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  • Olivia

    Remember? Remember how it ended? Something close to the epic, parked next to the memorial. We forgive everything, everything was back, because it was passed, there would then have to impress. Those endless hours aimlessly were then justified by one of the most driven and ambitious end of last season. And now? Will finally found the North?

    "Fringe" is actually a lot confused. Confusing in that it makes me, as they say, ah then, confused. If, on the one hand, it presents a mass of boring and unnecessary cases of the week, on the other hand, offers one of the most interesting stories based on recent science fiction. And when the main focuses of the date, do it with a brilliant narrative economy, uncovering the key points of the plot and really showing to be reached. Without mincing words. Remember how long we had to walk to see what was the central plot of "The X Files"? Years and years and years, and yet perhaps still breathe some doubts. Well, not here. In the third season as the water is clear we are at war.

    A war between two universes. Good and Evil And things are complicated, the lines were faint because there was an exchange. Olivia (Anna Torv) changed from here to there Olivia. And if there was fear, if there was fear that this perplexity was quickly resolved and there we return to the usual filling of sausage, I think we can breathe a sigh of relief. "Olivia" is a wonderful episode that takes us to a completely unexpected: the protagonist is the target of a diabolical plan, carried out by the creepy Walternate (John Noble), in order to suggest that she is the "other" in to convert to your side with the ultimate aim of understanding how the transition is made between skilled universes.

    And everything here is Olivia. She runs away, she tries to return home, she struggles with the other world and struggle with herself to keep alive old memories. Those that make it a unique and special. The way the episode is told is quite exceptional, a mixture of "Collateral" with "Dollhouse." The enclosed space taxi to mirror the prison of the mind, which leads to a dead end. Gradually kilometer kilometer, we watch the inevitable change, the transformation did not want to see. The character of the taxi driver gets automatically our confidence and the other characters, the parallels are given the ambiguity of an intricate plot (future) complicated. Yes, things are not so easy. Yes, we spend much time here.

    In the final moments returned to our universe. A small taste of the state of affairs: Peter (Joshua Jackson) in love with a Altivia with little airtime. It was perhaps the beginning of what will be the second episode, that is, on this side. It seems that this season will alternate between universes, a generic green episode, an episode generic red. If you think this really confirm that we have called the game changer and the perspective of a season utterly bombastic. Has "Fringe" finally found its place? Friends, I think so.

    And so it was ripped with a smile I saw one of the best starts of this television season. A frantic escape, full of mythology and winks of the eye - and review is necessary to drink all the juice contained in these 40 minutes - full of what we always wanted. The time is now. Here and there.

    Best: Everything, with particular attention to the way an unexpected narrative.

    The Worst: All the episodes are not so.
  • N0t what I expected

    Well it was good to see it back again. Good run episode Olivia escaping it had me going and hoping that she would find a way out of there. Everyone was out to get her only help she had was the taxi driver. Olivia been given some time of drug that put their Olivia memories in our Olivias memories it wasn't working at first but after she escaped she begin remembering the other Olivias memories. It turns out that the adrenaline help to push drug into her brain, now Olivia is lost transform into the other Olivia. This is very sad and the others don't have a clue which is very odd especially they knew there was another Olivia so they have an advantage over the other side. I guess this is going to be along one probably all season till Olivia gets back or if she every does. :/
  • Huge disappointment.


    Really?! After everything that happened in the previous season in the pilot of the third season I receive this? I am very disappointed with this episode. Basically there was nothing interesting apart from strange things happenning to Olivia. Where's Walter, where's Peter, where's "Fringe" glue that attracted me to the screen?

    The episode was dull. I had great expectations towards this episode and frankly speaking I hope that next episodes will bring something much more interesting than just some slow-paced action with no follow-up story and vague plot line.

    I have considerd "Fringe" as one of the best shows created. Everything has had its logic, has had its consequences. This episode was full of things that never really happened in "Fringe" I know. I would consider them as discontinuity and something that was made without any previous thinking that the viewer can't be so stupid believing it. And I don't think of memory repression and replacement but simple occurences that existed in "Olivia" episode.

    I am looking forward to the next episode but I have mixed feelings if what I see will satisfy me. A very bad starter bu let's have a hope that it will change only for better.

  • One of my favorites!


    Red episodes are really cool, I like being on the other side, seeing what could have been and what couldn't. I bet season 3 is going to be the best one yet. Big applaud to the actors who so amazingly change their characters for the alternate universe.

    It's scary to see what Olivia goes through in this episode, her "change" and Walternates abuse. The man is evil, can't wait to see the reason for all this. I loved the cabdriver Henry, having a big case of the Stockholm syndrome, hope to see him more. Mother Dunham was also a big treat even though Olivia went totally lost in her arms, mommypower!

    But as always a few parts didn't really make sense...

    From the season 2 finale, everything goes really fast when the "other" Olivia gets the order to switch side. I know she is a genius, but how does she know about the typewriter and small stuff like finding her way in Boston (It's amber in her world), her apartment and so on?? She didn't even know that the other side existed a few hours ago.

    I was really upset that no one (on both sides) of her friends and partners thought that she could be the wrong Olivia. When our Olivia met Lincoln at thegas station she could have said: "Don't you get it!? Theswitched us! I'm Olivia from the other universe, not your partner!" But yeh, wouldn't be a very good story then...

    Peter is being very stupid also, the guy must have a pretty big ego to think that Olivia would change so much dating him. Think with your head Peter!

    Love that they brought back Charlie and added Lincoln to the show, they are funny together! Astrid though...She seems like a very nice and caring person on our side, why make her a robot computer thing!?

    And finally something stupid...Henry must have read our Olivia like a book when he went shopping for her, he picked out the typical Olivia off work clothes and amazingly everything fits perfectly even though he never asked her about her size. Good work, I wish I could hire him as my personal shopper.

    Anyway, I loved the episode, can't wait to see how everything unfolds!

  • Yes!

    It's back, and it's starting off as good as it left off! This episode had me swearing like no other. I love the show but oh my, this has to be the biggest thing of the whole series. Olivia, our Olivia, I dare not say more for it would spoil it but darn! I like how they approach it now, there are technically two stories, one on each side. This should make for a lot of good content to come, now that we have both sides to hear from. I am just a little worried, Olivia is the main character of the whole show, I hope they don't mess things up with this new plot, I can see it running for a bit but as long as it doesn't stay this way, I will be fine.
  • Olivia comes home, sort of...

    Still stuck inside the room she was left off, Olivia is being brainwashed into thinking the alternate universe in which she actually lives it's an stressed related fantasy because of her job on Fringe Division. Little by little, the things she takes for granted are questioned as a Doctor shows her pictures of alternate Olivia's life, one in which both her mother and Charlie Francis are still alive, one in which there's no Dr. Walter Bishop or Peter.

    Secretary Bishop insist to continue the treatment until Olivia makes her last attempt to escape, a taxi driver oddly similar as Sam Weiss takes her to the part as agent Linc gets a visit from original agent Francis and the two joke as the friends they never got to be in our Universe bith of them under the impression that our Olivia indeed escaped and it's their Olivia the one with a psychotic break so, once reports of her escape surfances, they go to help her like Peter would've done.

    But in the end it's not her partners, not the treatment, not even her loneliness but her mother herself what triggers the expected results of Secretary Bishop's experiments: Olivia finally comes home, even if its not hers.
  • wasn't as good as fringe we knew but I give 9 just because it's good to see it back!

    I was so excited about it! I spend months thinking about what will happen in season3!
    well it feels terrible watching Olivia being prisoner and under brain washing! I felt so sorry for her! she didn't desrved that, she is a very loyal agent to her country (and we can say her universe!) and she has done such a big(!) for he love to Peter. what happend to her wasn't fair.
    I realy realy realy hope that guy Henry make her remember who realy she is. by the way being the other side Olivia has it's own benefits, I mean that gun shots was so cool!!
    at the end Peter kissed Olivia, what I wanted to happen whole season 2 and it does at the end of last season and we saw that for the second time in this episode but I didn't like it this time because this Olivia doesn't deserve Peter!
    I hope they find out about who realy she is sometime soon.
  • 301

    Fringe's third season premiere is a little bit over the top (I do not think having it nearly entirely in the other world was a smart move) but it was still an entertaining hour of television. I have always felt that Anna Torv was a little stiff in the role and that this show was made by the supporting cast, but in this episode she dominated the screen and really did a great job putting over the magnitude of the situation at hand. This was not the best potential introduction to new fans for the show who may have tuned in for the first time, but an okay start for the sci-fi series.
  • *** Spoiler-free *** Refreshing red & blue format ; intriguing and exciting story ; convincing and puzzling acting ; immersive and assistive production

    Back in 1977 after watching Close Encounters of the Third Kind my 5 years old sister began to suspect her brother, little mini me, to be an alien. When E.T. : The Extra-Terrestrial was released 5 years later my sister was still the same age but convinced that I was a creature from an other planet. When you have grown up with Steven Spielberg it's easy to confuse reality and fiction. In 2008 when Fringe invaded our TV I decided to give it a chance. However I couldn't help compare it to The X-Files so I quickly gave up on it, in fact right after its fourth episode, The Arrival. Otherwise since then I have kept reading news about it and when the parallel universe topic was first mentioned I couldn't help thinking about Sliders and even Saint Seiya. But it's only until recently that I finally decided to give the show an other chance.

    My father is a shapeshifter. Every scifi fans should read Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. Despite its numerous qualities Fringe season 1 disappointed some of its viewers. From the episodic format to the questionable character development people had plenty of reasons to move on. Others kept watching and now that I have seen Olivia I sort of envy them. Indeed it seems a lot of twisted things happened and according to reviewers the show has kept getting better and better. It's specially true for season 3 because its first episode was quite entertaining. Focusing on one character only was the right decision because it strengthened the story pace. Considering I missed 16 episodes and the whole season 2 I have to admit that the recap was a little confusing. Alternate who what when where ? Is Anna Torv related to Jeff Dunham ? But even newcomers should quickly get their X marks.

    My mother is a stormtrooper. Anna Torv dual performance was strong and exciting. I couldn't help thinking about Ali Larter as Niki Sanders in Heroes. Indeed now Olivia has an alternate double it seems both characters will have to deal with issues like personality disorder. The approach is refreshing compared to cloning for example, even if Invasion was great in my opinion. And the actress made the idea execution even more disturbing until the very end of the episode. From the different hair colors to the historical references there were also many elements to help us dissociate the real world from the parallel universe. I also think that it's wise to only cover one side at a time. The story occurred in the other dimension and once you have taken the red pill I think it's hard to resist the blue one. So the constant switch between the two should be as addictive as a good old game of Pong.

    With the cancellation of shows like Dollhouse and Caprica it seems there's more room for Fringe. However it definitely deserves its success but I still worry about the balance between its parallel and episodic stories. The last have to be very original to keep the audience glued to its seat. But from the dual characters to the immersive production The Puppet Masters magic should work. So let's follow Olivia in Alterland because an epic war is about to happen and not doing our part could be a fatal mistake. Would you like to know more ?
  • Fringe is back and loses none of its momentum with a season opener all about what's going on in the parallel universe.

    Once it seemed like an X-Files clone and now nothing could be further from the truth as Fringe takes us deeper into the shows epic twist on its slow to be revealed mythology.

    The whole episode is centred around the original Olivia and Walternate's plan to make her think she's alternate Olivia. As confusing as it sounds it makes sense watching it and while Walternate's plan remains a mystery Olivia's transformation into her parallel self is thrilling to watch, and very well acted by Anna Torv. At first the audience is lulled into thinking Olivia won't be conquered but the subtle changes become noticeable as Alternate Olivia's memories become mingled with her own.

    Even though it's just setting the scene for more complicated and mind bending future episodes there's nothing to not like about this epsiode. All the actors are on top form, there's plenty of fun alternate reality stuff for the observant viewer and there's a really cool big explosion as well. The best season opener yet and confirms that there's no going back now we've "crossed the line".
  • A slow but steady season premiere

    The second season came to a close with the introduction of the Alt-Fringe universe, and the revelation that Olivia had been trapped there, a prisoner of the alternate Walter Bishop, that world's Secretary of Defense. As promised by the writers and producers all summer long, the format of the third season, at least in the beginning, is designed to present each of the two parallel worlds (Fringe Prime and Alt-Fringe) in alternating fashion.

    There are pros and cons to this approach. The obvious benefit is that the writers can show us the state of Alt-Fringe, rather than tell us about it. This episode alone provides a great deal of insight into the use of technology to mitigate the deleterious effects of the "fringe events" that plague Alt-Fringe and its citizens. For those who mistakenly believe that we live in a dictator-driven police state, take a close look at Alt-Fringe: it holds far more of those trappings than current Western society could ever claim.

    But this is a world under siege, and one in which the unusual and disparate happenings of The Pattern are all too commonplace. The technological horrors that Olivia, Peter, and Walter investigated on Fringe Prime are a matter of everyday life on Alt-Fringe. In the process of communicating this concept visually, through Olivia's direct experience and a constant background barrage, the writers put meaning behind all those dire warnings from Mr. Jones and others going back to the first season.

    This is important, because it continues to establish the full context of the conflict at hand. As horrifying as many of the ZFT experiments might have been, now we're getting a glimpse of what the end result was meant to resist. Walternate's cold, calculated approach to the survival of his world, at the cost of Fringe Prime, is something that will require much more than has been done thus far.

    By showing us the state of Alt-Fringe and, presumably, the effects of the "fringe events" on that world, the writers take what was a straightforward conflict of good and evil and reframe it as something more intriguing and substantial. I suspect that we will come to understand Walternate and his motivations, just as we are coming to see the context of ZFT's terrorist actions. As with all good and compelling villains, they are not evil for evil's sake; they act out of a sincere belief that they are doing the right thing for the greater good.

    None of which makes Olivia's experience in this episode any less immoral or disturbing. The idea that Alt-Fringe has the technology to transfer memories to subvert an individual's sense of self is a neat extension of existing concepts in the world of "Fringe", and presents some very interesting story possibilities. It certainly goes a long way towards explaining how the swap of Olivias will be able to linger on for a while, and also makes correction of the problem a far more difficult prospect.

    The challenge of setting all of this up correctly, of course, is that it depends on a subtle manipulation of Olivia's perception, allowing the internal process to take hold and propagate until Olivia is convinced that she is Alt-Olivia (or, to use a more common convention Faux-livia). Therein lies the problem: one aspect of the story must necessarily work in the shadows, while the other is taking place within Olivia and only seen through the filter of Olivia's actions, choices, and comments.

    It's a great thing for the plot, and it sets up very good things for the future, but it's not the most exciting thing to bring to the table for a season premiere. It depends greatly upon the audience's understanding of the situation and Olivia's character. Anna Torv does a great job with the material she is given, but if this was meant to entice new viewers in any way, I don't know how well it's going to work.

    After all, even if the content itself is not seen as a challenge for new or casual viewers, then the slow and methodical nature of the subversion process itself could its downfall. The story needed to take its time, and even as an invested member of the audience, a fan since the very beginning, I was occasionally losing patience with the pacing.

    This is not an idle observation. Fans shouldn't forget that the renewal of "Fringe" was not a foregone conclusion, and there was a lot of concern that the show would come to an early and untimely end. The ratings erosion in the second season was at least partially due to its slow and unfocused start. I was hoping that "Fringe" would come out of the gate hitting the ground running, to make a solid statement and accelerate the pace. That didn't happen, so while I'm happy with the episode we received, I'm wary of the potential repercussions of the writing choices.
  • noooooooooooo.... of all the things I would have expected...

    Spoilers ahead

    well, this i didn't see coming. I was rooting for her to find a way home and kick some Altlivia buttocks but it turned out she has become the new Altlivia thanks to some cool drugs. It was a frustrating episode... exciting, fast, intense, awesome but also so so frustrating from the point she started to lose it because we all knew she will succumb to the other memories. i wonder what will happen to the cab driver...i would be cool if he would be the one to save her. another frustrating part was the incredibly little time they assigned to our world and the real team... and of come Peter didn't notice she was so fake. walter was great as usual... I want some of those cookies too

    all in all it was a awesome episode, loved every second of it and can't wait to see what happens next. what a hell of a twist in the story... it just came to me! maybe they want Olivia to think she is Altlivia to care about that world and hate her own. if she wants to destroy the other world, when she discovers how to get to the other side she will gladly help Walternate with his plans.
  • See Summary

    Olivia was awesome. This was a great kick start to the new season of Fringe. This show gets better with each episode. I was excited and entertained watching this episode. Olivia has been through a lot, and now she is being imprinted with the other Olivia's Memory and Personality. Its a battle of the mind, and its interesting to see the other things going on as well. Its almost difficult to decipher which world is which in some scenes. Where did the "blimp" go? There are questions answered, and new ones asked. I look forward to seeing how things unravel this season.
  • Fringe's back in fine form

    First of all, let me say I was a little disappointed at how "Over there, part 2" turned out. But this one ... is just great ! Fringe dares to break its "monster-of-the-week" format, hopefully once and for all, and dares to have only ONE of its regulars for most of the episode, which is no small feat. It was action-packed AND character-driven at the same time ( good performance from Anna Torv, probably one of her best ), and the end was quite shocking, since we're accustomed to see Liv prevail in all situations. But hey, when someones uses your dead mom against you, what chances do you have ?
    I guess our Olivia is gone, but maybe the other one will little by little begin to care for the other universe and thwart Walternate's plans, becoming by default the "main", "good" Olivia ... now that would be a twist !
    Oh, and the actor that plays the taxi driver was just great, I hope he comes back ( as it seems ).
  • Olivia is in a mental hospital, with the staff trying to convince her that she is Bolivia. They give her drugs to put Bolivia's memories into her. She escapes from the hospital, hijacks a cab, and meets her mother before accepting who she is.

    I couldn't wait for Fringe to come back. I was eagerly anticipating, to the point where I was scared--what if the season premiere was a letdown?

    I'm so happy to report that it lived up to my expectations!

    We are going to learn more about the altuniverse. Olivia isn't going to escape from there for a while. And, I can't wait to learn more about it!

    I personally don't think Olivia is faking with that acceptance. I think that the drugs will have to wear off of her, and she'll try to escape again. I think she's confused right now--what are real memories and what are fake. And, I'm looking forward to seeing how that's resolved. I think we're in for a wild ride!

    In this episode, there weren't a lot of action taking place in our universe. I have the idea that next week, it will take place in our universe, so we'll be able to follow our team (with Bolivia). Fringe is back, and so far, it's better than ever. (No one, let the low ratings discourage you. Fringe is awesome!)
  • I've decided I don't like the alternate Walter.

    I like the Walter who pees his pants and eats the middles out of Oreo cookies. :o\

    But the alternate Walter is going to be the genesis of all the tension and evil-doing for this season I guess. And John Noble can really play both sides of the coin very well. Brings me back to: where was that Emmy nod this past season for Noble again??? Must have gotten lost in the mail...

    Poor Olivia. She has been pumped so full of experimental drugs in both universes she should theoretically have deteriorated into a pile of vampire-like goo a la True Blood. However I'm betting on her using the best (or worst) of both worlds to get things turned around.

    And speaking of wake-up and smell the coffee: when are they all going to notice the subtle differences in alternate Olivia on this side? They might start with, or Peter might, a smiley Olivia (?) first off, and then an Olivia who just went with that kiss like it was something that had been going on for some time... I'm sure Walter will be the first to notice, between Oreo cookies...