Season 3 Episode 1


Aired Friday 9:00 PM Sep 23, 2010 on FOX

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  • Olivia

    Remember? Remember how it ended? Something close to the epic, parked next to the memorial. We forgive everything, everything was back, because it was passed, there would then have to impress. Those endless hours aimlessly were then justified by one of the most driven and ambitious end of last season. And now? Will finally found the North?

    "Fringe" is actually a lot confused. Confusing in that it makes me, as they say, ah then, confused. If, on the one hand, it presents a mass of boring and unnecessary cases of the week, on the other hand, offers one of the most interesting stories based on recent science fiction. And when the main focuses of the date, do it with a brilliant narrative economy, uncovering the key points of the plot and really showing to be reached. Without mincing words. Remember how long we had to walk to see what was the central plot of "The X Files"? Years and years and years, and yet perhaps still breathe some doubts. Well, not here. In the third season as the water is clear we are at war.

    A war between two universes. Good and Evil And things are complicated, the lines were faint because there was an exchange. Olivia (Anna Torv) changed from here to there Olivia. And if there was fear, if there was fear that this perplexity was quickly resolved and there we return to the usual filling of sausage, I think we can breathe a sigh of relief. "Olivia" is a wonderful episode that takes us to a completely unexpected: the protagonist is the target of a diabolical plan, carried out by the creepy Walternate (John Noble), in order to suggest that she is the "other" in to convert to your side with the ultimate aim of understanding how the transition is made between skilled universes.

    And everything here is Olivia. She runs away, she tries to return home, she struggles with the other world and struggle with herself to keep alive old memories. Those that make it a unique and special. The way the episode is told is quite exceptional, a mixture of "Collateral" with "Dollhouse." The enclosed space taxi to mirror the prison of the mind, which leads to a dead end. Gradually kilometer kilometer, we watch the inevitable change, the transformation did not want to see. The character of the taxi driver gets automatically our confidence and the other characters, the parallels are given the ambiguity of an intricate plot (future) complicated. Yes, things are not so easy. Yes, we spend much time here.

    In the final moments returned to our universe. A small taste of the state of affairs: Peter (Joshua Jackson) in love with a Altivia with little airtime. It was perhaps the beginning of what will be the second episode, that is, on this side. It seems that this season will alternate between universes, a generic green episode, an episode generic red. If you think this really confirm that we have called the game changer and the perspective of a season utterly bombastic. Has "Fringe" finally found its place? Friends, I think so.

    And so it was ripped with a smile I saw one of the best starts of this television season. A frantic escape, full of mythology and winks of the eye - and review is necessary to drink all the juice contained in these 40 minutes - full of what we always wanted. The time is now. Here and there.

    Best: Everything, with particular attention to the way an unexpected narrative.

    The Worst: All the episodes are not so.