Season 4 Episode 1

Neither Here Nor There

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Sep 23, 2011 on FOX

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  • Well I dont know

    I really hate to do this, I really love Fringe a lot. I'm confused on what happen here, its like all the elements were thrown out and it's like I don't know the characters again. This was really dry I'm sorry it was something in the air and it's missing, nothing was funny no good times solving cases like teamwork. And Peter is gone, its like taking Walter out. Its bland, I don't get why Walter is even there if Peter never made it to adulthood. Walter would never help the FBI, Peter was that stability till Walter got use to things. The purpose of taking out Peter should have caused a huge ripple effect just like any of the main characters didn't exist. I got know answers and even the new mutants running around sucking material from other people blood and that's pretty much it. No real case solving no well nothing. I don't know if Lincoln is suppose to be a substitute Peter or something, but if you all don't think that something is missing isn't Peter your dead wrong. I think the show is all over the place and were back to season 1 learning the characters again. Every new season they keep erasing what we gained, last season Olivia was everywhere but we didn't see much of her role but we seen fauxlivia a lot. Just when a real relationship was about to kick bam that happens, than a relationship starts again than bam Peters gone. It's like were never moving forward just stuck in one place and sometimes moving back just to end up where we left off. This show is on its 4th season this show had enough time to mature its time to make some stability.