Season 3 Episode 9


Aired Friday 9:00 PM Dec 09, 2010 on FOX

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  • My favorite actress Anna Torv shines as my favorite TV character, Special Agent Olivia Dunham. And Peter is lucky Olivia didn't smack him.

    "She was quicker with a smile. She was less intense." Hoo boy, does Peter Bishop need relationship lessons. Peter of the 180+ IQ can't figure out how to break it to Olivia that he was sexing her look-alike impostor while she was trapped in the parallel universe having her brain amputated. So he goes with the total 100% brutal truth. No, Peter, that dress does not make Olivia look fat! I mean, he had to tell her the truth but he could have been diplomatic--as in not dumb. How about, "She looked hot, but there was something missing. She didn't have that magnetic intensity I always loved about you, Olivia. I was just blinded by her, I mean your incredible beauty." Anything would be better than 'she was less intense.'

    After Peter mucks up his true confession, it's time for my girl Anna Torv to shine. First Olivia tries to cope by being rational. But her feelings over Peter's betrayal--yes, betrayal--build up inside her bit by bit. While the Special Agent remains focused on her mission, we can see her anger ramping up to volcanic levels. Peter is lucky 'intense' Olivia didn't haul off and serve him a Magnum Surprise. But the highly professional Special Agent would never do that.

    I love Agent Dunham's intensity. Parallel Olivia is just an elite foot soldier, brilliant, yes, but clueless and insignificant in the grand scheme. Our Olivia takes responsibility for the fate of both universes. No wonder she's intense. No wonder she's furious that Peter prefers the watered-down impostor. Fact is, the smiling, relatively lightweight fake Olivia seduced him. (I mean lightweight only in comparison; fake Olivia was a high-level elite Fringe agent, but a minor player compared to our Olivia, and without Olivia's cortexivan enhancements, probably no mental match for Peter Bishop the genius, which he likes, being a male pig.) Peter only fell for fake Olivia's phony act because he wishes Olivia smiled more like the cheap imitation.

    No, I like my Olivia straight with no chaser. And for fake Olivia's sake, she better hope she never crosses paths with the Special Agent again.