Season 2 Episode 7

Of Human Action

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Nov 12, 2009 on FOX

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  • Of Human Action

    After half a dozen signs of fatigue are evident. We came here with dark circles and without faith. Counting the days of those who know equal to those who wait know different.

    It is not necessary to read minds to know the opinion already worn and used, "Fringe" is sick. Symptoms of an initial season got worse and now we are faced with several problems: first, the central plot is interspersed with episodes amorphous, without the slightest reference to the mythology of the series, and secondly, these fillers may even be interested if they had mystery, suspense, tension, but nothing is so obvious that even offend, and finally, as a consequence of the two preceding paragraphs, the fluidity and willingness to watch the next episode ceased to exist.

    And that's how I would position myself to watch one more case of the week. And so I was happily surprised, for "Of Human Action" is everything a weekly episode of "Fringe" should be. It is the careful correction of the faults listed. Consider this: the beginning (always good) presents us with a pair of kidnappers and a kid. The police try in vain to catch them but they are driven by what we perceive to be mind control, to put an end to their lives. The flight continues, as the normal hunting, but which at any time it was not linear here:

    Neither the first nor the raptor raptor two were the real cause of those deaths and that kidnapping. The way we were showing the incident was well mounted, with some plans that led us to believe a false truth. The real culprit was the kidnapped girl. The roles were reversed and sinister after the accident victim was a predator. A good surprise that filled the first part of the episode and dynamic force.

    The scene of the headphones is sublime. Although a mechanism has already seen, resulted in perfection, offering as close to reality here, leading us into the heart of the action, lost in the sleepy sound. One of the best exercises for action that the series has offered us this season.

    Discovering the identity of the villain of service missing figure out why all their wickedness. Peter (Joshua Jackson) is abducted and taken a road trip, tense and turbulent, which only ends when the young man finds his mother, who told him that was dead, that he seeks only to embrace never to quit. This is the mind in question was normal and not full of violence. New trail, but this time with a happy ending.

    Finally, then there is the connection to Massive Dynamics and William Bell (Leonard Nimoy). We knew that the young man's father was a scientist of the company, we did not know, and that was revealed only in the final moments, is that everything was part of a giant experiment. A laboratory test where dozens of clones are tested, where many Tylers have put their skills into play. The final scene is beautiful, with the balance of Nina Sharp (Blair Brown) to serve as background to the closing of the doors.

    Creativity, rhythm, mystery and action. Episodes are so "Fringe" needs. Moments that grab from start to finish and that destapem gradually the veil of events. May more.

    The Best: The scene of the headphones.

    The worst: The cases of the week are not all like that.
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