Walter-centric, but at the same time, with Etta's presence, it was Olivia-and-Peter-centric too.

    As I said in the beginning, FRINGE is not about the stories, storylines and timelines. It doesn't matter if we've seen a departure in the DRJ storyline, or that we witnessed a completely new story for just one episode (if the show gets renewed, this episode's theme will also be the fifth season's theme) - FRINGE is about the characters finding themselves in many different stories, and being able to steal our attention, sympathy and understanding. And that is the reason behind FRINGE being the best TV Show at the moment.
  • 4x19 "Letters of Transit"

    Dammit! This episode was a celebration to Fringe's ability to amaze it's viewers. Everything in this episode was so "fringie"... There were scenes were I just cried (for example the end). Having the oportunity to take a look at Olivia's daughter was something amazing. If this shows ends (hope it doesn't) it will end with honour.
  • Best Fringe standalone ever!

    This is my favorite episode this season! Who doesn't love future scientists taking control of the past universe or Walter working side by side with future Fringe agents? It tells us that the writers still have a lot of ideas for the show. For me, Fringe actually outwits some of the existing sci-fi movies. It's a shame that a show like this is on the brink of cancellation. Definitely underrated and unappreciated. What can we do? People prefer petty chick flicks and empty comedies. Great ideas that are so brilliantly explored only happen once in a blue moon on a TV screen. My advice to everyone out there: it's time not to take things for granted and start to be more appreciative.
  • Incredible Switch Story, Need Season 5

    when i saw the the episode i was like whaaaat !! how the Director is able to switch all this in 1 episode its kind of strange,, but I like it,,, neeed more
  • Another Echo of Reality

    This is Fringe again at it's finest; showing us another possible reality. It amazes me how they can flesh out a completely different possible future in less than an hour. (Having Desmond helps I'm sure. There are a couple of key things to address. One, does anyone else think that actress looks like a younger version of Starbuck? Two, this is not a possible future of the current Fringe timeline because William Bell was still alive. Whatever the divergence point was from the current timeline, it happened prior to Bell's death. Three, this episode ties into 3 other episodes in a HUGE way. First, it ties into "the end of all things" because it shows the successful union of Peter and Olivia = Henrietta. 2, it ties into "back to where you've never been" because September said that Olivia must die in ALL possible futures. And 3, it ties into the "LSD" episode 3X19, where there is that mysterious man who Olivia says is the man who will kill her. AKA, this is gonna be crazy.
  • Incredible episode!

    It is just one of those episodes which define the series. For me it is just a best reason to keep the series on air. Henrietta is so like Olivia, that it was obviuos from beginning she could be her daughter. I hope for big role for agent Broyles here, an maybe Nina. I can't wait next episode!
  • "I'm not a number, I'm a free man !"

    Ah, Walter quoting the best show ever !

    ( spoilers ) Well, that was a very ... different episode, that's for sure. And there was a lot to like: gorgeous credits ? check. Creative use of amber ? check. Unexpected ( and intriguing ) cameo from Bell ? check. John Noble's incredible as both nutty amnesiac Walter and overconfident, antimatter bomb-making Walter, and even if it was a bit disorienting to spend most of the episode without our main characters except Walter, Simon and Etta are well-rounded enough to be likable. For the matter, I smelled from a mile away who Etta really was : I mean, she was always giving her first name, not her family name , she had a telepathic-shield power ( presumably cortexiphan-induced ) : who else could she be ? So, no surprise, but Joshua Jackson's perfect acting made the scene worth it.

    Anyway, I have some ( relatively minor ) complaints about the episode. 1. The Observers are and odd choice for a villain, even if they are CHILLING as it ( "I like animals" ) , and how are you supposed to fool time-travelers, who should see you coming even before you hatch your plan ? (Were these guys even real Observers ?) 2. Unlike "The day we died", the episode felt a little incomplete. I mean, come on, the fight has just begun ! If the show has a season 5 and goes back to that future to continue the journey, fine. But if not ... well, it was a little waste of time. A really fun one, but a waste of time.
  • Wow !!!

    All I can say is how excited I am to find out all the twists the writers are handing off to us every season - This episode just opened a new fantastic dimension to the story.

    I just can't believe the show is in a stake of not being renewed while shows like Alcatraz are still on the air!!!!

    This episode has really got me hooked and reminded me why I love this show so much, it actually almost got me to forgive the creators for the episode "Brown Betty" (Seriously, this episode traumatized me) :)

    In conclusion - How can you even consider cancelling this AMAZING SHOW !!!!!!
  • it was better than "the day we died"

    It was cool to see Desmond. Why did they take Belly's hand?? what good is it to them?? The observers didn't seem to notice when Massive Dynamic IMPLODED. I must have missed when they got Peter out of the amber... i saw them get Astrid and Belly's hand but peter just suddenly showed up. Oh well... if peter wooda used condoms in season 3, season 4 would have been much better. I see that the last episodes are now called "A Brave New World 1 & 2"... sounds better than "Endgame". Maybe there will be a season 5!!
  • least we got to see Desmond

    Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying the new storyline is not worth watching at all. It just came too much out of the blue. As if one day writers woke up and decided it's time to film their version of Terminator Salvation, only based on the characters they've already used in Fringe. Some of them, at least. I'm pretty sure they'll get back to David Robert Jones storyline later in the series, not that we cared much about it. And the whole Machine thing will be there, too. But the way the writers assume we'll be caring about all the versions of all the characters in all the alternate universes and their futures - that's just too much. I would much more prefer if we were stuck in seasons one and two and learnt more about ZFT and the super-soldiers Belly and Walter were trying to create. David Robert Jones's crazy theories from that universe and that timeline, you know. The more Fringe creators change the subject, the clearer it gets: they have no clue of what the show is about. Characters, you say? Well, which ones? Struggle to save the future? Again, which future? And why should we care? I'm very sad to admit this, but whatever creators try to do now, the show will be cancelled, and it's probably for the best. Fringe had its good days, it made a lot of sense and had great potential when it started, but now the creators themselves got confused and are desperately trying to save something they've lost long ago.
  • Oh the humanity...

    So, even 600 years into the future we still haven't learned what it means to respect ourselves.
  • ohhh the paradoxes!!

    This is a good episode, assuming that you can get over the paradoxes of people in the future coming to the past, kill there great great great grandfather's and still survive to it!!!

    Simple logic, if you go to the past and kill your great grandfather's you WON'T BE BOURNE!!!

    But hey, it's Fringe!!!! Close your eyes to logic and enjoy it.
  • Most powerful Fringe episode ever?

    How could I describe this episode without even finishing digesting that humans from 2609 are so evil that they would dare to travel back in time to 2015 just to survive after rendering the planet useless in their timeline? We know now that the observers are so bad, I think now their baldness was inherited from Dr Evil, if you excuse the pun.

    I only wish the episode had lasted longer!!! Can barely wait till next week.
  • What the ***!!!

    I'll I got to say is WTF........

    1) Observers are bad

    2) Olivia and Peter's daughter rescuing Peter, Walter, and Astrid

    3) Where is Olivia??? Is she dead???