Season 4 Episode 2

One Night in October

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Sep 30, 2011 on FOX

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  • The one night that drastically changed two lives.


    As the second episode of the season, "One Night in October" was a pretty solid episode. It was definitely a difference after last week's action-y season premiere, but people who don't appreciate episodes like this one probably shouldn't even be watching Fringe. Fringe isn't about action and shapeshifters…it all breaks down into simple themes like "Who are we?" and "How does this affect the ones I love?"

    The latter has certainly been played with this season, as we've been discovering how our favorite characters are like in a world without Peter. But the first one was used primarily tonight, as John McLennan finds out a serial killer he's tracking is actually himself in another universe. (Though I must say that the idea of on one side, he's a serial killer, and on the other side he's a professor that studies serial killers seems a little too convenient.) But what would happen when he finds out that "he" is the one who has been killing these people? That's the idea we explore in this episode.

    This episode also had a Mystery-Of-The-Week feel to it, but considering its pretty much a standalone episode, I thought it was extremely well done. Excellent writing, great direction by Brad Anderson, and like always on Fringe, wonderful acting was seen in this episode.

  • Not really feeling the fringe

    Well, it started out ok, watching Walter going senile all the time is not pleasant. Especially he was the main person that would crack up a joke. I don't know where fringe is going now, but its turned into some universe police task force. Olivia Vs. Olivia who's better, how bout who cares seriously, is this the best its going to get creatively. There are fans that will get it a high score no matter what, I'm a fan too, and keeping it real there is something not clicking and is not right. compare to the other seasons this is not going well so far their like completely doing something else. I just wish that they just keep one goal in mind and run it through the rest of the series, changing things around every season is to much. It was better than last week but, still we got no real core in this season its still everywhere, what the freak is going on.
  • 402


    I think Fringe might be done. I liked the "Where's Peter?" whispering at the end of this episode, but the majority of the show tonight was pretty boring. Olivia vs. Olivia? Why? And then teasing sexual tension with her and her colleague? Even the Observer is tweeting "smh" over this kind of stuff.

    Dull episode that showed that Fringe has lost a lot of its magic. Thus the bad ratings.

  • 'Broyles-nate' wasn't suppose to be dead?


    I don't like this episode just for one thing, it confuse me more by the fact that doesn't suppose to be that the Broyles from the other universe die in the season 2 finale? I know that Peter, by his no-existence, could change things, but i don't get it, how can Broyles-nate could be alive.

    I think that Fringe writers better explain it or don't show him (Broyles-nate) any more, is just stupid kill someone and then bring him alive by no reason. I keep wondering that if Peter change the course of previous events, then I hope that Faux-olivia's child doesn't exist either, it would make sense because Peter never 'exist'. I hope that what we seeing in Fringe won't be a stupid storyline, that leads with no explanations and let us with more questions than answers.

    I like this show, it's in my top 5 most to watch shows, but I would like something that make sense, no something that is tricky without any mean.

  • Tailing your own shadow...


    In a brilliant yet rather difficult tale, the Red Universe Fringe Division uses a distinguished forensic psychologist from the Blue Universe to capture the psychopathic version of himself, a gruesome serial killer.

    The sense of dread from the very simple, but real possibility, that everyone has murder in them - it's just a matter to push the right triggers - takes over one John McClellan as he questions the very nature of his existance, as well as a most debilitating reality: he can't save himself.

    To embrace these murders, to make sense of them, became as important for one McClellan as it was for his counterpart to stop them, the trophies guarded in the name of science as compelling as the one the killer kept from his victims, there's no difference between them, just a point where their paths diverged in directions in which both of them excelled at. As it turns out, this point was happiness, a simple moment of acceptance one experienced as a child where the other one didn't.

    The grown up psychopath steals that memory and becomes the man he never had the chance to be, a man willing to kill himself for all the suffering he caused. The memory gone, the path still intact, a forensic psychologist only has the shadow of a feeling, from a moment he no longer remembers he experienced, to hold on to ...with both Universes paying that would be enough for him.

  • Signs of Peter continue to leak through, while the two universes join forces to catch a serial killer.


    This was a powerful episode. I loved it much more than the premiere, since now that fans have been introduced to this Peter-less new reality, we can start to explore a bit. Seriously... Anna Torv deserves every award there is. She is so good that you can completely forget that Olivia and Alternate!Olivia (AKA "Fauxlivia") are played by the same actress, because they just *feel* like two totally different characters.

    The case about the forensic pyschologist John and his alternate universe serial killer doppleganger was so interesting. It was great fun to see Fauxlivia "going undercover" as Olivia.

    It was also cool how the plot point about Marjorie leaving an "indelible mark" on John [of this universe, who didn't become a serial killer] paralleled what our team is currently going through, missing Peter but not knowing he is actually missing. They can still feel the "mark" he left on them, particularly Olivia and Walter, even if they can't explain it.

    And talk about a cliffanger, WOW! I guess Peter's stuck between the universes, in some sort of limbo? I got chills when he was calling out to Walter saying "I'm right here! Walter, help me! I'm RIGHT HERE!" and Walter was freaking out, not knowing what was going on. Can next Friday PLEASE come faster?

    Anyways, a solid episode and I eagerly await the next, though I must admit my poor shipper heart is really craving a Peter/Olivia scene and I hope it's not TOO much longer before Peter is woven back into the fray! But, Fringe is nothing if not investedin seeing a story through, and I'm glad for that. It's why the show is so quality.