Season 3 Episode 16


Aired Friday 9:00 PM Mar 11, 2011 on FOX

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  • It should never have worked.

    But then why did it? That's one of the many questions during this entertaining hour of Fringe science. Let's review.
    First, Walter and Hurley equals high-larious (please excuse the corny pun). When those two are smoking marijuana, you are due to get some plentiful laughs. As well as our LOST guest star, this episode also featured a lot of Nina, which is always good. We haven't seen her for a while.
    Now lets get to the case-of-the-week. There was some interesting camera work into play as we see two thieves climbing up a building. Or so it seems. Using some upside-down trippy Walter vision, the thieves are actually climbing down so they don't get sucked into the air because they can, after all, float. A security guard shows up, and one of the thieves escapes, but one gets left behind. The security guard shoots him, and he goes floating into the air, only stopped by his rope that's tied to the ground. And then the Fringe team shows up.
    The Observer was very hard to spot this week. I didn't catch him the first time around (but of course, I never do) and even when I looked at a screen cap on the Internet, I still had trouble finding him. Don't be shy, baldie! Show yourself!
    Since they've gotten over their relationship problems in "6B", Peter and Olivia are now a happy, giddy couple. I understand them, but it is some seriously creepy stuff. I haven't seen Olivia this happy since she was with John Scott in the pilot. And the conversation about back massages…uggh. I hope this doesn't last long. During this episode, I found it hard to believe Alan Ruck playing something other than Cameron Frye. I felt that we were watching Ferris Bueller 2, where Cameron goes bad and kills people or something. But he did do a great job at portraying this week's villain.
    There was a nice action sequence in the museum, although we knew that guy was never going to float away. And he didn't, thanks to a sweet dive made by Peter. With them hitting and shattering that glass display, Peter is going to be needing a wheelchair next.
    There were some great scenes with Walter and Nina. When she said "Because you can't," when Walter questioned about if he would fail or not, I swear I thought they were going to kiss. That would be creepy. And the ending...I figured with all the talk about William Bell in this episode that he would probably appear, but did anyone expect him to appear like that? Wow.
    Overall, this was one of the more interesting case-of-the-week episodes. It had a storyline that I particularly was interested in. And there was plenty of character development embedded into the case. It was another filler, although it didn't seem like it.