Season 2 Episode 2

Night of Desirable Objects

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Sep 24, 2009 on FOX
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The Fringe team travels to Pennsylvania to investigate an underground tunnel full of human remains. Meanwhile, Walter experiments using frogs to travel between realities.

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  • Night of Desirable Objects

    We are creatures fast. Rushed make our day and swing speed comes to us only in situations of impact. That's when I hit my knee on the chair careless that I realize my genica. All to say, when we packed the worst we can do is put an object in front.

    And this "Night of Desirable Objects" is a huge obstacle in our journey and see one of my worst fears, that bind a curious chain.

    First, we turn to the case of the week. After a late start and later filled with mythology and the key issues, is pressing the pause button and go to the field. Neither Massive Dynamics, global or conspiracies, or big cities, not the slightest connection - they sometimes still struggle but not here - with the central plot. People are disappearing and nobody knows why.

    Why is my second point, because if nobody knows we know very quickly. Everything is predictable, very predictable. If you really want to continue to invest in this type of narrative structure have to add mystery, twists, surprises, and not report everything to the middle of the story, because then the little interest that we immediately dies. 40 minutes are linear where a doctor has created a child-freak who is a sort of mole. What this contributes to our happiness? Or rather, what it contributes to the happiness of the series? Absolutely nothing.

    Thirdly, the spaces that exist and could function as the primary engine of the plot are wasted in moments like this that Walter (John Noble) again repeats his theory. Characters that could give a new fresh air to the situations and actions, are silenced, as Jessup (Meghan Markle), which after a promising start here was not a single speech. And the only novelty of the episode was the fact that Olivia (Anna Torv) to be very careful with the hearing, an apparent consequence of having traveled to a parallel universe [I do not consider that the new Charlie (Kirk Acevedo) is bad and trying to walk draw information from the protagonist].

    Fourthly and lastly, there is my fear of having fewer words to write or to write always the same.

    "Fringe" has room to grow. It has room for a plot and a primary event of the week. It's just a matter of consciously managing well and all these plots, never forgetting the crucial value of entertainment.moreless
  • Little slow paced, but good to see incite of characters

    It was a little slow. Didn't care much about the case though yes it was predicable. I liked how the team worked together though in my opinion I think their doing lazy cases or should I say lazy case writing because of Olivia's injuries. That is what disappoints me but, for me why i give it the score I did because I got to see some sweet moments like Peter and his father asking to go fishing with him, Olivia and Peter working together. Not often Olivia asks for help she always did it alone and this was great to see them working together.moreless
  • In case anyone missed the following X-Files Episode: "The Post-Modern Prometheus" - you are treated to its re-telling in this mostly disappointing episode...

    Okay, now that I'm on board with this whole FRINGE phenom., I was really hoping that this creepy episode would not turn out to be so weak. And face it folks, it was a direct rip off of the X-Files episode referenced in my summary. And in a world in which a simple domestic dispute will result in an entire neighborhood being surrounded by police cars with FOX NEWS flying overhead, I just couldn't buy the whole idea of Olivia and Peter showing up at the end to apprehend the creature beneath the house - especially, since the Sherrif had already gone missing. A message to the writers: Your audience is NOT STUPID - quit treating us as if we are or else you will sure to find your program on the list of those CANCELED. Peace Out!moreless
  • Pretty predictable, which was a shame and a surprise - and not the good kind.

    It's always disappointing to have figured out where an episode of any show is going from before halfway through - it really takes the fun out of watching a show. It was very obvious that the kidnapper/killer was the old guy's son as soon as he waxed lyrical about having lost his and, from there, all you were watching for was the appearance of the grotesque creature itself. Overall, the episode felt like a filler: something to keep us occupied while the writers figure out where to take the overall story. Or they've figured it all out already and are just toying with us.moreless
  • screenagedkicks covered everything in his review and I agree completely, but he missed one thing.

    screenagedkicks covered everything in his review and I agree completely, but he missed one thing. I hoped someones review would cover it 'cuz I didn't want to write a review just "vent my spleen" on this 1 issue, but it also occurred in 2x03 so I thought I'd just bother all of you with it. In this episode they drove back and forth from Boston to Pennsylvania like 5 or 6 times and then a few times in 2x03 also. That is a 6 hour drive each way, and Olivia is still recovering from a head wound ! I would be too out of it to investigate anything after even 2 of those trips. One of the 2 eps. had a scene where they asked for a cargo plane so maybe they're going to use that to avoid this situation in the future.moreless
Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle

Junior Agent Amy Jessup

Guest Star

John Savage

John Savage

Andre Hughes

Guest Star

Charles Martin Smith

Charles Martin Smith

Sheriff Golightly

Guest Star

Kevin Corrigan

Kevin Corrigan

Sam Weiss

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (6)

    • When Agent Jessup opens the Bible at the Hughes' house, she finds a newspaper clipping. The clipping has details about the death of Evelyn and her child. The three columns of print have the same paragraphs repeating over and over, some word for word.

    • In the opening scene, a CN Railway train is shown passing through or near the town of Lansdale, PA, which is located near Philadelphia on the eastern edge of the state. CN's only route through Pennsylvania is along its western border near Pittsburgh.

    • Trivia: The Canadian National locomotive that passes as Raymond's coworkers call out his name bear the logo "CN." This is a reference to the next episode, "Fracture," where the goal of Project Tin Man was to combat the effects of CYANOGEN, a nerve gas with a chemical formula made up of two cyanide (CN) groups linked together (NC-CN), and alludes to the fact that the CN-related explosion occurred in a train station.

    • Trivia: The "soda" that Peter gets from the fridge 15mins in is in fact Fentimans Curiosity Cola from England

    • Trivia: The Observer can be seen to the right of the Hughes house in the long shot as Jessup goes in.

    • Trivia: The glyph code for this episode is MIRROR.

  • QUOTES (6)

    • Peter: Did you check the drawers?
      Olivia: Nope. Anything I've forgotten, they can keep. I don't want to spend another minute here. I'm, uh, no good at sitting around.
      Peter: You're also no good at letting people help you.
      Olivia: Oh, I'll let you carry my suitcase.

    • Astrid: We've been at this for five hours.
      Walter: Science is patience.
      Astrid: It's also slimy.

    • Sheriff Golightly: Be damned if I know what to make of it.
      Walter: Well, we're all victims of our own gene pool. Someone must have peed in yours.

    • Peter: How's it going, Walter?
      Walter: I plan to urinate in 23 minutes.
      Peter: Good to know.
      Walter: I'm telling you because I'm going to need help unzipping my fly. I can't feel my hand.

    • Walter: The base solution contains human DNA, male, I think. Of course, it's a mutation. Perhaps a whole new stage of human evolution. Wouldn't that be fantastic?
      Peter: If we've stumbled upon a mutant? No. Fantastic's not the first word that pops into my mind.
      Walter: We're all mutants. What's more remarkable is how many of us appear to be normal.

    • Peter: That was Olivia--Agent Jessup told her Hughes may have killed his wife and child 17 years ago.
      Walter: Oh, finally some good news. I assume we can dig them up. I haven't had any bodies to examine.

  • NOTES (3)

    • International Airdates:
      UK: October 11, 2009 on Sky1/Sky1 HD
      Sweden: November 26, 2009 on Kanal 5
      Germany: March 15, 2010 on ProSieben
      Poland: September 16, 2010 on TVN
      Finland: September 29, 2010 on MTV3
      Czech Republic: December 10, 2010 on Nova Cinema
      Slovakia: March 19, 2012 on Markiza

    • Despite her guest star billing, Meghan Markle has no dialogue.

    • Music: Poor Little Fool (Rick Nelson), Dear Mr. Fantasy (Traffic)