Season 1 Episode 18


Aired Friday 9:00 PM Apr 28, 2009 on FOX

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  • Midnight

    I confess that week after week I promise myself not to see the promotional video of the next episode. But I can not resist. You are so close there is one more click and we know that there are 30 seconds behind. We know more and we inevitably salivating for the next chapter.

    The promos can draw attention like no other, but are also the primary source of disillusionment. And it was thus that stuck to the promise of this being the 18th biggest surprise of the season I ran forward to viewing. And so I took the beautiful bath. Yes the water was very cold. Not only surprise was poor (not too sure if he should call a surprise) as the whole episode was, in general, boring.

    The case itself was boring. Even the top, which is usually always a good piece of suspense and terror, left much to be desired. It was easy to see that the alleged attacker was actually the victim. It is a mechanism that works well but, as is not new, it is quickly identified. It was easy to see the Observer. And above all it was easy to see that there was something wrong with those blue eyes, bright and shiny. Then begins the traditional hunting the monster, in this case a marrow-eating seductress. The investigation leads them to Dr. Nicholas Boone (Jefferson Mays), a man in a wheelchair who desperately seeks his wife. Who is she? Nothing less than the hunter and the prey of men from the FBI. Dr. Boone makes a deal: they pick up his wife and he tells everything he knows about ZFT group, alleged perpetrators of the mutation of the young.

    Done. Then follows a chase with the constant expectation of going to know the truth about this group. That's what we're here, that's what we learned more about an alleged battle between two dimensions in "Bad Dreams". Unfortunately not in the narrative manages to grab at any time and then identified the identity of the girl is nothing to show. Scenes are slow and no rhythm, as the nightclub scene with Peter (Joshua Jackson) and Olivia (Anna Torv) without rhythm or intensity and the car scene where the agent is attacked but the journey continues to look like a Sunday drive.

    The dynamic between Walter (John Noble) and Boone did not work and between the technical terms and microscopes just not to create any feeling for that which is sacrificed. Without prior leave us a clear recording with the great secret: the name of the founder of ZFT. No less than William Bell, the founder of Massive Dynamics. Surprise? Not really, anything that is not distrusted, we suspected that there is nothing, nothing we did not already know. All or nearly all, cases will lead to the same source, the same red hair that says they knew nothing. I mean, we're not so silly, or Massive Dynamics and was on one side or the other. Apparently it merges with the ZFT in fighting an enemy who does not know.

    In an episode bored we were without smiles. Only with the assurance that if this was the trump card of the season and then we can start to cry.