Season 2 Episode 22

Over There, Part 1

Aired Friday 9:00 PM May 13, 2010 on FOX
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To confront "their" William Bell, Walter and Olivia make the trip to the alternate Earth to stop the collision of the two worlds... and the extinction of one.

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  • Over There, Part 1

    Expectations for the final chapter were huge. The promotional trailers left all the fans held up, stunned and anxious. Finally we went over to the other side, we would finally see the other, finally, finally! It would be now. Was it?

    Without any shadow of doubt! My first thought, realizing that the end would be divided into two separate episodes for a week, was that the first part would be the preparation and the second action. That we'd get 40 minutes of trying, schemes to move to the other side, and that only in the second part is to get there. But no, and as I love being wrong! The episode starts, outspoken, in the parallel universe - one of the best starts of the whole series - where we see the other Fringe division. The other Olivia (Anna Torv), the other Charlie (Kirk Acevedo) (still alive) and the other Broyles (Lance Reddick). The field team also has a third element, new to viewers, Lincoln Lee (Seth Gabel). This group in addition to being much better equipped in terms of technology, has a lot (but a lot) more style. More futuristic, cleaner, more attractive. It is then a response to an anomaly that rip off with them towards a theater. A corpse on the floor, something strange in the air, and realize that our heroes have just come into enemy territory.

    The narrative goes back in order to explain the events that followed to this passage. Olivia receives a sheet where an observer is shown a mechanism. A device that supposedly, with the presence of Peter (Joshua Jackson) will destroy this universe. The FBI invades the Massive Dynamics, on the charge that it is manufacturing weapons for the other side. Nina Sharp (Blair Brown) denies this accusation and try to help. But not. It's then that Walter (John Noble) invents (more) a way to cross the bridge between two worlds: use several of their former subjects clinical trials. Then appear two old faces, Nick (David Call) and James (Omar Metwally), and a new face, Sally (Pascale Hutton). Along with Olivia they form a kind of Fantastic Four beings with special powers and with the distinct mission to save us all. And now the pieces begin to fit all cases lone start drawing a general plan and this feeling of fluidity knows very well. We are then toasted in a scene where Walter apologizes to former child who tormented - John Noble is in fact a top player - and without further ado, we packed and headed to the other side. In a frantic pace and addictive.

    When you get there - and to my regret because even laughed with the dynamics of the four super powers - just Olivia and Walter survive. James is immediately consumed by their cancer, and the loving couple dies trapped by another FBI. He shot it on fire to avenge her boyfriend. It should be noted that Lincoln recognizes Nick, Nick or the other, which may be linked to your team. Only two on the run: a dropped shot at the hospital door and Olivia to his own door, noting that she has there personal life. And a tattoo that will serve to distinguish them in the near future, when we try to change the turns. It appears then William Bell (Leonard Nimoy), which offers help and support.

    And Peter? Well Peter is at home. Reunited with his mother and looks peaceful plans that the father - Secretary of Defense get this straight - designed for you. He embraced the real parents. It now remains whether this choice is indeed final. But we'll have to wait a few more (endless) days.

    The first part already. We were finally on the other side, where everything is different - amazing images from the New York alternative - and where everything is decided. "Fringe" is left to rodeo and finally gives us everything we hoped for. Missing one hour for this final - citing ZB - be something epic!

    Best: Everything.

    The Worst: nothingmoreless
  • Unexpected

    Very great episode so far they all arrived in the other world, Olivia, Walter and 3 others like Olivia. Walter gets shot in the scramble to get away by the other side fringe division. Walter makes it to the hospital in bad shape, Bell meets Olivia to try to save Walter. And turns out Peter is in the other world too with his mom which was a very nice sight to see, they talked for a good while. Looks like the other side Walter wants to destroy the other world, I guess thats what happens if Walter memory brain wasn't remove. Probably why bell removed Walters in the other world because he knows what he will do or become in the other world. Just a thought I guess can't wait to see the next episode.moreless
  • The only bad thing about this episode was that we have to wait a week to conclude it! Otherwise, wow! Warning, spoilers contained below.

    I liked the new color to the start of this episode, it really went with the whole other world theme the start of this episode had. This episode had so much substance; I could barely believe it was Fringe! The episode ended and I just couldn't believe it. Nothing, just ended, it definitely felt like a long episode split in two. I am guessing the last episode (or the second part of this season finale) will be epic. I really wish we would have got it all in one go, like a special. I wish I had not watched this until next week, alongside with the second part! How will Olivia and Walter get back now? So many things to find out, so little time left in what has turned out to be the best possible finish to an amazing season! Hurry up next week!moreless
  • Nick Lane, William Bell, Charlie Francis, Walternate, oh my !

    Great episode ! It was nice to see some loose threads tied ( the Cortexiphan subjects finally become the super-soldiers they were meant to be, Peter's relevance is revealed ... ). The episode brought back Charlie Francis, too, which fan is not to like that ? John Noble was perfect, as always, as a deteriorating and repentful Walter, and just plain chilling as Walternate. Peter's scene with his mom was full of emotion, and the fact that it wasn't all-out tears, but just the simple joy of reunion was well-crafted. More, there were some priceless tidbits : Broyles' totally out-of-character laugh under the influence of Nick Lane's power, a poster for season 11 of the West Wing ( man, the other side has some taste ! ), the unexpected look of envy from Olivia to alternate-Olivia's love life, and of course, badass alternate-Astrid. One of the better paced, most exciting episodes of the show. Can't wait for part 2 ! One word : EPIC.moreless
  • Great show..

    Whew, it was amazing. I expected there's Peter's mom alive. But when Peter was seeing his mom I scream. Ooh, Walternate is so luckier than Walter, 'cause he never was in Saint Claire and he never lost his wife even his son some way. Another Olivia was hot, Charlie... I can't stop think about him. His hair cut.. oh my god, hot and hot again. I was wondering, where is another William Bell? Is he responsible for the strange technology stuff? What will happen if Olivia hold and shake another Olivia's hand? Both of them must disappear? I can't wait next week. Help godmoreless
David Call

David Call

Nick Lane

Guest Star

Orla Brady

Orla Brady

Elizabeth Bishop

Guest Star

Seth Gabel

Seth Gabel

Lincoln Lee

Guest Star

Ryan McDonald

Ryan McDonald


Recurring Role

Leonard Nimoy

Leonard Nimoy

William Bell

Recurring Role

Ari Graynor

Ari Graynor

Rachel Dunham

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • Broyles refers to Sally Clark as a pyrokinetic, and speaks of her as if Olivia should know her. The pyrokinetic Olivia encountered previously was Nancy Lewis in "The Road Not Taken," but the character here has a different name and is played by a different actress.

    • Alternate Earth general differences:
      - "Show-mes" are used as identification, and scanning devices are placed on public transportation.
      - Nixon adorns the silver dollar.
      - Dirigibles commonly used as transportation.
      - Martin Luther King is on the $20 bill.
      - Barack Obama or a lookalike appears to be a character on The West Wing, which is still airing on Sundays at 5 p.m. EST.
      - The Department of Defense is based on Liberty Island.
      - The Statue of Liberty is entirely gold or brass-platedmade of brass, not copper; or the entire statue.
      -The map of the United States in Other Walter's office extends into Canada. Texas is divided into two states. Kansas and Oklahoma look to be one combined state.
      -The western coast of California looks to be up to the San Andreas Fault line.
      -North and South Carolina look to be combined into one state, as is North and South Dakota.
      - The Grand Hotel exists in New York City.
      - Olivia dyes her head red, can't stand alcohol, and has a tattoo on her neck. She is romantically involved with a man who appears to be a soldier.
      - Charlie is still alive, has a scar, and takes regular treatments to suppress the larvae that were implanted in him (as seen in the first season episode "Unleashed").
      - Broyles is a Colonel in Fringe Division, a military division of the Department of Defense, and still married.
      - Astrid works as a data analyst.

    • Trivia: The Observer appears at the bar, leaving the piece of paper next to Olivia and walking out the door.

    • Trivia: The glyph code for this episode is WEAPON.

  • QUOTES (5)

    • Charlie-2: Oh, I was thinking, "Hey, maybe a slow day, it being Saturday and all." No rest for the wicked.
      Olivia-2: Oh, you're not wicked, Charlie. You just pretend very, very well.

    • Olivia-2: So exactly how big would the worms get if you stopped dosing yourself?
      Charlie-2: They're not worms.
      His Teammates: They're arachnids!

    • Walter: What I did... was inexcusable... barbaric. The collateral damage has been extensive. But know that we had noble goals. We believed that our world needed guardians, protectors, that you children would be those protectors. We fostered your talents because we foresaw that the day would come when both universes would be in jeopardy. So... horrible as is it so say, today is the day for which you were created. What I could never have imagined is that I would be asking you to help me save my son. I'm so sorry. Well, if none of you are going to kill me... I think I'll go and have a bit of a cry.

    • Walter: Now, I want you to think back to when you were just young children. Back to when you were just young boys and girls. Think back to when your imagination could--could take you wherever you wanted to go. Imagine this universe slipping away, opening like a curtain. Allow the universe to pass right through you. Allow your imagination to take you to the other side.

    • Lincoln: Yeah, you don't want to leak worms all over the guy. Makes a bad first impression.
      Charlie-2: They're not worms.

  • NOTES (4)

    • Music: Old Flame (Jill Barber)

    • The opening title sequence is done against a red background rather than blue, presumably to reflect the alternate universe's differences. Instead of the words "Parallel Universes" appearing, "First People" replaces them.

    • Leonard Nimoy is credited as "Special Appearance by," while Kirk Acevedo is credited as "Guest Appearance by."

    • International Airdates:
      Canada: May 13, 2010 on A
      Australia: May 19, 2010 on GO!
      UK: June 1, 2010 on Sky1
      Latin America: June 1, 2010 on Warner Channel
      Sweden: August 5, 2010 on Kanal 5
      Germany: October 18, 2010 on ProSieben
      Poland: February 4, 2011 on TVN
      Finland: February 16, 2011 on MTV3
      Czech Republic: March 4, 2011 on Nova Cinema
      Slovakia: December 29, 2012 on Dajto


    • Nick: This is very Mission: Impossible.
      Aside from Tom Cruise's well known movie series, Mission: Impossible was a television series which ran 1966 to 1973 with a brief revival from 1988-1990. In each, a team of spies with varying areas of expertise take on "impossible" missions.