Season 2 Episode 17

Olivia. In The Lab. With The Revolver.

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Apr 08, 2010 on FOX

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  • Olivia. In the Lab. With The Revolver

    The title, length, content does not reflect short. It is accurate in the subject matter - after an episode about the childhood of Peter (Joshua Jackson) turned the camera toward the beautiful protagonist - but back to bring out all the problems that plague the series.

    It's hard to write something new about "Fringe" when "Fringe" does not give us anything of that nature. The episode focused primarily on the dilemma of Olivia (Anna Torv): tell or not to tell Peter the truth about who he is? Met the master of bowling, in the hope of some guidance, some advice. The character of this modern master is so far (and do not believe better) beside a huge fire. Loose some enigmatic phrases that should be deep but they are not, and submits the agent to foreign methods of "cure" (the scene was completely pointless Cluedo). I can not understand its place or role in the plot and think anyone who writes also still not well understood.

    Story not count? And yet one of the co-Olivia Jacksonville, subject also to those tests and experiments, it begins to kill the rest of the class. With one touch, he passes his illness (cancer) to another for some time and is healthy. The first victim is known Diane Kruger, who lends her grace here for another start in full. After that follows the investigation and manhunt, until inevitably he comes to the house of the protagonist. A good fight scene, a kind of redemption from a villain who is just a victim and all ends well. Mysteries? Yes, who is the man that walketh to enable these people and why do the walking? Activations, with the exception of Olivia, and do not seem to result only lead to death of those who experience. In the future we will know more.

    Finally, Olivia decides not to tell but Walter (John Noble), in turn, thinks it's time for truth. And so we live in an episode that, while addressing the core issue, failed to capture or add anything new. And then I heard the repetition of "Peter" is really a shame that this happens.

    The Best: For does not vary much, the beginning.

    Worst: We return to the usual song.
  • The Nitty Gritty

    Well this was definitely different episode. This case was about a man walking around giving people his cancer that went to a special school like Olivia in the same class. Children that had special abilities, Olivia can't seem to come to grips in telling Peter the truth or just leaving it be. Finally she came to terms in not telling Peter and told Walter that he may be right, but Walter had enough doing harm in life and he want to start putting things back together doing the right thing. He said he will tell Peter the truth where he came from. This is where it will get interesting his reaction I can tell you I wouldn't be happy. Can't wait for next episode.
  • Great Clue-Based Episode

    This episode was excellent, even with following an episode like "Peter". The Clue references were great, like Olivia beating that guy up with a candlestick! Although, not sure why the title was "Olivia. In the Lab. With a revolver" , then. It should be candlestick! But, anyways the speed dial moment was priceless when Olivia called the 1st number she could when she was being chased around by cancer causing guy...and it was Peter! Later she said that Peter was only #3 and that the Indian Food guy and Rachel were before him, but you could tell peter was #1.
  • Another set of clues

    In many respects, this is just another episode about just another unusual case. But there are tons of connections to the larger mythology, in terms of the fallout of the previous two episodes. Not only are aspects of the Jacksonville experiments becoming more and more integral to the progression of the story, but Peter is going to learn the truth about his origins.

    It was pretty clear that Walter was going to come to the conclusion that he would have to be the one to tell Peter the truth. But it was very interesting to see how the writers deftly maneuvered the situation. The episode began with Walter denying the need to come clean with Peter, while Olivia was insistent that it happen. By the end of the hour, both characters had taken a logical road to the opposing point of view.

    Not that it would much matter. Based on Olivia's stricken expression in the scene with Peter in her car, she's well aware of the fact that the truth precludes any hope of maintaining this happy little family unit. It's not so much that Peter would react badly to the news. He might want to have some time to think about things, but what other life has he really known? That's probably going to be less important than the feelings of betrayal.

    He'll feel betrayed by Walter, of course, but I think the anger towards Olivia is going to be the most heart-rending part of it. Because even though it was clearly not her place to reveal the truth, and an objective part of Peter would recognize that, it's going to hurt for him to know that she knew and said nothing. Olivia is really in a no-win situation, made worse by how close they had actually become.

    I predict that Peter will be inspired to find a way into Alt-Fringe, so he can find his real father. This would be the perfect way to not only introduce Walternate in this particular time, but also to reveal that Walternate is the one behind the effort to destroy Fringe Prime. This will probably take place in the season finale. (I'm not sure if this plot twist would end up being predictable or simply well-earned. Proper foreshadowing should not be penalized, after all.)

    One thing I wasn't expecting was more information on the Jacksonville experiments. One big point of the episode was that Fringe Division doesn't have a full list of the children used in the cortexiphan experiments. This put a lot of people in jeopardy, not the least of which Olivia, who is supposed to be the one person able to stop the collision between realities.

    So what could be important enough for Broyles and Nina Sharp to lie about the list of affected children? For that matter, we still don't know the connection between Broyles and Sharp, and how that plays into the connection between Broyles' earlier Fringe Division work and Massive Dynamic.

    The logical assumption would be that Broyles and Sharp had been working for some time to find and monitor the children involved in the experiments, documenting their abilities as they manifested. This would explain Broyles' long interest in Olivia as an agent rather well. But as already noted, it would beg the question of why Olivia is not being given information about the other subjects in the experiments. And there seem to be many of the Ohio test subjects still unaccounted for, which may be a secret purpose of the Fringe Division.

    It is implied that James Heath was "activated" by someone. This is similar to what happened with many of the first season episodes regarding Mr. Jones and the ZFT activations. This brings back some of the ideas surrounding the ZFT organization, and that implies that these activations are ultimately the work of William Bell. Since Bell was keen on developing "warriors" for the battle to come, this would make some sense. This would also imply that Broyles and Sharp may be secretly working with Bell to keep track of these potential "recruits". It all ties together.

    And that is one of the promising aspects of the episode. Not only are the lingering effects of Walter's confession in "Peter" explored in some detail, but this episode calls back to many of the important elements introduced at the end of the first season. This strongly implies that the disparate plot elements of the second season may finally be placed in context with the best elements of the first season, and that the scattershot feel of the second season may be smoothed over in due time.
  • Not a good one tonight

    I really do not like how the show is placing so much emphasis on the trial Olivia was a part of years ago. Based on the ending to tonight's episode it looks like that will continue for some time, possibly beyond the rest of the season and I do not know how interested I am in that.

    If this is the whole reason behind this show that would be a huge let down in my humble opinion. After an exciting first season I can't imagine this is where they planned on going. JJ Abrams does have a tendency for really letting his shows go after one season. I'm not saying Fringe isn't good anymore, but the show needs to be more packed with one and done storylines.
  • Another great episode!

    This was a pretty good episode, new event takes place and we learn a little more. This episode was good, but I think it could have been better. That said, I would still rate this episode above average, it was a pretty good episode despite not having a lot of new information to it. I think what it does best is make you wonder how many more people were tested on and what they can do. So far we have seen Olivia can see things from the other universe, what else can people do? It does seem there are different effects in the different people. I really like how Walter wants to finally tell Peter the truth, but I just hope that Peter doesn't take it badly; I would hate to see the chemistry between Peter, Olivia and Walter change. Can't wait until next week, I wonder what they have in store for us. I have a feeling soon we will be getting one of those episodes that has a lot of questions answered in it.
  • Pretty Good. Can Olivia keep this major secret from Peter or will she tell him? (Spoilers ahead!!)

    Man walking around giving people his cancer! So out there, but true. The psychiatrist (played by Jashua Jackon's girlfriend!!)part of the test group Olivia was in gets killed in her car. I feel bad for the guy that saw this women. Anyway, how long will Olivia keep up this secret from peter? At the end of this episode Walter says he thinks it is time to tell peter about what happened and why he is from the alternate reality. Olivia was in this episode almost personally. With everyone that went through that test group dying and she not noticing until the near end of the episode, well is kinda hard to belive. Astrid doesn't do much anymore, why be there if allyou have is about 12 lines per episode. Go Fringe! please continue to susrprise us!!!!
  • Another great episode. Lacking the usual excitement of the chase but still great.

    Poor Olivia, she's torn about whether to tell Peter the truth about his origins or not and loosing sleep over it. She goes to see the bowling dude guy (who I think might be trying to hook up with her, then again who wouldn't?) but he's of little help. For all her detective instincts, I guess she's never heard of Tylenol PM. The episode deals with this guy who as a child like Olivia was experimented on by Walter and William and now has contracted cancer that spreads rapidly and kills whoever he touches in an hour. By touching someone else he can prolong his life, and ease the pain until it starts all over again. The only problem is that he can only pass it on to someone who was also experimented on as child. Walter sums it up best; it's like 'Chi' and can be passed on to someone else (only one way for now otherwise they would be passing the cancer along like a ball). Cancer man realizes this and hunts down all those who used to be experimented on. The funny thing is that this guy, sicker then a dog is really efficient at doing that while the FBI and Massive dynamics still continue to struggle. Broyles and Nina believe that someone activated the man as weapon so make it a priority to find all those who were experimented on. Olivia with her detective instincts figures out that cancer man is going after all those who were experimented on and homes in on him who before she can track him down, tracks her down. Fortunately she takes him down without getting touched who then proceeds to his story. In the end, Olivia tells Walter that some secrets are worth keeping and you would think that Walter would jump with joy now that He and Peter are finally bonding together but he tells her that its time he start fixing all the damage he's done, and it would be best if he told Peter where he really is from. Shmuck.