Season 3 Episode 9


Aired Friday 9:00 PM Dec 09, 2010 on FOX

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  • Marionette

    It's funny this episode to have the number you have. And why? You ask. Because after the knot untied narrative that moves around the mill, was at the time whether we were still ahead or if we came back. It was time to take the proof of 9.

    The swap was undone. Our Olivia (Anna Torv) has returned home and the other did the same. The balance was then reset, everything in its place. And "Fringe" so their faces major test of the season: what to do now? What direction to take? If the questions are many (and troubling) was not all this "Marionette" that stopped the soothed or clarified. To be honest this was an episode that divided me altogether. And I usually only be one.

    On the one hand the case of the week was boring, the other had a scene more disturbing, bizarre and terrifying the whole series. The story was already an old man's reinvent Frankenstein, where a disturbed man tries to bring the dead to their passion. For that steals all his organs were donated and rebuilt it, piece by piece, until his heart beating again. Concretely speaking, summed up in this, without mystery or any other serious matter. And only this is much less than what is used in the series this season. But halfway through this trip and just slightly exciting, is that dark ballet. My goodness lady, now master of horror, love and any other pain. Macabre winner. Hand movements, the lifeless body of the puppet that contrasts with the lightness of the music, everything. It is certainly a moment that will go down in history in the history of the series.

    Then, on the one hand we no longer have the factor "fish out of water", which is as if to say "Olivia out of the box," we had a fabulous and consistent final speech. She returned, and everything seems fine. All amorna, because there are no double games and lies. Everything has to unfold as if it were a grief right: returns and has to face those particular problems, there is no escape. But this monotony can so boldly lead us in the thought of Olivia slowly cooking your hurt inside, not even stand it anymore. The case of the week crosses so very intelligently, with the main narrative and the protagonist can not assume that. Can not go back to Peter (Joshua Jackson), can not see how he did not notice. Complex and difficult to justify, so easy to understand. Love is like that.

    Thus "Marionette" is an episode which in one way or another brand. Even without announcing future guidelines can leave us a strange signing.

    The Best: The Ballet.

    The worst: It was the weakest episode so far.