Season 4 Episode 19

Letters of Transit

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Apr 20, 2012 on FOX

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  • Another Echo of Reality

    This is Fringe again at it's finest; showing us another possible reality. It amazes me how they can flesh out a completely different possible future in less than an hour. (Having Desmond helps I'm sure. There are a couple of key things to address. One, does anyone else think that actress looks like a younger version of Starbuck? Two, this is not a possible future of the current Fringe timeline because William Bell was still alive. Whatever the divergence point was from the current timeline, it happened prior to Bell's death. Three, this episode ties into 3 other episodes in a HUGE way. First, it ties into "the end of all things" because it shows the successful union of Peter and Olivia = Henrietta. 2, it ties into "back to where you've never been" because September said that Olivia must die in ALL possible futures. And 3, it ties into the "LSD" episode 3X19, where there is that mysterious man who Olivia says is the man who will kill her. AKA, this is gonna be crazy.