Season 2 Episode 21

Northwest Passage

Aired Friday 9:00 PM May 06, 2010 on FOX

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  • Northwest Passage

    We grabbed the map and think about the geography. In our geography. We are just after a series of exciting and brilliant episodes, after a full return of strength and conviction, and almost, almost at the last two volumes that give name to the end. We are more precisely in "Northwest Passage".

    This was an episode dedicated to Peter (Joshua Jackson). Because of its importance (yet unexplained) in the overall scheme of things the character assumes the role so long awaited. In the middle of his flight to somewhere in search of answers, in search of himself, Peter finds himself embroiled in a series of strange crimes. A small town is suddenly haunted by strange disappearances and killings, pointing directly to the involvement of Newton (Sebastian Roch). How will it be the reason for murder, decides to join the sheriff's service and help in the investigation. Haunted by the past, by apparent visions and there are no phone calls it turns out to discover the real culprit. A bucket of cold water to the extent that the solution has little to do with the answers he sought. In the end, deserved rest, the song "Is There a Ghost" from Band of Horses is interrupted, and Newton shows him her real father. The dark and lucid Walternate.

    Despite the fantastic atmosphere of a small town, lost in the cold and dense state of Washington - to refer again and again to "Twin Peaks" - the episode was just a means to an end. A confused and atabalhoado pretext for the long-awaited rematch between Walternate (Mr. Secretary) and Peter. We knew this would happen, that the bad guys come looking for you to recruit and possibly lead back to the other side. What we did not know is that it required a great excuse for this story happen. The main investigation dragged on without much pace or direction, without deciding it wanted to address the dilemma of the protagonist or find out who killed the girls. Then why not just address the fund either of these two points, touching Peter the final surprise of the episode and guilty to offering a three blows without reason or explanation. To make matters worse, this mystery was being interrupted by intervals useless where we saw Walter (John Noble) and Olivia (Anna Torv) to remind us who are concerned.

    As an appetizer following the end - just saw the promo and went crazy! - Expected something more dense. A trip more meaningful to the feelings of indecision and Peter. More substance to fill the action and does not leave us empty of trumps in his hand.

    The Best: The environment.

    The worst: It was a poor excuse for a final rich.
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