Season 5 Episode 12


Aired Friday 9:00 PM Jan 18, 2013 on FOX

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  • Liberty

    The episode was a little too over the top, they just made it seem like weaving in and out of universes was as easy as pie, but ignoring that it was still a solid episode.
  • Fringe's Penultimate leads us to a great finale

    Alot people thought this was a side-quest episode, but i disagree because getting the boy back was crucial to the plan; and also The boy stepped off the train FOR A REASON -- to force olivia to taken cortexiphan and get back her abilities. This was what was so great about the episode -- it focused on Olivia kicking ass, something that I've really missed in season 5. Olivia was front and center in this one and she kicked ass indeed (crossing over, killing Observers, shorting out lights, It started with the use of the Universe window to see through to the other side (great callback) and then a painful scene of her having to take 4 doses of cortexiphan to cross between worlds 4 times in order to get the boy back. Seeing her stubbornness about refusing to come back after experiencing hallucinations, disorientation and time jumps was perfect in keeping with Olivia's character -- she's always been stubborn. It was a very cool visual to see her try and rescue the boy (the world fading around her as she tries to desperately make it to him) -- the action/intensity was great - reminded me of the season 3 premiere episode. Also we get to see Lincoln and Fauxlivia again which was great too. Its funny to me how at one point the other side was suffering worse than here, but now its completely opposite. We also get a great scene at the end with September seeking help from December, who lives in apartment 513 -- this episode did everything it needed to in order to set up the finale. it was fantastic and executed perfectly in every way.

    Great Line One -- Broyles: 'Im more of a raven don't you think'

    Great Line Two -- Fauxlivia to Lincoln: 'Stop checking out my young ass'

    Honestly, this was one of my favorite episodes in this entire season.
  • great ending except.....

    Walter had reset time and the observers didn't exist, september wouldn't have saved peter and Walter from the lake. So it reset at the wrong point in time.