Season 3 Episode 16


Aired Friday 9:00 PM Mar 11, 2011 on FOX

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  • Fringe: 316 Os

    Before the episode had no idea. He read the two letters but did not leave anything in fact leave the associations poor sorcerer, not that of the, but of Oz. And so was the side that almost went to the other side. With just two little letters to then write the chemical symbol of osmium, a very dense metal transition.

    It associated with another one, also high density, forms an element lighter than air. This is what the mad scientist of the week (Alan Ruck) found. By chance. Now use that sort to try again offer the floor to his paraplegic son. To this end injects the mixture into several boys with the same disability and they float, fly and die. Until a cure is perfect.

    That's how you start one more oddity, who mixed the pain of solitary "White Tulip" and harm universal "6B". However, he could not have the genius of the first nor the second sobriety. While they managed to cleverly disguise if the factor of the week, "Os" drags a bit in the requirement of passing, running, to show. And the premise was strong, could have been used several mechanisms, different devices to fill the eye. But no: the action scenes were weak and the reasons for the formation of the lightest element that was inserted into the air hammer. When you do not know, blame the anomalies between the two universes. Enough is enough.

    Nothing much to say about an episode that was a huge launching pad for the final twist: the fact that Bell (Leonard Nimoy) incarnated in the body of Olivia (Anna Torv). Yes, this was not even waiting for! Jawed face and weird at the time of her strange accent, greets Peter (Joshua Jackson). He, who had just opened the game for his beloved. This opens up a whole crazy surprise field of possibilities, reminding those more relaxed and destrambelhados episodes of "The X Files". I like it, "Fringe" needs to show that it is elastic enough to offer everything. And now that little bell on the end of the season wins a whole other meaning.

    The Best: The end, of course.

    The Worse Case of the week just grabbed everything else.