Season 4 Episode 1

Neither Here Nor There

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Sep 23, 2011 on FOX

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  • boring!!

    No peter-olivia-walter-astrid connection....

    somehow fringe does`nt seem fringe anymore....

    they might as well have made a new show!
  • Human shapeshifters, Peter, and the cow.


    Wow. I was excited for this season premiere for a long time. After this stunning cliffhanger from Season 3, I was eager to find out how exactly theshow-runnerswere going to explain this one. Was the episode disappointing? Not exactly.

    For the Season Four Premiere, we went back to Fringe's basic monster-of-the-weekstory line. This week, we were introduced to these new human shapeshifters (I call them Translucents), who are basically killing people with some sort of material in their bodies (I think it's metal? Don't remember.) and draining their bodies. As usual, the FBI tracks down these shapeshifters and Olivia shows off her butt-kicking action (albeit getting a bit brutalized).

    Predictable? A little bit. But that wasn't the part of the episode I particularly liked. The Fringe show-runners integrated some more mythology and "Where Is Peter?" info into this episode. Usually Walter is the show-stealer; however, this week, September the Observer gets that title. Basically, he is recruited by his elder Observer, December, to permanently erase the "traces" of Peter that still bleed through. The episode followed him as he collected pieces to build his device to erase Peter. But the decision he ultimately makes in the end...well, I don't want to spoil it.

    All in all, a mostly satisfying premiere to what looks like a great season of Fringe. I wish we would have seen more of the Other Side (Walternate!), and that opening scene between the two Olivias felt a little forced to me, but all in all, it was a great episode. Looking forward to next week!

  • Well I dont know

    I really hate to do this, I really love Fringe a lot. I'm confused on what happen here, its like all the elements were thrown out and it's like I don't know the characters again. This was really dry I'm sorry it was something in the air and it's missing, nothing was funny no good times solving cases like teamwork. And Peter is gone, its like taking Walter out. Its bland, I don't get why Walter is even there if Peter never made it to adulthood. Walter would never help the FBI, Peter was that stability till Walter got use to things. The purpose of taking out Peter should have caused a huge ripple effect just like any of the main characters didn't exist. I got know answers and even the new mutants running around sucking material from other people blood and that's pretty much it. No real case solving no well nothing. I don't know if Lincoln is suppose to be a substitute Peter or something, but if you all don't think that something is missing isn't Peter your dead wrong. I think the show is all over the place and were back to season 1 learning the characters again. Every new season they keep erasing what we gained, last season Olivia was everywhere but we didn't see much of her role but we seen fauxlivia a lot. Just when a real relationship was about to kick bam that happens, than a relationship starts again than bam Peters gone. It's like were never moving forward just stuck in one place and sometimes moving back just to end up where we left off. This show is on its 4th season this show had enough time to mature its time to make some stability.
  • More like a pilot than a premiere.


    This episode felt strange to me and given the long introduction of Lincoln Lee it seemed like a TV show pilot. If I hadn't seen the first 3 seasons this episode wouldn't have made any sense, but even so I'm a little confused as to where the show is going.

  • pretty weak start for the season


    i watched the show and i thought it was decent, not good, not bad, just in the middle. we are again served with a plot about the shapeshifters which is starting to be a tired plot device in the series. there are many plot holes in this show and i thought Olivia was just dry and plain bad, her lines were awfull, she became a boring character all of a sudden.

    the fact that peter is gone creates a big huge hole, until he comes back. and i do not get the fact that the creators insists on putting the actor with the glasses ( cant recall his name, that how boring it was )up front in the limelight. the show is on 50% neutral gear then every 3 or 4 episodes it shifts in high gear then falls back in neutral.

    if they dont generate better interest and get rid of the tired plots, i fear that the show wont come back after this season. there is so much a fan can take before getting bored. there is like a gazillion story possibilities with the show but the writers seems to be stuck in some sort of ditch and cannot get out of it.

    i love the show but sometimes i am just wondering why i am watching it....

  • Mirror mirror on the Wall, Who's the Fringest of them all?


    Subtle hints to Fauxlivia and Walter tell us the emotional journey of these parents who lost their only son, Olivia retreats to a life of solitude that stuns her other Universe counterpart and, Walter retreats to the lab that costed him his only child.

    The warning ensued by the man who wasn't there, throws both Fringe Divisions to join forces and fix the mess created by the collision of their Universes. The mess at large, being fixed by another kind of Division, an Observers one.

    Using Lincoln as a gate between these breaches, it's Agent Lee the one who makes the connection between the case that killed his partner - Ironically, named after the grandfather of the friend he never met - and the phenomenon killing people. As Robert once told him, everything happens for a reason, even if that reason escapes him like the man in the mirror escapes them all. The closure Lee provides for his partner's family might be the start of the closure the Observers begin to provide for Peter's family.

  • Very adequate intro for this season. Really anxious to see what comes next.


    It is my opinion that Fringe did a very good job with this episode. It did feel introductory somehow, but it is a very smart move when you got a show that got a lot of buzz during the summer because it attracts new viewers.

    The thing that I love the most about fringe is that it evolves with every season and, in my opinion, always for the best.

    These characters are finding themselves once more, recreating and changing themselves. We cannot expect to se the same Olivia, Astrid and Walter interaction from the previous three seasons because Peter is just gone.

    So, all in all, I think this was a great season openner. Very excited to see what's to come.

  • thinking long term: any fan will appreciate that watching the "Past+Present+Future" webseries on Fox's Youtube channel and this season 4 premiere are well written, acted, and paced to help new people watch Fringe live now after only 1hr & 30 min of time


    This very plan to make the season premiere so accessible is what will likely make current fans the most irate about this episode's characteristics. Lines that would normally be delivered with more subtlety are a bit more "on the head", as a longtime fan I can appreciate this, because live ratings matter to keep this show on the air for all of us.

    I'm more than happy that we are seeing a more somber Olivia, a more insane Walter, and even the cow, Gene, seemed to be more at odds with Walter with the absence of Peter. Even Astrid was less sympathetic to Walter, and more like a buffer for his crazy at crime scenes and voice of reason to him, but Walter seems to have lost his empathy for others as a consequence of the Peter-void in his life and I think the Peter-less relationships around him expertly showed the fractures in them in that regard.

    Lincoln's re-introduction was well handled, I found myself liking his "over here" incarnation more then when he was introduced in "Stowaway". He was given a lot more to work with of course, and I'm looking forward to him meeting the "over there" incarnation of himself and seeing the differences between the two. Finding a nickname to describe the Lincolns' has been hard, but I suggest "newGuy Lincoln" and "boss Lincoln".

    This episode has totally piqued my interest to see what other differences are coming, to get more information about the different version of shapeshifters and why they are different in this timeline, and what other differences in backstory are in effect because there was no Peter (I'm sure they will surprise us in some way).

    This episode wasn't as action packed as a premiere as Season 3's Olivia was, but it had a different feel to it. It felt like a train when its just getting underway, rolling out slowly from the station. It makes me feel like yelling "Get on board NOW new viewers its about to go much much faster!!!" :-)

  • Fringe is Back!


    It is so good to have Fringe back on the air. Seeing the two universes interact will create some interesting personal dynamics and new ways to solve cases. The concept of delving into the psychology of the human mind, the impact of decisions in one world versus the other, and the disappearance of Peter is just a kicker. The mental gymnastics of what people remember is great fun. Shows nowadays are really missing that aspect.

    Agent Lee is a perfect vehicle to teach the newbies coming into the show about what they missed. And seeing sad Olivia is also a strange throw-back. Anna Torv is a wonderful actress. The nuances are dead-on. Loved this episode and the show overall!

  • Fringe keeps getting better.


    The show returns for its fourth season with one of their best episodes up to date.

    It's been one week since the events that took place in the end of season 3, and we find out that Peter Bishop has erased himself from history but parts of him seem to be around. No one remembers him, not even Walter.Agent Lincoln Lee (Seth Gabel) makes his way into the Fringe Division, while the team investigates what seems to be a new kind of shapeshifters.

    There's a lot more that makes this episode kind of unique; if you're reading this, go watch it, you won't regret.

  • 401


    Last year Fringe got a little bit out of control and while there are some that absolutely loved it, I longed for the old days of Fringe with simple cases and not too many long arcs. I missed one universe. While we kind of got back to basics today with one case and Walter making jokes in the lab and whathaveyou, I still think the show is missing something. This was just a little bit too dull for me I am sorry to say and it was not worth the four months we waited for it.