Season 3 Episode 9


Aired Friday 9:00 PM Dec 09, 2010 on FOX

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  • Brilliant, creepy and very, very sad ...


    This episode was plain amazing! Of course I'm interested in the cases to be solved, but usually the relationship issues going on apart from that are more important for me. This time though, IMHO the story revolving around the case and the story between the main characters were equally intriguing. The story about a man harvesting organs to revive a young girl who had commited suicide led to maybe the creepiest scene ever on Fringe. The way he let her move as a ballerina was incredibly spooky and the fact that this scene was so very aestetic and in a way had so much beauty to it, made it that even more. After having seen so many episodes of Fringe, I couldn't say, that I'd remember too many single moments very clearly, but I'm sure, that I won't forget that one easily. Who ever comes up with moments like that on a tv show must be just brilliant and who ever translated it into these amazing pictures, a pure artist. This part of the story was incredibly sad already and I couldn't help myself but feeling pity for this guy who in his twisted mind (even though for selfish reasons as well, because he couldn't let go of the girl) had thought to do something good (which right now, as I read, what I had just written, reminds me a bit of Walter). The most heartbreaking part of this episode for me though was, how things evolved between Olivia and Peter. They're both victims of things gone terribly wrong and something very important has been stolen from them. Poor Olivia! After she had been held captive in the Alteruniverse, being treated like a guinea pig, deprived of much of her humanity, the only thing that had helped her to find her true self again, had been her love for Peter. That love helped her to find her way back to her own world where she had to face the truth, that her alter ego had lived her life unrecognized by the people dearest to her for such a long time, soiling the things most important. I do understand, that she did react the way she did and that she is hurt, that Peter hadn't noticed that it had been Bolivia, he had had a relationship with for such a long time and most of all maybe had found something in Bolivia he hadn't found in her. Which brings me to Peter. I actually think that deep inside, he had been suspicious all the way, but then again so very happy about his relationship with who he was eager to believe to be (a maybe changed) Olivia, that he wouldn't give in to this feeling. I think that he might be the one who has lost the most. Not only doesn't he belong anywhere, not to the universe he was born at and not to the universe he has lived in for most of his life. He has been disappointed or maybe even betrayed by so many people, his own (biological) father, Bolivia who has stolen what was supposed to be Olivia's and his and finally, Walter who had been lying to him about his origin for so many years and now Olivia -- the reason for him to come back to "Our"universe -- doesn't want to be with him anymore. So much heartache makes it even more difficult to go on a hiatus until January, 21. Can't wait to have Fringe back and to see how things are going to develop.