Season 4 Episode 11

Making Angels

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Feb 03, 2012 on FOX

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  • Drama vs. sci-fi, careful cross editing, in love with Walter, smart main character development, geeky ripple effect, fascinating math (Spoilers)

    There're moments when I wonder if Fringe knows it's a sci-fi show. This time it was so heavy on drama that it reminded me of Defying Gravity. Don't get me wrong I like Astrid but I'm not sure focusing on her was the writers priority. And if their plan was to make her grow on us to crush her heart in some upcoming episode then they couldn't have been more predictable. But my real disappointment is that the first seconds were promising because I instantly imagined some possible explanations of the other Astrid behavior. She crossed over because she's also a shapeshifter ? Nice ! To meet Prime Astrid and drink coffee ? Boring ! Her scenes were also thrown between the others. Their only redemption was Jasika Nicole's performance and the immersive editing. I had never seen two characters played by the same person shake hands on screen ! The digital illusion was perfect. Now let's hope our Olivias will cat fight in liquid amber for Peter ! Seriously one interesting plot involving the Astrids would have been to cover human-computer interaction. Indeed if I understood correctly the other is special and that's why she's able to use the super computer of the other side. However without it she should have experienced some difficulty to investigate and solve problems in the Prime universe. Instead she behaved like if her mind was still connected to the machine.

    Hopefully the main story was original and involved Observers. One of them is definitely in trouble but let's hope the poor soul won't be sentenced to an eternal life between dimensions or something ! Sorry for this reference to Saint Seiya, the otaku within can't help taking over from time to time. My only complain would be the clumsy airport sequence because Olivia and Peter should know better than yelling to apprehend a suspect. The rest almost represents the best of what Fringe has to offer. First everything Walter was delightful, from his father and daughter relationship with Astr'd to his triple X warnings when Bolivia the Candy Woman from the Other Side was around. Mint ? I knew it ! Evil spy, sent to kill us all and steal our precious ring. Sorry, wrong review. More seriously the installment was also a success in the Peter department. First using the other Astrid to develop his complex relationship with Walter, not his real father, was smart. Indeed relying on a third party to solve a conflict is sometimes the only solution. It allows people to see things in a whole new light. An other drop that satisfied my thirst was the lake connections. When I thought September knew his classics he has apparently never seen Back to the Future Part II ! If it was the case he would have anticipated on the ripple effects caused by his lost gizmo. Last but not least even if I missed the shapeshifter arc, again, I couldn't help nodding when the antagonist was compared to a savior. Even better was the mention of mathematics as an almighty tool to explain life. Indeed I read once that God could only be a master of geometry considering how creative and diverse our universe is. From spiral galaxies to snails, formulas and shapes are all around us. 1 + 1 = 3 ? I don't know, I'm just a mere mortal.

    Note : This review was first posted on Kritikenstein, my weblog.
  • if Olivia dies then so does Faux-livia, as there is only one Anna Torv... am i wrong??

    the doppelganger effects are cool indeed, but why are they trying to murder Olivia, dose her, torture her... the Peter-Olivia 'love story' was what held the show together i thought... this "alt-timeline" stuff better resolve by s04e19 or i fear for fringe's future. Again i state that Peter should have used condoms in season 3.
  • The tears of Ra and the tears of Astrid

    Another precog story ( of sorts ), but WAY better than last week's. First, the case of the week added some new information on the Observer mythology ( just a little, which is one of the reasons why I didn't give it a 10 ) , and the revelation that our "villain" ( once more not THAT villainous, as usual for Fringe) chose his path because he felt his mother didn't love him, mirroring alt-Astrid's doubts, was quite touching. Second, the case didn't distract from character interaction, and there was a lot to like : Astrid's first reaction to seeing her double, alt-Astrid's childlike glee when drinking coffee, Walter and Fauxlivia's banter, the revelation that Astrid lied to her double about her father to console her ... I could go on all day. The only thing I felt was a little "off" was Walter's relationship with Peter, since I had the impression that Walter was warming up to Peter since Elizabeth's visit ... and here, there seems to be an unexplainable step back ( the other reason why I didn't give a 10 ). Anyway, a really great episode ! Now season 4 seems to be on full speed !!!
  • Much Better

    This was a good episode about alt Astrid coming by for visit, mainly to ask her other self did dad love her. It was a heartfelt scene for the two of them, also got to see Olivia and Peter do some detective work. Which haven't seen that in awhile it was very nice to see. More on the observers looking behind the scene and one man killing people to give them peace so they won't die horrible deaths. O.K. now the observers are more likely going to be looking to get rid of Peter now. Olivia must die, lol the sad thing about this is it's always these two or a doomsday if they don't die to save all type of event every time. I just hope it is something different that there more to the story this season.
  • Making Angels

    Astrid from the other universe pretty much being the female equivalent of Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory was a nice subplot to this episode, but even though the premise was rather intriguing, this was an all-around average to give fans this weekend. The man who could "predict the future" was interesting, but there was just nothing memorable here, and more importantly nothing new about Olivia's fate.
  • I love this show, but a minor error, in this one.

    Excellent storyline as usual, However one minor error A religious guy gets killed, by pointing a gun at Olivia, Peter asked why didn't he simply commit suicide, and she replies he would not be able to become an angel. Well Olivia he did commit suicide it is Called suicide by cop.

    it would have been much better had Peter said that.
  • Shiitake happens...

    A great episode. Good scifi story and heavy on character interaction with an emphasis on parent, child relationships.

    A mathematics professor in possession of an 'Observer device' (which bears more than a passing resemblance to a sonic screwdriver;) enabling him to experience past, present and future as one, becomes a compassionate angel of death.

    Astro meets Asprin, Walter reconsiders his attitude to Peter and AltLiv and a mother realises that you should be careful what you wish for cause it might just come true

    (In my eyes the first 5 minutes of this episode were better than the whole of the last episode put together, yet the score of 9.4 is the same. I find this confusing. Maybe when some people love a show they lose perspective and find it difficult to critique?)